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  1. Elementals
    Fire~ Kimiko ~ Helena Sky
    Water~ Umiko ~ Princess Poisoned Rose
    Wind~ Kamden ~ The Mad Squeen
    Earth~ Kami ~ Petricus Euryale


    Winona ~ Helena Sky
    Darcy ~ The Mad Squeen
    Taiga LeBlanc ~ AshenAngel
    Beth Sinclair ~ AshenAngel
    Damon ~ Michael Kokirin
    Alexander Desplat ~ RecentlyInsaneRussian
    Sir Penderlin of Steele ~ Petricus Euryale

    Key Locations
    ...So Far...
    Elemental Tower ~ A large, black tower in the middle of nowhere. It is filled with several rooms and is rather luxurious on the inside to keep the Elementals comfortable and happy. The tower is surrounded by a tall, stone wall with a barrier around the top to prevent anyone from vaulting the wall or flying in.

    Oakdale Village ~ A small village that is the closest village to the rumored location of the tower and the place where most heroes depart from. It is a rather average village with an inn that provides free room and board to those who plan to set out for the tower called the "Heroes Lodge"

    Heroes Beginning
    Winona has traveled from village to village, posting signs searching for heroes. Your hero has found this sign and is interested in joining the party question for the tower. The flyer said to meet on this day at this time in the Heroes Lodge in Oakdale where they would depart from the next day after a good night's rest and a decent meal. You have just arrived in Oakdale and are seeking out the inn and the hero who posted the flyers.

    Rules Reminder!!
    1. Obvious. No god-modding.
    2. Respect the other people. If your character wants to bitch slap another character and cuss them out, go right ahead. If you want to bitch slap another person and cuss them out, take it out of the thread and preferably to a moderator. I'm not going to handle your petty arguments. At least not nicely.
    3. Damn, shit, ass, etc... If you don't like it, don't continue because there is going to be much more of it in the future.
    4. Literacy. Learn the word. Love it. Because I do. I'm not going to go all grammar Nazi on you, just please... please... respect the English language... After all. Good grammar is the difference between helping you Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse. I will behave. Until i 2ee 2hiit liike thii2. OR SHIT LIKE THIS. I do not want to feel like I am being screamed at through text. I, however, will not murder you for one or two misspellings. Everyone makes mistakes. I understand this. Just, like I said. Please don't abuse the English language. It is a beautiful thing.
    5. One liners are the enemy. Can we have at least a paragraph? Is that too much to ask? If I see a single sentence post, I will go beyond flipping my shit. I understand writer's block is a common issue, just please don't drop below three sentences.
    6. If you have read these rules in their complete glory, please put "Save the Elements" in your character sheet. If I do not see this, you do not get accepted. Plain and simple. I will tell you that you can have a place once you've read the rules.
    7. All characters must be approved by me before joining the role play. This is to prevent stupidity and, once more, to prevent shit flipping.
    8. Each person is allowed to have two characters.
    9. If you are gone for more than a week without giving me a valid reason before you disappear, you will be removed from the RP. We're not all waiting on one person, we want to keep moving. If you are going on vacation or something tell me before you leave.
    10. @Petricus Euryale has the same power I do. Listen to him like you'd listen to me. He's my fiance and partner in crime. His words are law just like mine are.

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  2. ~Kimiko~

    Pacing the red room that she called her own, a sigh left her lips. She didn't even have a window to peer out and check the time of day, although something told her in her gut that the sun was rising at that very moment. Maybe it was her connection to the sun and it's warm rays. She didn't really know. Even though she'd never seen the sun, she knew it was there. There were just some things her heart knew without her ever having to be told.

    Since no one in the tower knew the time, everyone had a pretty erratic schedule, although they tried to keep to sleeping around the same times so that they could enjoy what little interaction they could get from each other. She had been unable to sleep the past few days. Something in the back of her mind had kept her awake. A nagging sensation that something was coming; that something big was about to happen.

    Still though, she had a part to play. Suppressing a yawn, she wandered over to her closet and pulled out a red dress that fell to her feet, barely showing her red ballet slippers. The dress she wore had gold embellishments and designs down the front to match the small gold tiara that settled delicately on her white hair. Even though he was willing to lock her away in this cursed tower, her father still tried to pamper her. He wanted her to remember her roots and where she came from.

    With another sigh, she twisted the doorknob and stepped out into their lounge area. It would appear she was the first out of her room. Oh well. The room was filled with comfortable couches and chairs with paintings and tapestries on the walls. There was a soft rug to cover the stone floor and a fireplace burning away against one of the walls. She usually kept it burning to keep the chill away. Settling herself down on a couch, she waited.


    Silver hair billowed behind her as she paced back in forth inside the Heroes Lodge. The building was abandoned aside from the inn keeper and Winny was growing rather worried. What if no one else showed up? What if she was the only one left willing to fight for their land? That was a sad thought indeed.

    Several times now the inn keeper, Kilik was his name, had asked her if she wanted to sit down and have a drink. She was far too nervous for that now though. So, she continued to pace and wait. Someone would show up soon. Someone had to.
  3. ~Sir Penderlin~

    There was very little in the town that wasn't there to accommodate, assist, or capitalize on the so-called heroes. It was disgusting that the lives for generations of townsmen had been wasted on all of the previous heroes who were setting out to save the elements. So many had failed. Why were people still trying, after all of this time? But this Winona was the closest. She had a rough idea of the tower's location, was gathering a group, and clearly something more had to be the reason he was investigating.

    He pushed the door open and it swung on rusty hinges before crashing into a brick wall.

    "Did I keep you waiting?!" he asked in a loud voice.


    Morning. Or at least he could feel the sun's heat on the stones of the tower. The east side felt just a bit warmer. Kami could feel every brick and stone and rock that comprised the tower. And some times, when he focused really hard, he could feel the stone wall beyond the tower.

    As he pulled himself up from bed, his hand reached out for the clothes atop the simple wooden dresser. From what he had seen of Kimiko's room, his was far simpler and less cluttered by- Not that he had EVER seen Kimiko's room. A feint blush rose up and lightly dabbed Kami's cheeks as he started getting dressed. He had no need for his armor, not today. But Kami always felt weird when not carrying his stone. So he opened the first drawer and took out the only two items in there: A small stone, with the same black color as the tower. And a silver locket. He put both the stone and the locket into a compartment on his pouch. Then strapped the pouch to his left leg.

    Once ready and dressed, Kami made his way towards his bedroom door. Already he could feel the vibrations in the stone as someone moved around outside of his room: One of the other three was already up. But who? Judging from the light steps and soft shoes, he guessed it to be Kimiko. He opened the door to the lounge.
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  4. ~Damon~

    It must've been a good two hours since he arrived in the village. People would come up to him and ask if he was okay every now and then, and each time he smiled and said he was fine. Yet he never took his eyes off of the building across from him.
    Not literally, that'd be creepy and draw more attention to him. He was remaining cautious though. He had never heard of the king setting up any kind of trap for heroes, but it didn't hurt to be careful.
    He watched as a man walked into the building and essentially announced his arrival to the whole village. Damon then moved closer to the building, but decided to wait for one more person to enter before going in himself.
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  5. Alexander ~~
    This was a great day for Alex - when creating breakfast for himself on top of a hill two miles south from the village, he didn't burn a single tree (well, unless you think about that old one - old one was just disgusting). He was indeed approaching the village to apply as a hero. Why he chose that? Well, mages were pretty rare here and there, so Alex was thinking that they probably wouldn't check his abilities - would they?
    Anyways, our "mature" little boy was approaching some kind of building, when he heard a powerful male yell - for a second Alex thought that this yell could be heard on top of the hill he was sleeping on - and saw a door swish and close. Near the door was standing - as he noticed when looking a little left - a male. Alexander, being a natural in friendships and those silly love things, approached the male like a powerful locomotive - which was strange as he was not so muscular, just slender.

    "Good morning. Will you come inside, because you kinda came first and all..." Alex's tongue sunk somewhere towards the heart, as he couldn't continue the talk, and just waited politely near the male.
  6. ~Damon~

    Damon heard a young voice and looked over and down expecting to see another young boy asking him if he was drunk. Better than what most kids in other cities might do.
    He looked back up in surprise at a man who was almost as tall as him. It threw him off for a second, but he took in everything else quickly. Dark hair, loose robes, an earring and some scars. If what he said wasn't enough then his looks certainly have it away, another person here because of the call.
    Damon smiled like he had at the villagers, "No I think I'm gonna wait a bit," he gestured to the area next to him, "But you're welcome to stand with me."
  7. Alexander ~~
    Yes, Alex was somewhere around the height of the man, and looked like an adult - though he didn't admit it, saying that he looks like a "odd child" - yet he didn't expect such reaction.
    "Yes, thank you, my eyes are up here" Alex said sarcastically when the man turned, looking down. Hah, typical reaction. "Okay then, I'll stand here" Alex quietly stepped to left of the man, trying to do something: it looked like if Alex had an ache on his hands.

    After several seconds of quiet swearing (which almost resulted in having another burn on his left hand), something like a thick, warm aura rose around them, much warmer than surrounding air. It was spring indeed, but still - winter was still in the air. Alex gasped happily, breathing out. As it revealed, his tongue had something like a rune-piercing - but why would someone notice that?
    @Michael Kokirin
  8. Umiko was regrettably awake. She was usually was asleep during the day but the last few weeks she had flipped her days and nights. Something was inkling in the back of her mind. There was a change that was to be coming and soon. At the present moment the blue haired demon-woman was twirling and dancing around her room to a song that was a tune she had made up. Outside she could feel the dew that dotted around on the blades of grass. She was attuned to the feeling and sound of water. She looked to her door then at her rather blank walls. Although her room was done to her taste and all it felt completely empty because she had no windows. Umiko sighed heavily before exiting her room to join the others in who were awake within the tower.
  9. ~Damon~

    As the young man moved next to him, Damon returned his attention to the building, looking and listening for any signs of trouble. Alex's mutterings didn't escape him, he just stopped paying attention to them, until the air started to heat up.
    At first he thought it was just getting warmer as the day went on, but it got a little too warm, a little too quickly. He turned to find the young man smiling like a kid who just got a gift, and see the rune piercing on his tongue. He thought it was a little odd, but he'd seen weirder things about people.
    Damon gave the guy a slight nudge, "Come on, I think we've been out here long enough. Let's head inside." It was mostly because standing next to someone actively doing magic would likely draw the attention of those inside anyway, but he had been waiting a while and nothing happened yet. At the very least if something did go down, he'd be going in with a meatshield.
  10. Alexander ~~
    "Oh, okay" Alex said seriously, as heat aura quickly turned down like if there was no warm air. Alex lightly walked to the left of person, letting him go walk first.

    "After you" The boy said politely, in an adult voice. He was 16, so it was time to become serious - that's how he thought actually.
    @Michael Kokirin
  11. ~Kimiko~

    She glanced up at the sound of the door, smiling brightly. "Greetings." She said softly, only offering a brief glance as she made her way over to the fireplace and knelt before it. The heat didn't bother her, instead it caused her to smile as the flames flickered to life and shone brighter. "That's better..." She chimed before climbing to her feet once more. "How has the night treated you?"


    She groaned, resisting the urge to hit her head off of something. Suddenly she paused though, looking at the loud knight. "Hey, haven't I seen you near the castle before...?" She asked suspiciously.
  12. ~Sir Penderilin~

    Sir Penderlin shrugged.

    "Probably," he replied. "I get around from place to place. Been to the castle a few times." He smiled at the pretty girl. "Used to compete in the jousting tournaments when I was younger. Not that I got old. I'm still in my prime." He winked at her. "And what have you been up to in the castle? I've always wondered what women get up to when the men are at work."​

    "Better than the night before, I suppose," Kami answered. He raised his hand the brush at the hair on the back of his head. "What about yourself?"​
  13. ~Kimiko~

    "Same old..." She sighed, wandering over to sit on one of the lounges. "There used to be so much to explore here. Now it's just day after day."


    She frowned and resisted the urge to throw something at the knight. "I was doing some training with my mistress. She's a knight too." She added that last part as a jab that women could do important things too.
  14. ~Sir Penderlin~

    "Your mistress, eh? I can dig that!" He made his way over to the woman and sat down next to her. "There was someone else outside, sitting around. Think he may be coming in to join us on our merry quest. You are the one who hung those flyers, right?"


    "Used to be..." Kami replied solemnly. "Would you sleep better if I sat by you until you managed to fall asleep?" He then heard a door opening behind him and spun around to see Umiko. "Oh, hey. Didn't think you would be up already."
  15. ~Kimiko~

    "Probably..." She said softly, looking away with a pale blush dusting her cheeks. She jolted slightly at Umiko's entrance. "Ah, hello Umiko. How did you sleep? Well, I hope?"


    Her face turned red with anger and embarrassment as she glared at him. "Not that ki- you know what I meant!!" She hissed. It took her a few minutes to calm down, but eventually she did. "I'm sure he'll come in when he wants. And yes, I'm the one who put up the flyers and is gathering the group to breach the tower."

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    @Michael Kokirin
  16. ~Damon~

    Damon gave the guy an odd look as heard him speak in a forced deep voice. The kind of thing someone might do to sound serious and confident, but it made him sound nervous.
    Damon looked forward again, "Relax a little, it's just a meeting," he placed his hand on the door before hesitating for a moment, "Be ready to run though, if things head south."
    Without waiting for Alex's response, he pushed open the door and entered to hear the last bit of what the upset woman said. He spoke up to announce their arrival, though he kept it a more reasonable volume than the Knight.
    "Glad to know we're in the right place."
  17. ~Sir Penderlin~

    "Do you have a way into the tow-" Penderlin turned around to see the two entering. "Ah. Thought you would never work up the courage to step inside! Are you fine fellows here to join us on our merry adventure?"


    He moved away from the door and went over to the couch, to sit down beside Kimiko. Then offered a small wave to Umiko. He had always got along with all three. As there were only four people in the tower to talk to, making friends instead of enemies had been a matter of preserving sanity. Subsequently, they had all been eager to befriend each other. Not that there weren't times when they disagreed, argued or got in each other's way.

    Recently, however, Kami had felt awkward around Umiko. Maybe she had worked out that Kami liked Kimiko in that way. Whatever the reason, he had felt out of place talking to her.​
  18. Umiko smiled sweetly at the pair and twirled once more. "I slept as well as the usual tower night owl does... I am still not use to this up during the day bit." The woman said with a sigh and slight frown. Her recent memories were really only of the tower and nothing beyond that. She made friends with everyone rather quickly although it was starting to seem like the pair in front of her were getting a little too close to one another. Umiko knew that was none of her business. When she watched them when they thought no one was looking she could see that they truly cared for each other and that alone made her heart ache. The other tower resident usually kept to themself. Umiko looked up at the ceiling, "I can feel change coming, can't you?" She asked them softly. She sometimes wondered if her being a demon effected the way the others viewed her.
  19. ~Kami~

    Change. That seemed to be the right feeling, as though something was on the verge of changing forever. Something big. Something that couldn't be unchanged.

    "Hopefully it's the kind of change that gets us out of here," Kami replied while shifting uncomfortably on the couch.
  20. ~Kimiko~

    "Right, you prefer to sleep during the day. I rise with the sun and you rise with the moon. Perhaps you should get a little more sleep?" Kimiko suggested, tilting her head slightly and smiling at Umiko.

    Her next words made her pause. "You can feel it too?" She questioned, now generally intrigued. "The firs have been telling of a great change. I've taken it to mean that we'll finally get out of this cursed tower..... or my father has finally figured out how to kill us." She shuddered slightly at the last words. She definitely hoped it was the former and not the latter.


    She glanced up as the two entered. "Definitely the right place." A grin lit up her face as she lightly tapped the table she was sitting at with the knight, inviting them both to sit. "So, that's four of us so far. I wonder if we''ll get anymore...."
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