The Fox and the Wind

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    Deep within the forests of Ionia, under a towering willow - Ahri's nine tails swished: a nervous tick that helped pass the time and often eased her mind in times of stress. Crouched within the shadow of the willow, Ahri watched, listened and waited. She sniffed the air, observing her surroundings as she attempted to evade the hunters that had been on her trail for several days. Noxians... Ahri knew very little of politics, people or war, but she knew from the fearfully spoken words of the Ionian villagers that the Noxians were monsters.

    Several days ago, Ahri had ambushed and killed a group of elite Noxian scouts that had discovered an Ionian village. She had ran into them in her forest, and she had fought enough battles to know killers when she saw them. The Fox knew that allowing the scouts to leave would mean the death of innocent villagers - and Ahri already had enough blood on her hands. Since then, she has been hunted by the Noxian invaders, which burn and pillage Ionia in the name of conquest.

    While she had managed to evade the Noxians for some time, the elite hunters that were looking for her had finally caught up to the Nine-Tailed Fox. She was cornered, and the only option she had now was to bare her fangs. Ahri remained silent under the willow tree's shadow as a dozen men came into view, each of which scanning the undergrowth and the surrounding area for their target. Perhaps... if she remain still enough, that she would be able to turn the tables on the hunters and make them the hunted.

    The well-disciplined hunters would not fall prey to such a trap, however. "NOW!" One of the hunters shouted. Ahri hastily dashed from her position, but it was too late: a dozen arrows were flying towards her. Ahri attempted to evade, but for the first time in her life, she had been too slow. She cried out in pain as an arrow lodged its way into one of her tails, pinning her to the willow which had previously been her sanctuary.

    Blood stained her porcelain tail as the men charged her position, weapons raised. While Ahri couldn't move, she wasn't going to allow herself to be killed without a fight. Ahri quickly summoned a sphere of lambent energy in her palm, the small appearance of the orb belying the vast power within. Taking aim, she drew back her arm and hurled it towards the enemy, watching as the orb streaked through several of the men before gracefully flying back into her palm. As the orb returned, two smoking bodies hit the floor. She took no time to contemplate her actions as she hurled it back towards the enemy, burning yet two more. While she was powerful, her inability to make use of her blinding speed was her ultimate downfall. She shrieked in terror as the Noxians finally came down upon her. The last sight she remembered being the several men that had surrounded the cornered Fox...

    When Ahri's eyes finally drew open, they were met with a burning Ionian countryside. The village she had risked her life attempting to protect was now engulfed in an uncontrollable, enraged flame. Tears slowly trailed down the Fox's face as her attention was pulled to more immediate surroundings. "Look. The bitch is awake." One of Noxian number remarked, an ugly grimace painted across his face.

    "Good. I want her wide awake for when we slice her head off and bring her to the General." Another one of the men cackled. The hunter brandished a longsword, reveling in Ahri's fear as the Nine-Tailed Fox instinctively rose to her knees so that she could make a quick escape.

    Ahri attempted to dash away, but she soon found her hands and legs were separately bound together by metal chains. "If you plan to kill me, make it quick, human." Ahri hissed, baring her fangs tentatively. While Ahri had hoped for a quick and painless death, it was obvious that her Noxian captors would not see things in such a way. Before Ahri could react, she felt the pain of a boot forcing her head over a knocked over tree stump.

    "Hah. As if you are in a position to make demands." The Noxian that had kicked her laughed, "When we're done with you, you will be begging for us to end your life."

    Ahri shivered in fear as the Noxian grabbed one of Ahri's nine tails, a sense of overwhelming panic beginning to swell within her form. "I have an idea," one began. Ahri instantly knew she would not like this idea of his, "She killed nine of our guys right? What if we cut off every one of this bitch's tails? That'd outta be good compensation for our boys!" The men all laughed in unison. The man that had grabbed her tail navigated his hands to the spot where the arrow had previously pierced, suddenly squeezing the spot and reopening the wound.

    Ahri's lips parted to release the loudest shriek she could muster, the unbearable pain overtaking all of her senses as blood once again fell from her tail. While she had never experienced such pain or humiliation before, Ahri knew that she could not submit to these sadistic men. Tears rolled down the Nine-Tailed Fox's eyes and her heart sank in fear as she watched the men eagerly bring the blade they had previously brandished dangerously close to her tail. Sobbing, Ahri closed her tear-swelled eyes and looked away from the horrible scene; secretly hoping that this was just a disturbing nightmare. "Please... somebody... help..." Ahri begged in her mind - knowing that nobody would be coming to save a monster like her. She had no family, no friends from which she could even hope to count upon to save her from such a nightmare.
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    Y A S U O
    The Unforgiven

    ~ * ~

    The young man was sitting on top of a tree with a piece of bread he bought at this small Ionian village in his hand and some crumbs falling down where little animals found their meals. Birds chirping, the wind blowing from the east, all to say how refreshing it was today. It was calm, serene, yet all he could feel was guilt and turmoil. Memories of the past hunting him fiercely. It was no fun times when he was in this mood.

    Finally done with his bread, the young man looked up at the sky, leafs blocking his view but not unwelcomed as it brought life to what he was seeing. He held onto his sword on top of him before drifting to sleep. After all, travelling on your own in the Ionian forest and lands took a toll on his sleep.

    "If you plan to kill me, make it quick, human."
    A young and strange looking female shouted in his dream as men of various size but all with this repulsive smell to them surrounded her. That's when they kicked her hair against the trunk of a tree.

    "Hah. As if you are in a position to make demands. When we're done with you, you will be begging for us to end your life."
    One of the strange men said. Yasuo could only see glimpse still a bit asleep and mellow. Their uniform and stance strangely resembled Noxians. They then grabbed one of her... what resembled tails as they suddenly started discussing with poor and vulgar vocabulary.

    "I have an idea, She killed nine of our guys right? What if we cut off every one of this bitch's tails? That's outta be good compensation for our boys!" One said before all laughed in unison.
    The man that had grabbed her tail grabbed onto the arrow lodged in her tail and ripped it open. Blood pouring out as the poor woman shrieked in pain.

    Yasuo knew it was time to intervene, clearly it was not deserved and then he smelled it, the burning village he had just bought his lunch from that young baker with his mom, the families playing in the streets with the lively tavern with drunkards of the previous night.

    Yasuo glimpsed at the village as a sense of duty overwhelmed him. It was a dishonor to let his country get stomped by those barbarians and he closed his eyes as the wind picked up, and he jumped off the tree.

    His sword swirled in the wind, cutting through them like butter as he fulfilled his duty. Blood stained his sword and after quickly taking down every single one of them except the youngest or the smallest of the soldiers, Yasuo looked at him as he pulled out a cloth and he passed it over his bloody sword.

    " Were you planning on playing with her tails to replace what you obviously lack?"
    He asked as the young boy was on his back looking at him with fear.

    " Or was it to prove something to..."
    He trailed off looking around where bodies of weak Noxians laid on the ground.

    " Them?"
    He asked looking at the young hunter.

    " You see... That's the thing. I don't kill children, but I do not show mercy for the naughty ones. "
    He said as he kneeled down and looked at him actually wondering what he would do with this meaningless victim of the Noxian empire.

    " Mind telling me what I should do in this dilemma because clearly, you just peed in your pants. "
    He said looking at a huge lake of obviously yellow substance which was quite embarrassing for him.
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    As Ahri closed her eyes, biting her lip as she braced herself for the horrific pain she was about to endure, she suddenly felt a gust of wind pass overhead. The Fox kept her eyes closed until she heard the shrieks of several men around her and suddenly, she could feel that her torturer was no longer beside her. Ahri's eyes weakly drifted open to find a swordsman standing before her, his attention turned towards one of the younger men that had captured her. While the swordsman seemed to be talking to the younger Noxian, Ahri couldn't help but still feel afraid. With the man's attention turned towards the Noxians, Ahri tried to run away once more, forgetting that her legs were still bound together by metal chain.

    Unable to move, Ahri felt incredibly vulnerable. She prayed that the swordsman was not here to cause her harm. "Human," She said weakly, resting the side of her head against the tree stump which she was going to be executed upon. "Please help me..." She begged, hoping that the man was not here to merely take the Noxian's place. "I do not wish to die here..." The Fox had no choice but to resign herself to whatever fate the swordsman had for her. As she waited for him to respond, her eyes watched him intently, her vision still blurred by the tears which had swelled in her eyes moments ago.​
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    Y A S U O
    The Unforgiven

    Yasuo turned his head to look at the young fox-like lady and he simply nodded, " You won't. " He said confidently as he noticed the unhonorable noxian soldier making his move to strike him and it took one swift movement for him to be done for. " I guess he didn't understand I was being merciful and he had no chance, " He said as he whipped his blade before inserting it back in its place. He turned around to the maiden he just saved and noticed her legs were bound to a metallic chain. He frowned for a second as he looked at the Noxian soldier's corpses and he found the keys. He kneeled down still being cautious as he tried finding the keys to these chains.

    " So, why were they chasing after you and torturing you?" he asked her gently as he finally unlocked the chain.​
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