The Fourth Straw

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  1. (This is told from my character's point of view, the prince. Your character is the pirate's son that takes over)
    The first meeting was not the greatest.
    His father was in the middle of kidnapping you for ransom money and you bit his hand so hard to bled. He stared as you wiped your mouth and took as much gold your outfit held, throwing it to them before running off.
    You escaped.
    The second meeting was an accident. You quite literally, fell into a sword fight between his father and the royal guards. He watched as you scrambled to your feet with royal garments filled with mud.
    They escaped.
    The third time you met, his father was bleeding to death on your doorstep. You took them in, hid them, helped the old pirate get back on his feet.
    You couldn't escape him.
    One night of ecstasy led into two, three, a week, a month. You were sent to another word, whispered one another secrets, admitted to weaknesses. You bared your souls.
    Then they escaped.
    The old man retired. The son stepped into his boots. You stepped into a throne.
    The fourth encounter was fate. You are kidnapped, forced onto a boat, and nearly murdered when his ship passes by. You are saved, but he is gravely injured.
    He can't escape you.
    As a thanks, you offer your palace to him and his crew until he is well. If only you knew what a disaster it would be.

    Looking for someone to play the pirate and to be dominant, or be willing to switch back and forth form dominant to submissive. I want someone who wants to have fun in role playing and be willing to put their characters through hell. It seems rather basic now, but I have some plans and would LOVE to hear your ideas as well! Three sentence replies are discouraged, but if you really can't find anything else to write, I won't mind it.
    I need a dominant or someone willing to switch
    I need someone who will have fun
    AND I need someone who will communicate with me :) If you are hitting a tough spot and won't be on for a few months, tell me! I will be more than willing to wait and give you space.

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  2. I'm kind of interested. o 3 o Although I kind of have a lot going right now so... >.<
  3. I wouldn't mind if your replies were slow, but I don't want you to take up too much if you feel it will wear you out. :)
  4. Hmm... I'll need to consider it. XD I...also kind of misread at first, thinking I'd be playing the prince. >.< (I did get the dominant part, but somehow missed the rest). Pfft, typical me. Not that I'd mind playing the pirate (though please don't expect some fancy pirate speak from me because...). o.o I'd just need to see if I would actually be able to handle more right now.
  5. That's alright :) I don't expect fluent pirate accent in this roleplay. Just take your time deciding and if you can't do it, that will be fine with me.
  6. If you're okay with somewhat slow replies, I'm willing to be your pirate. ^^
  7. I would be alright with that. Thank you very much for wanting to join. :) I have work all day, but if you messaged me your character sheet, i will finish mine an post it by the end of the day.
  8. Okay, I shall start working on it, but I can't promise I'll be able to finish it today. Am kind of sick. >_<
  9. Oh, okay. That is alright. :) I hope that you feel better! A lot of l long term flus and colds have been popping up where I live.
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