The Fox and The Lizard

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  1. There was a market today and Tina strut towards a specific location. Girls were chattering and following her, she was the most popular of plantation owners around. An elf, with pink hair and dashing blue eyes, she was looking for a personal slave. There were no males that would share her bed, too feared by the power she exuded. The majority of those that worked on her plantation were younger elves that were sent to her for training.

    A large platform was set up in the middle of town, since a new batch of captives from the war were being sold. She hoped to find one to amuse her as she took a seat, the annoying girls sitting immediately behind her. Tina rolled her eyes, but smiled widely as the slave-master came onto the stage. He explained that there would be many slaves, humans, lizardmen, some of the Teami cat-people from the south...she sighed in joy, hoping that one of the captives might catch her eye.
  2. The slaves were about to be pushed out onto the platform so the potential customers could have a look at the "wares". Z'Greel was one of the "wares". A green scaled lizardkin. Tall, like most of his kin, and well muscled from what he'd been through since he was captured. He was chained by his arms, to a long chain connecting all the slaves being brought onto the platform. The chain had a few other Lizardkin, as well as a few other races chained to it.

    As they reached the middle of the middle of the platform, Z'Greel noticed the amount of people who had seemed to gather here. And being out here, in front of all these people in only a loincloth that was barely big enough. His face turned a slight shade of red, and he brought his tail up in front of him to try to keep his decency a bit.
  3. Tina's eyes scanned the lizardmen quickly, impressed by their girth and strength. A movement caught her attention as one of the larger green-scaled lizardmen tried to move his tail to hide him impressive manhood.

    She smiled mischeviously, this one would be fun to break...Plus, when she was done with him, he could do work for her on the plantation.

    A purse of gold was brought out of her waistband and she waited for the slave master to get to her little catch. She bid for him and then had to outbid one of the peasants attempting to buy him. She smirked, satisfied at her prize.
  4. As the bidding began, Z'Greel watched as some of his fellow slaves got bought. Before long, it was his turn to be bid on. And one rather good looking Elf seemed to be very interested in buying him. So eager in fact that she had a duel of bidding with another woman. And the Elf simply didn't quite until she had won him.

    Only a few minutes after he had been bought, he was brought down from the platform and down to the exchange area, where he was to be picked up by his new owner. He got a different pair of handcuffs put on, a pair with a shorter chain. As his new owner came over to pick him up, the slave trader offered her a Orc guard to bring her new slave to her house. Just in case he decided to try escaping.
  5. Tina made her way to the exchange area, impatiently wanting to claim her slave. She saw the one that she bought and went over, glaring at the trade as he offered an orc guard. She handed the purse over and sized up the lizardman. "Do we need a guard?" She asked as she circled him, licking her lips as she inspected him with her eyes. She trailed a finger down his chest. "This one should behave..." She smiled maliciously as she patted the whip that was attached to her belt. Behind the whip was a small electric prod made for her by some of the magicians living in town. Tina had it custom-made when she knew she was coming to her first slave auction.
  6. Z'Greel stuttered slightly as he attempted to answer the lady. "N-n-no... I'll behave." He finally managed to say. The trader waved the guard away, before exchanging the money for the chain. "I hope you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you want to return him for some reason, please do so in one, still working piece." The trader said with a smile, before turning to walk away to take his next customer.

    Z'Greel stared nervously at his new owner. She didn't seem like a very nice owner, having come here with a whip and everything. But at least he'd have something to look at while he was doing his slave labor. Probably while hiding his his stares, or he'd get to feel the whip. Suddenly he really started to miss his life, from before he became a slave.
  7. Tina eyes him, picking up the chain that was attached to his hands and tugging him. She was well-endowed, that she knew, but to have the lizard looking at her in such a fashion, it made her excited. "First thing you need to know..." She grinned as she eyed him from the corner of her eye "I own a plantation and you, beast, shall be working in it. When you aren't....amusing me." She smiled, several of the elvish townspeople scrambling out of her way when they saw her coming. "You will also be a personal guard for me, once you are broken in that is."

    She tugged harder on the chain, reminding the lizardman that he was nothing more than property. "As you can imagine, I'm very wealthy and my....personality, I guess you could call it, has given me many enemies." Tina put the hand that was not grasping his chain on her hip, smiling as yet more people moved out of her way. Normally, they were not so quick to do so, she assumed it had to be because of the hulking creature behind her. He was a head taller than him, she slight and trim with well-endowed features and more muscle than most elves.
  8. Plantation work. Well, there was worse fates for him. At least he'd spend a lot of time out in the sun that way. "Yes mistress." He replied simply as she walked. And not only plantation work. "Amusing" her as well. That could certainly be amusing he thought, as he stared at her ass while he was pulled along. Yet his fear returned as his eyes focused on the whip again for a moment.

    "You are probably a smart and determined woman then." He said cautiously, catching another glance of her ass, before looking at the back of her head, in fear that he was going to be caught. He wondered a few moments what kind of enemies she had, yet he suppressed the thought, not really wanting to know.
  9. Tina smiled as he easily replied with mistress. It sent shivers down her spine to be called that. She laughed as he said she must be a determined woman. "Ah, so you already know flattery." She smiled, tugging his chain as they rounded the bend of the road, her plantation lying in front of her.

    "I would not call it determination as much as I would power." She smiled, leading them up the stairs and opening the door to her not-so-humble abode. There were paintings, plants, books, and expensive furniture all around. "Now..." She turned around to look at him, licking her lips and looking at his loincloth. "Take that off." She dropped the chain, getting out a key and winking as she unlocked his hands, freeing him from the restraint. She then pointed to the stairs. "I wish you to sleep in my chambers from now on, guarding me at night. I've already had one person attempt to murder me in my sleep." She remembered that incident all too well. It was such a shame that they had been flustered to find her laying naked on her bed. Their lust had taken over and as their reward, they received a dagger through the eye.

    She waited impatiently for him to remove the loincloth, her lust filling her. She had only done the deed with someone once before now, the man deciding she was not worth sticking around for. It had been too long since she had had a man in her bed, and she was anxious to get one, whether they wanted it or not.
  10. "As you wish, Mistress." Z'Greel said, rubbing his arms slightly where the cuffs had been. He was still feeling self conscious about the small piece of clothing, and removing it... Well, it made him flush slightly. His hands went to the small strings holding the piece of cloth up, untying it slowly. As the cloth fell, revealing his large member, his tail came up between his legs, attempting to cover himself. He quickly understood that it could be a bad idea though, and lowered it again. He placed his hands behind his back, not knowing what else to do with them. "...And now mistress? Should I just walk around like so, making sure you aren't murdered in your sleep?" He asked, halfway joking. And he quickly remembered that joking with his new owner could be a bad idea. He turned his gaze towards the floor.
  11. Tina smiled, amused at his antics. "No, now you will amuse me." She eyed his large member, feeling wetness between her legs. "After, I shall give you something more suitable so those peasants don't get any ideas."

    She crooked a finger at him, motioning him to follow as she climbed the stairs to her room. Now, she was glad she had a large bed. It was a canopy bed almost twice the size of a normal one, with silky curtains. The window latch was still broken from the break-in but everything else seemed to be normal. She walked over to her bed, saying, "When you please me properly, or amuse me well there will be a reward. If you don't then there will be a punishment. Do you understand?" She tossed her whip and lightning rod on the bed before shimmying out of her dress.
  12. The Lizardkin started following his new owner up the stairs. He looked around the room as they entered, noting both the size of the room itself, and especially the size of the bed. His focus quickly snapped to Tina as she started speaking again. "Very well, mistress. I shall try my best to please and amuse you while noho..." He stopped mid sentence, his long forked tongue falling slightly out of his mouth as she got out of her dress. He could do nothing but stare at the wonderfully curvaceous woman in front of him. The naked, curvaceous woman in front of him. Who had just made sure to tell him to please her properly. His member started slowly growing at the sight, growing even larger.
  13. Tina smiled at his speechlessness. Walking over, she grabbed a hold of his member, shocked by the length and size of it. She knew she was still tight, so she would need to be ready for him, which as she saw the size and her body responded, she realized would not be too hard. "Ahhhh, my body is pleasing to you?" She leg go of him and walked back to the bed, sitting on it and winking at him as she beckoned him over. "You best get me ready to take you then..." She mentioned casually, waiting to see how he reacted. If he reacted pleasantly she would grant him a day off from the fields...if he continued to please her then he would remain a simple bodyguard, nothing more.
  14. Z'Greel hissed in arousal as she grabbed hold of his member, assessing its length and girth. "Oooh yessss, it isss, mistresss." He was slightly disappointed as she let go of him, yet her next order was more than enough to make him grin slightly. "I'll do my best to get you ready mistressss." He said, taking the few steps between them, before getting down on his knees in front of hers. He placed his long tongue at her knee, slowly sliding it up her thigh. His one hand went to her other leg, placing a claw gently against her skin and mirrored the motions of his tongue, slowly trailing up her thigh.
  15. Tina shivered in delight, growing wetter. "The rewards will be worth while..." She promised, opening her legs and lying on the bed with her knees draped along the side. She groaned at the light caresses and she could tell that he would be perfect for her. He was willing and obedient, with enough spirit to joke with her. Plus, his size would please her in many ways and positions over the course of their time together. He was also strong, a trait that would come in handy to protect her in ways she herself, would be unable to.
  16. Z'Greel grinned widely as his mistress moved a bit more onto the bed. He quickly got onto all fours, crawling after her, letting his tongue hang out. As he reached her feet, he placed his tongue onto the top of her foot, giving it a teasing lick, before slowly starting to lick up her leg. His member was hardening quickly, reaching its full hardness as he reached her knee once more. His tongue started slowly zig-zagging across her thigh, making his trip up her thighs much longer and slower than it would otherwise be. His hand returned to her other thigh and started stroking it sensually.
  17. "Good boyyy..." She moaned, twitching to get closer to the tongue. She grew more wet, and she looked up at him. "Think I'm ready?" She asked with a grin on her face.
  18. Z'Greel let his tongue leave her leg for a moment to look up at her with a grin. "Already? I think not." He trailed his tongue further up, quicker now, and reaching her mound. He took a small sniff of her wetness, before placing his hands on her upper thighs and giving her soft folds a gentle lick. His hands stroked her, as he kept slowly licking at her delicate sex, enjoying the taste of her juices. It was the first time he had tasted elf, but he knew that he liked it already.
  19. Tina's hips bucked, the feeling of the lizard's tongue turning her on. She was on fire with need and want of him. She brought her hands up to massage her own breasts, teasing and pinching the nipples. "MMmmmm....what's your name?" She asked, realizing she had not even asked the name of her slave. "Mine is Tina, though I wish to be called either mistress or princess..." Her eyes glazed over as his tasting of her mound made her roll her eyes back in her head. That combined with her own massaging quickly brought her to panting, wetness beginning to now soak the inside of her thighs.
  20. The Lizardkin hisses happily as more juices came forth of her sex. He took his tongue away from her for a moment to answer her. "My name is Z'Greel, princess. But I can accept pet names, like scaly." His tongue returned to her dripping nethers, this time finding her clitoris and started licking it gently. He pulled his tongue away once more, to ask a simple question. "Does the princess wish to cum once just by tongue, or do you want for my member inside you right away?"