The Fourth Wall Breaker Show!

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  1. "Is this thing on? Testing, 1-"

    "Its on alright! Now quit it and start talking already."

    "Party pooper."

    "Welcome to the Audtions for The Fourth Wall Breaker! The one show which no one will ever see coming because we literally just go and kid-"

    "Just go ahead and read the formal introduction below."


    Welcome to "The Fourth Wall Breaker Show!"

    This is a gameshow like any other, consisting of several special features! Those features will be listed below, but before that, a proper explanation on how the gameshow came to be.

    It all started when-

    "No one cares! They can read the background below if they want to. Just get to the main point."

    Oh alright.

    You can find all of the details below in the following tabs.

      • You and You as the participants! What does that mean?
        Both your actual self (The roleplayer) and one of your characters from another roleplay (Doesnt matter if from Iwaku or a different site) are the participating Duo! (Refer to the rules to know exactly what kind of characters are acceptable.)

      • Between 3 and 6 Duos of Participants in each episode! (Preferably different each episode, but may differ.)

      • Its features special attractions, designed specifically to the people participating in each episode! Up to 5 attractions per episode, with special Final Round Challenge!

      • Any kind of special features or powers you characters may had will be stripped away from them! Only the Physical and pure Mental capabilities will remain! Make the gameshow TRULY Challenging!

      • The Winners get to torture the losers in any way they wish! (It really means any way they want. We will also restore powers to the winners if they wish so.)

      1. Respect your co participants. If I see any kind of disrespect towards, you will be warned and if done more than twice, you will be banned from the Gameshow. Only thing I'll allow is within the gameshow itself, but OOC, keep things cool.

      2. No godmodding or anything of the sort. This is a Gameshow which is taken in turns. There is no possible reason for you to suddenly try and mess with other characters other than you and your own character.

      3. I will accept any character to the Gameshow as long as you have created it for another roleplay and used it in the past. No original OC's just for the gameshow and no Canon characters either. Only your own, past creations. I'll also accept characters which are currently in use in a roleplay.

      4. I'm the GM here. I'm incharge. While this means you need to follow what I say, I will be open for any suggestions for anything you may think will make for a good challenge. However, any suggestions you have, send to me through PM. I will not consider any suggestions placed here because those are revealed, which ruins all the fun.

      5. Have Fun trying to think about how odd the Gameshow is! Also add to the Character Sheet 'How Did I get here?' To show you have read the rules.

    • The way the Gameshow works is simple. After the Introduction of the Participants, the Challenge rounds will begin, being from 3 to 6 each episode. Each Challenge will be presented once the previous one was completed, to ensure everyone is unprepared. The order in which the duo's will go to each challenge will be randomized, which means there could be 2 rounds in a row that the same duo takes the lead on the challenge.

      There is no such thing as a same Challenge here. Before each show, I'll create a new set of challenges specifically for the current participants. The participants may suggest challenges, but only before a new episode. During an episode the suggestion box will be closed, but IC you may approach the hosts and try to suggest things directly to them. One of them is very open to suggestions, so to say.

      After all participants complete a challenge, they will be awarded points from the hosts. *Note - Points may be given randomly from one host*. Each duo will recieve up to 5 points from each host.

      At the end of each episode, if there is a possible tie between duos, there will be a Bonus Challenge round. This is a special, made right on the spot challenge which both duos will perform, and this one will be judged by only 1 of the hosts. So you'll need to make careful moves or extreme ones, depending on the host!

      From time to time, there may also be a Guest Host/Judge to aid the usual ones. This may be a Roleplayer or a Character from a previous episode, who will replace one of the usual hosts/judges.

      After all points are counted for, the winners will get to choose a punishment for the losers. This can be anything they wish for it to be, but will have a time limit. Also, the winners will then be taken back to their world, along with the losers, to make place for the next batch of roleplayers and characters.

    • The Origin of the Gameshow starts with a character named Yo-

      "Shut up! Let me tell it!"

      Go ahead.

      "It all starts with me, the great and brilliant Yoshikuni Sadako! But people call me Kuni, and everyone who reads this should call me that too. If you call me Yoshikuni, I'll slaughter you between the rounds."

      "Okay, so, the story is that I originate from a roleplay called 'Naruto: Rise of the New Generation'. One day I was bored and went to a stroll, and the next thing I know I found a weird device which had buttons on it. It was much like a remove control, but it had stuff sticking out of it too. I tried pulling one and found myself surrounded by nothing. Literally nothing. And I couldn't do nothing either, except use my awesome physical power. So I tried messing around with the strange remote.

      After a short while, I slowly learned how to use it. I started creating stuff in the blackness, and shortly afterwards discovered how to go back to where I came from. When I went back, I found out that not even a single moment has passed! Weird, huh?

      Anyway, I went back into the black place and decided to experiment more with this remote. I managed to create an entire playground in the blackness and then accidently opened up a portal that revealed to me there are more than just my world. There is a world of people who write about me and the people I know. And about people I dont know in my world. So I figured I could start messing around with that.

      I created what would become known as "The Kuni Show!" because it starred me. I kidnapped so called roleplayers from their world along with characters they seemingly 'roleplayed' and forced them to go through stuff the roleplayers considered as 'An odd twist on their fears and hates'. It last for a short while before I became a bit bored with it and stopped for a while.

      Recently I discovered a way to make contact with more worlds other than just mine the the roleplayers. I managed to find more worlds. So I decided to bring the show back, bigger and better than before. But this time I couldn't run it on my own, so I kidnapped my so called 'roleplayer' to help me. Say hey Nim!

      "Hey. Dont accuse me please."

      "Silly Nim. Anyways, thats the story behind the show and how it came to be. I hope to kid- I mean, see you participate soon!"

    • "Information about me? Pfft, no one needs to know about me!"
      "Yes they do. Here are the Character Sheets about me and Kuni and all the relevant Info."


      Age of roleplaying:
      "Seven years, and counting."

      "Rather cool and nice, been told I'm friendly and a good person to plot stuff with. I also have a sinister side to myself called 'Evil Nim'. Thats the part that came up with the little devil that is called Kuni."


      "I am an average looking man with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. I stand at 1.87m and I have an average build, not muscular or fat, but right in between. Other than that, nothing interesting about me."

      Likes and Hates:
      "I like the candybar Mars and Sprite. I hate the Rain, any other soft drink and high places."

      "I have a fear of unstable places and Spiders."

      "Your turn Kuni."

      "Do I really need to do this? I'd rather meet them face to face! Its so much more fun that way!"

      "You'll be repeating yourself each episode? Suit yourself."

      "My name is Yoshikuni Sadako, but people call me Kuni. Its a self given nickname because I dislike the Yoshi part of my name. Makes me think I'm boy. I'm a 14 year old girl who is a part of the village called Amegakure in the roleplay called Naruto: Rise of the new Generation. I enjoy traveling around, meeting new people and learning new things. Its also one of the reasons I made this gameshow, to meet new people and learn about new worlds. Hehe."

      "My appearance is cute. I'm a cute teen who appears to be 14-15 years old with long brown hair and a pair of bright green eyes. I have a slim build and I'm rather agile and quick with lots of stamina! Yay! I also tend to wear my shinobi outfit often, but when I'm not I could be found wearing what most people would consider to be a 'School Uniform'. I just like the feel the outfit gives me. Like I'm an important business girl. heres a photo!"

      Kuni's Appearance (open)


      "I like my sensei, his daughter and my village and I dislike when people try to take away my freedom. Any kind of it. I also dislike birds. Those are annoying. I fear losing my sensei, becoming stuck on anything and... Hmm..."

      "She fears falling in love with the wrong person."

      "Hey! Not cool!"

      "But yeah, what Nim said. If we ever need more physical fears, I'll change this thingy and add them. "

      "This is the Information about your hosts and Judges. We hope to see you participate!"

    Once you went through at least the features and rules and determined you still want to participate, you are required to provide us with details in one of two forms. The first is a very simple Character Sheet for both you and your chosen character.

    With all of the above completed and explained, I-

    "You forgot the second method dummy!"

    "The second method of being accepted to the Gameshow if through a none CS introduction on here. This requires you and the characters to intoduce themselves and include the following details:

    Names, Age of character, brief history of the character, how you would describe yourself and the character, make one of you slip on a banana, what each of you fear, hates and likes (Only up to 3 of each or you'll get punched on the head). Hmm..."

    "You also need to describe where the character originates from, Any skills the character has and if you'd like, any skills the roleplayer has, and thats that."

    "Now go on and start getting those Character Sheets and Auditions ready for me and Nim!"

    "Oh, Narrator?"

    Yes, Miss Yoshikuni?

    "You're fired."
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  2. In case this is still open...

    Username: "Professor Objection, though 'Professor' will do. But please don't call me 'Prof'."
    Age: "3 months and a day."
    Appearance: "...Um...well...can we just say I'm a being made of shadows and make it the truth somehow? Please?"
    Personality: "I try to be polite, and I only speak up when necessary. I'm a bit more talkative in the ICs though. (Wonder why.)"
    Likes and Hates: "I like books, RP, and riddles. I hate rudeness, arrogance, and...I don't know...eggs."
    Fears: "..." (My main fear is, as corny as it sounds, fear itself. More specifically, I'm afraid of insanity caused by fear. It doesn't help that part of me finds it interesting when it is displayed in others.)
    Skills in Real Life: "Well...I can play the ukulele, I suppose. And I'm pretty good when it comes to riddles. Other than that, I can't really think of anything."
    Other: "I'm not entirely sure how well Sarukuro and I will get along."

    Name: Sarukuro "Sorrow" Takahashi
    Age: 20
    Personality: Sorrow is not talkative in the slightest. He is very serious and dutiful, and you should consider yourself unlucky if he ever smiles at you.
    Appearance: He's pale and 5'10", with short black hair. His formerly gray eyes have become black, due to the events of the RP. He wears a white chef's hat and a grey school uniform.
    Skills: To quote the CS, "Cooking/baking (as one might expect), quick murder (making the process slower only gives the victim a chance to fight back), and impeccable penmanship"
    Summarized History: His father was a hunter and his mother was a housewife. Food became scarce, and left with no other choice, he killed and ate his parents. He became a dark angel (the OOC will explain this better than I can) and worked as a cook for the others of his kind. No one really knows what happened to him after that.
    Hates and Likes: He hate pranks, bad memories, and uncleanliness. He likes cooking, silence, and the taste of human flesh (though he won't allow anyone to learn about this).
    Fears: He fears large animals, especially bears. His father had killed them often for sport, and Sorrow always felt unsettled as a child when he saw the trophies.
    Roleplay of Origin: Sorrow's CS in "Left Behind"
  3. Well, the moment someone shows interest, its open :D

    And you are accepted to the first round of The Fourth Wall Breaker Show!
    If you can think about anyone else that may be interested in this or such, feel free to tell them, and I'll be setting up another Interest thread later today.
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