The Four-Blood Gate

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  1. A trap will be sprung tonight, in the city of Vartus.


    For two hundred years, the Elves and their celestial allies have guarded the Four-Blood Gate, a holy seal placed upon the entrance to the Underdark. Their city is strong, their people prosperous, their future bright.

    They had nothing to fear from Lord Draegard, a Lich who marched with an undead army to storm the mountain stronghold. They crushed his forces. They repelled his attack. They defeated the Lich.

    Or so history stated...

    But tonight that timeline will be changed. Tonight the city will be weakened from within, by agents of the Neutral Powers. And Draegard will take the city and the Four-Blood Gate. He will force his way into the Underdark, and be lost forever, the threat of his power removed entirely from the heartlands.

    Tonight evil will be done... for the greater good of all...

    This adventure is part of the Serendark campaign, a regular series of chat nights open to Iwaku members. It uses the Roll20 virtual tabletop.

    The game is Version 3.5 rules and Newbie Friendly, meaning a chance for newcomers to get to grips with the D&D system (the way I once did, by being tossed right into the jaws of hell).

    - The starting level for this particular adventure is 5, and starting Experience Points are 10,000.

    - Stats are determined using the Points Buy system. You may spend a maximum of 30 points.

    - This adventure will call for actions of EVIL INTENT. Therefore, do not select an alignment that will put you in a moral dilemma when called upon to commit such acts. It will also be a city adventure (no wilderness).

    - Starting gold is 5000gp, and you may share wealth with other players if you wish. Characters continuing from the last quest use only what treasure they found.

    - Anyone who has a crapload of gold left, feel free to buy magic items. I can help you go through this if you want.
    The options are: (open)

    - Magic Armour - just add the base price to the price of a normal shield/suit, then scroll down if you want to add even more fancy shit, like fire-proofing, spell-resistance, etc.

    - Magic Weapons - same again, just look for the base price and add this to a normal weapon cost, then scroll down if you want to enchant an unusual weapon or give it special abilities.

    - Potions - these should be quite affordable, and it's always good to have some healing potions on hand.

    - Rings - you might have to pool some money to get one of these.

    - Scrolls - some of these are quite cheap, but bear in mind the CASTER LEVEL shown on the third table on this page (right hand column). If you try to cast a spell that has a higher Caster Level than you, it has the potential to explode in your face. Also, non-magic characters with the Use Magic Device skill can attempt to use scrolls, but again with the "explode-and-die" prospect.

    - Staffs, Rods and Wands - expensive and fancy shit for you Wizards and Clerics.

    - Wondrous Items - for other random doodads.

    - If you have a character in the Club Archive from previous games, you may use this and retain what wealth they had (as long as it's no more than 3000gp)

    - No Psionics allowed, and be sure to ask before using supplements (I have an extensive collection, but probably not everything).

    - A quickstart character creation guide can be found here.

    - Please use the Iwaku Dicebox to roll your second/third/fourth level hitpoints. Procedure is detailed in spoiler tags below. You may opt for ONE complete reroll of all 3 dice, but if you do this you must accept the second result.

    Dice Roll Procedure (open)
    We'll be using the Dice Box for our rolls. It can be found here.

    When rolling stats, use the dice box for any rolls you have to make. The code is /roll _d_, with the first space being the number of dice, and the second space being the type of dice. For example /roll 1d6, /roll 1d20, etc. Both numbers are needed for the code to work.


    All rolls must have a description posted first, so that anyone who reads the dice box can see what you're rolling for.

    You can make test rolls if you like. Just post the word "TEST" before you make the roll.

    I will be checking the dice box logs when I review your character sheets. Any rolls that don't fit what you've posted or don't have a description before them in the Dice Box will be assumed invalid and I will penalise you in-game for being a big cheating poopy head.

    - Don't forget Skill Synergy bonuses if you have them!

    - Your brief background must explain why the mysterious creatures of Castle Serendark decided to pick you up and why you decided to stay with them and serve their cause of protecting the timeline.

    - Alignment in this campaign will be VERY changeable, due to the energies running through the castle and how they affect mortal minds. So be prepared to roleplay some very different alignment swings during your time as a Knight.


    Dwarven Fighter (Primary Melee)
    Half-Dragon Monk (Secondary Melee)
    Gnome Druid (Divine Caster)
    Human DuskBlade (Backup Melee/Arcane Caster)
    Tiefling Bard (Primary Specialist)
    Were-Jackal Rogue (Secondary Specialist)
    Gray Elf Bard (Tertiary Specialist)

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  2. Torrim Harmalk........(Meaning "Soul-stabber of the stalwart village")

    Dwarven Fighter (5), Lawful Evil

    STR: 16.......(+3)
    DEX: 12........(+1)
    CON: 16.......(+3)
    INT: 12.......(+1)
    WIS: 12.......(+1)
    CHA: 10.......(+0)

    FORT: +7 ....... REF: +2 ....... WILL: +2
    Initiative: +1 ....... Speed 20ft

    AC:16 ....... HP: 53 ....... BAB: +5 (+3 Str, +1 Masterwork, +1 Weapon Focus with Waraxe)

    EQUIPMENT (open)
    On person... (Weight 33lb).......In Backpack... (Weight 36lb).......

    Masterwork War Axe (Silver, +4 dmg two handed)
    Mithril Chain Shirt
    Bracers of Armour (+1)
    Masterwork Throwing Axe (Darkwood)
    Masterwork Light Pick Axe (Silver)
    20ft of Chain
    10 pieces of chalk
    Flint & Steel
    Everburning Torch
    Potion of Mage Armour x1

    Bedroll & Blanket
    Map Case
    Grappling Hook
    50ft Silk Rope
    Signal Whistle
    Masterwork Climber's Kit (+1)
    Field Rations x1
    Flask of Alchemist's Fire x2

    Pouch with 35g

    69lbs = LIGHT LOAD
    No ACP in Mithril armour
    Languages: Common, Dwarven, Goblin
    Profs: Simple, Martial, All Armour, Shields, Dwarven

    +1 to hit vs Orcs/Goblinoids
    +2 save vs Poison
    +2 save vs Spells
    +4 vs bullrush/tripping
    +4 AC vs Giants
    +2 on Stone Appraisal and Crafting

    Darkvision, 60ft
    Weapon Focus (+1 to hit with Dwarven Waraxe)
    Power Attack (Double damage when 2 handed)
    Great Cleave

    Climb (Str)....................4 ranks (+2 kit)
    Craft, Weaponsmithing (Int).............1 ranks
    Handle Animal (Cha)....................2 ranks
    Intimidate (Cha)....................5 ranks
    Jump (Str)....................4 ranks
    Ride (Dex)....................1 rank
    Swim (Str)....................5 ranks
    Use Rope (Dex)....................1 rank
    BACKGROUND (open)
    Torrim's father was a Runescribe, from a long line of historians who painstakingly collected the deeds of the Hill Tribes. All Harmalks were trained at an early age to carve and treat the copper plates used as pages in the books of Dwarven Lore, and for fifteen years Torrim followed comfortably in his family's tradition. But then disaster struck. There was an explosion at the forge, caused by a consignment of cursed ore pulled up from the depths. It took his father's sight and scarred his hands. Overnight, Torrim's father lost the very things he needed for his craft. Of course, as all stubborn Dwarves, he tried to carry on his work, but after spoiling so many copper plates he turned his hopes to his son and did his best to instruct the young apprentice. Years of frustration, toil and recrimination followed, with Torrim taking over more of his father's duties but at the same time failing to perfect the Runescribe arts as his father did. Finally, after a series of blazing rows, he gave up entirely, and the finances of the Harmalk family fell into ruin. In order to pay their debts, Torrim's parents turned to the Guilds for help. It was the Mercenary Guild who eventually agreed to take on the debt, and as payment they assumed custody of Torrim, placing him in a forced apprenticeship programme. For the next three years he learned the art of mountaineering and the waraxe and lost altogether his fleeting knowledge of crafting and inscription. But Torrim never settled to the life of a community guardian, and in time he left the Hill Tribes, resentful of his father and resentful of his people for turning his family's misfortune into slavery. And a year later, when freezing to death on the side of a mountain after losing his ropes, Torrim encountered a curious Stave who took pity on him. He has not returned home for 32 years.
    EXPERIENCE (open)
    XP POINTS: 10,000​

    During the quest to rescue the Yarrow Maiden, Torrim learned three lessons. The first was how to improve his swimming technique, after nearly drowning in the lakes of the Salamander Valley. Secondly, how to tie good quick-release knots, as doing so saved his life on many occasions when climbing and leaping around the dungeon. And thirdly, he learned how to better endure the extremes of hot and cold, after nearly passing out in the Fire Chamber.

    But none of this compares to what he learned from the late departed Beligzbuss Longbothem. At first an aggravating and destructive pest, Biggs proved himself to be the moral compass of the party - a Halfling who took a chance on Sarnock, the Kobold prisoner, and gave his life for Lissa, the villager girl caught in the crossfire of the final battle. Torrim had never before seen such kindness that crossed all racial boundaries. It made him reconsider his own prejudices. Torrim has learnt now not to blame an individual for the errors of their species. And his Charisma has been better for it.

    During the adventure to provoke the Westland War, Torrim became more familiar with the handling of horses. He also made the acquaintance of a Were-Jackal, who taught him a thing or two about the nature of animalkind. But perhaps greater were the scars he received from the attack of an Undead Wyvern which near-killed him. The Wyvern was one of Lord Draegard's early experiments, so as far as Torrim is concerned the Lich drew first blood in this fight.

    1x Naval Captain
    1x Bucaneer
    2x Hobgoblins
    3x Orc Honour Guard
    1x Lizardman
    6x Kobold
    1x Worg
    2x Skeletons
    3x Kobold Shaman
    Kragtar Vold, the Mad Cleric
    Kargas Tolgrif, the Orc King
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  3. Lorn

    Were-Jackal Rogue (3+2), Chaotic Neutral

    HP: 25.....BAB: +3.....Claw D4 damage, Bite D6 damage

    One moment, I'm rolling around in a half-eaten chicken carcass, not a care in the world. Next thing I know, some disgruntled witch has cursed me to live with only two teets and a sense of shame once a moon.

    STR: 8.....(-1)
    DEX: 15.....(+2)
    CON: 10.....(+0)
    INT: 18.....(+1)
    WIS: 14.....(+2)
    CHA: 8.....(-1)

    FORT: +5.....REF: +10.....WILL: +6
    Speed: 30ft.....Initiative: +2.....AC: 14

    STR: 11.....(+0)
    DEX: 20.....(+4)
    CON: 15.....(+2)
    INT: 18.....(+1)
    WIS: 14.....(+2)
    CHA: 8.....(-1)

    FORT: +7.....REF: +12.....WILL: +6
    Speed: 50ft.....Initiative: +5.....AC: 16

    STR: 11.....(+0)
    DEX: 20.....(+4)
    CON: 15.....(+2)
    INT: 18.....(+1)
    WIS: 14.....(+2)
    CHA: 8.....(-1)

    FORT: +7.....REF: +12.....WILL: +6
    Speed: 30ft.....Initiative: +5.....AC: 16

    EQUIPMENT (open)
    Hand of the Mage necklace
    Potion of Bull's Strength (attached to Mage Hand necklace)
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds X2
    Potion Cure Moderate Wounds
    Ghoul Touch Scroll
    Cloak of Resistance.
    Thieves Tools, Masterwork (+2 Disable Device and Open Lock)
    Azurite gem
    Silver Pearl
    38 gold

    Languages: Common, Goblin, Abyssal, Gnoll, Undercommon
    Proficiencies: Simple Weapons.

    Jackal Form & Hybrid Form
    Curse of Lycanthropy
    Damage Reduction 5/silver in Animal & Hybrid Form
    +4 on checks to influence Jackals
    Low-Light vision
    +2 Wisdom
    Sneak attack +2d6, trap sense +1

    Iron Will

    Appraise (Int)......0 ranks
    Balance (Dex)......6 ranks, +2 synergy
    Bluff (Cha)......0 ranks
    Climb (Str)......8 ranks
    Craft (Int)......0 ranks
    Decipher Script (Int)......0 ranks
    Diplomacy (Cha)......0 ranks, +2 synergy
    Disable Device (Int)......0 ranks
    Disguise (Cha)......0 ranks
    Escape Artist (Dex)......6 ranks
    Forgery (Int)......0 ranks
    Gather Information (Cha)......0 ranks
    Hide (Dex)......6 ranks, +2 Stealthy
    Intimidate (Cha)......0 ranks
    Jump (Str)......4 ranks, +4 racial, +2 synergy
    Knowledge (nature)(Int)......6 ranks
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int)......0 ranks, +2 synergy
    Listen (Wis)......5 ranks, +2 racial, +2 Alertness
    Move Silently (Dex)......6 ranks, +2 Stealthy
    Open Lock (Dex)......6 ranks
    Perform (Cha)......0 ranks
    Profession (Wis)......0 ranks
    Search (Int)......6 ranks
    Sense Motive (Wis)......6 tanks
    Sleight of Hand (Dex)......6 ranks
    Spot (Wis)......5 ranks, +2 racial, +2 Alertness
    Survival (Wis)......5 ranks, +2 synergy
    Swim (Str)......0 ranks
    Tumble (Dex)......6 ranks, +2 synergy
    Use Magic Device (Cha)......0 ranks
    Use Rope (Dex)......0 ranks, +2 synergy

    Salis Hydrargyrum

    Gray Elf Bard (5), Neutral

    STR: 6..........(-2)
    DEX: 16..........(+3)
    CON: 9..........(-1)
    INT: 14..........(+2)
    WIS: 9..........(-1)
    CHA: 18..........(+4)

    FORT: +0..........REF: +7..........WILL: +3
    Speed 30ft..........Initiative: +3..........
    HP:14.....BAB:+3(+3 weapon finesse, +1 Masterwork).....AC: 13

    EQUIPMENT (open)
    On person... (Weight 5lb)

    Hat of Disguise
    Masterwork Whip
    Scroll of Summon Swarm
    Scroll of Touch of Idiocy
    Drow Poison x2
    Dark Reaver Poison x2
    Sassone leaf residue poison x2
    Oil of Taggit poison x1
    7 vials for above poisons
    Incense of Obsession
    100 gold
    Merchant's scales
    Moonstone necklace
    Silver rings

    Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Abyssal
    Profs: All simple weapons, plus longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, and whip. Bards are proficient with light armor and shields.

    Improved Feint
    Weapon Finesse

    Immunity to magical sleep
    +2 vs enchantment
    Low-Light Vision
    +2 Listen, Search, and Spot checks
    5 feet secret door detection

    Bardic music
    Bardic knowledge
    Inspire courage +1
    Inspire competence

    Appraise (Int)......0 ranks
    Balance (Dex)......6 ranks
    Bluff (Cha)......8 ranks
    Climb (Str)......0 ranks
    Concentration (Con)......0 ranks
    Knowledge (Royalty) (Int)......4 ranks
    Knowledge (Local) (Int)
    ......5 ranks
    Decipher Script (Int)......0 ranks
    Diplomacy (Cha)......8 ranks, +2 synergy
    Disguise (Cha)......2 ranks, +2 synergy
    Escape Artist (Dex)......0 ranks
    Gather Information (Cha)......5 ranks +2 synergy
    Hide (Dex)......0 ranks
    Jump (Str)......0 ranks
    Listen (Wis)......0 ranks
    Move Silently (Dex)......0 ranks
    Perform (Cha)......6 ranks
    Profession (Wis)......0 ranks
    Sense Motive (Wis)......8 ranks
    Sleight of Hand (Dex)......2 ranks, +2 synergy
    Spellcraft (Int)......5 ranks, +2 synergy
    Swim (Str)......0 ranks
    Use Magic Device (Cha)......5 ranks, +2 synergy
    SPELLS (open)
    Level 0, THREE PER DAY
    Detect Magic
    Ghost Sound
    Mage Hand
    Summon Instrument

    Level 1, FOUR PER DAY
    Charm Person
    Expeditious Retreat
    Cure Light Wounds
    Feather Fall

    Level 2, TWO PER DAY
    Detect Thoughts
    BACKGROUND (open)
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  4. Captain Shepard

    Player Name: Jack Shepard
    Class and Level: Fighter Level 5
    Race: Human
    Alignment: True Neutral

    Size: Medium
    Age/Gender: Male 26 years old
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 176lbs.
    Eyes/Hair: Blue eyes and long dark brown hair
    Skin: Normal Tan


    Strength: 16.........+3
    Dexterity: 14.........+2
    Constitution: 12.........+1
    Intelligence: 8.........-1
    Wisdom: 10.........0
    Charisma: 16.........+3

    HP~ 42.........Speed~ 30 Ft..........AC~21.........Initiative: +2

    Base Attack Bonus +8 (Base Attack Bonus~ +5, Strength Modifier~ +3)

    Fortitude: +5.........Reflex: +3.........Will: +1
    Skills (open)
    Appraise (Int)
    Balance (Dex) 2 (+2)
    Bluff (Cha) 5 (+3 +2)
    Climb (Str) 6 (+3 +3)
    Concentration (Con) 1 (+1)
    Craft: (Int)
    Craft: (Int)
    Craft: (Int)
    Decipher Script (Int)
    Diplomacy (Cha) 8 (+3 +3 +2
    Disable Device (Int)
    Disguise (Cha) 1 (+1)
    Escape Artist (Dex) 2 (+2)
    Forgery (Int)
    Gather Information (Cha) 3 (+3)
    Handle Animal (Cha)3 (+3)
    Heal (Wis)
    Hide (Dex) 2 (+2)
    Intimidate (Cha) 6 (+4 +2)
    Jump (Str) 5 (+3 +2)
    Knowledge: Nature (Int)
    Knowledge: (Int)
    Knowledge: (Int)
    Knowledge: (Int)
    Knowledge: (Int)
    Listen (Wis)
    Move Silently (Dex) +2
    Open Lock (Dex) 2 (+2)
    Perform: (Cha)3 (+3)
    Perform: (Cha) 3 (+3)
    Perform: (Cha) 3 (+3)
    Profession: (Wis)
    Ride (Dex) 5 (+2 +3)
    Search (Int)
    Sense Motive (Wis) 2 (0 +2)
    Sleight of Hand (Dex) 2 (+2)
    Spell craft (Int)
    Spot (Wis)
    Survival (Wis)
    Swim (Str) 7 (+3 +2 +2)
    Tumble (Dex) 2 (+2)
    Use Magic Device (Cha) 3 (+3)
    Use Rope (Dex) 2 (+2)
    Feats (open)

    Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium, Heavy
    Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Exotic, Martial, Shields

    Cleave (Additional Attack after a Kill)
    Persuasive (+2 Diplomacy/Intimidate)
    Power Attack
    Great Cleave (Gets another additional Attack after Cleave)
    Negotiator (+2 to Diplomacy/Sense Motive)
    Weapons (open)

    Masterwork Bastard Sword (Keen)........Dmg: 1D10+3, Crit: 19-20x2, Keen~17-20x2
    Greatsword: Dmg........2D6+3, Crit: 19-20x2
    Long sword........ Dmg: 1D8+3, Crit:19-20x2
    Armor/Gear/Weight/Money (open)

    Breastplate (+5 AC, -4 ACP, Speed 30 Ft.)
    Large Steel Shield +2 AC, -2 ACP)
    Bracers of Armor (+1 Armor Bonus to AC)
    Amulet of Natural Armor (+1 Natural Armor bonus to AC)

    Other Possessions

    Backpack, 2Lbs.
    Grappling hook, 4Lbs.
    Rope (50Ft.)
    Everburning Torch, 1 Lb.
    4 Cure Light wound Potions.
    2 Mage Armor Pots
    2 Mage Weapon Pots
    1 Resist Alignment Pot
    1 Blanket

    Total Weight/Load Type:
    (Light Load without backpack)

    GP~ 500

    Background (open)
    Wolfsin shed his old light as a captain of a specific guard, a voice of war and a blade to be feared. He now took up the crest of his father, which was that of a Wolf howling atop a castle wall, and has resigned himself to his sins by leaving the holy guard. His views and ideas did not match those simpletons, and when the Lord he served passed on, and "holy" bishops took up his place, the man could not escape fast enough. He spent time wandering the world, learning new things about his skill, and doing all he could to not allow his skills to lack as a Knight, and to impose his chivalrous life style into a Neutral life style, one where he did not do what was expected, rather he did what he felt was right for the time, what seemed good to him, a true neutral being with a lot to offer, and no where to go with it.

    Not but a few years into his adventures, having accumulated a new reputation to the new name he'd obtained. a wolf among sheep and a warrior not to be matched by most. Wolfsin was a phantom; a legend to be spoken of but still there was no place for him. Until one day out of the blue as if some odd celestial divinity swept over him, he could hear the voice of other such warriors, a call that to no other man but he would sound like home. He reached forward and in a symbol of accepting the fate he'd been tossed into. Wolfsin become one of the Chosen, one of the few to mark his place in the Castle Serendark. A whole new legacy about to unfold for the man, one he looked to with all of his might. As the cause of the mission was explained to him, for one final time Wolfsin chose to swear Allegiance to a cause aside from himself.

    Finally something of worth came about, Wolfsin was a Knight of Serendark, and on his very first mission with his group he met a variety of different people, all with their own stories,a nd tragedies to retell around a warm camp fire. They fought bandits, Harpies, Dryads, an undead Wyvern, and even a battalion of Orcs with their great King, an adventure of worth, one that made him feel truly alive as one of them. Along the way he gained a common understanding with the rogue Jezabeth, and a respect with Torrim the Dwarven footed tank. He finally felt at home in this place, especially now as he returned to the great Castle Serendark, and partake in the treasures of their conquest, now he was scheduled to leave with a group and some new for yet another quest, and as he prepared his equipment and reflected on his experience, he found that he could not feel anymore at home than this.

    Experience: 10,000
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    Halfling Rogue (5), Chaotic Good

    <table><tr><td>STR: <td>10 (+0)..........<td>FORT: <td>+3<tr><td>DEX: <td>20 (+5)..........<td>REF: <td>+10
    <tr><td>CON: <td>12 (+1)..........<td>WILL: <td>+3
    <tr><td>INT: <td>14 (+2)..........<td>HP:<td>29 / 29<tr><td>WIS: <td>12 (+1)..........<td>BAB:<td>+4 Melee, +9 Ranged<td>Initiative: 5<tr><td>CHA: <td>13 (+1)</td><td>AC:<td>17<td>(13 Flatfooted, 15 Touch)</tr></table>
    EQUIPMENT (open)
    <table><tr><td>On person... (16lb)<td>In Backpack... (28.42lb)
    <tr><td>Masterwork Leather Armour
    +1 Light Mace of Shock
    Masterwork Light Crossbow +1
    Crossbow Bolts (50)
    Acid Flask (2)
    Masterwork Javelin
    Potion (Shield of Faith)
    Grappling Hook
    Rope, Silk
    Torch (2)
    Thieves' Tools
    Trail Rations (4)
    Flint & Steel
    Masterwork Mandolin

    MONEY: 211gp, 13sp, 8cp.
    TOTAL WEIGHT: 44.42lb (MED)</td></tr></table>

    SKILLS (open)
    Appraise +3 (1 Rank, +2 Ability Mod)
    Balance +11 (6 Rank, +5 Ability Mod)
    Bluff +4 (3 Rank, +1 Ability Mod)
    Climb +3 (3 Rank)
    Diplomacy +5 (4 Rank, +1 Mod)
    Disable Device +6 (6 Rank)
    Disguise +2 (2 Rank)
    Gather Information +6 (6 Rank)
    Hide +14 (9 Rank, +5 Ability Mod)
    Intimidate +3 (3 Rank)
    Jump +5 (5 Rank)
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3 (3 Rank)
    Listen +1 (+1 Ability Mod)
    Move Silently +10 (5 Rank, +5 Ability Mod)
    Open Lock +13 (8 Rank, +5 Ability Mod)
    - Act +1
    - Comedy +1
    - Dance +1
    - Keyboard Instruments +1
    - Oratory +1
    - Percussion +1
    - Sing +1
    - String Instruments +5 (4 Rank, +1 Mod)
    - Wind Instruments +1
    Search +4 (4 Rank)
    Spot +4 (4 Rank)
    Tumble +7 (+2 Synergy, +5 Ability Mod)
    Use Rope +6 (1 Rank, +5 Ability Mod)

    Languages: Common, Elven, Goblin, Dwarven

    Proficiencies: Light Armour, Simple Weapons

    Lightning Reflexes
    Weapon Focus (Crossbow)
    Sneak Attack +3d6
    Trap Sense +1
    Uncanny Dodge

    BACKGROUND (open)

    [size=+1]After a botched robbery and betrayal by the group he was working with left him in prison, Garrick Proudfoot elected to join the expedition Darius was a part of in order to get out of his cell. Surviving the massacre, he fought through the island's dungeons only to finally fall foul of a basilisk.

    When he awoke, he found himself in the halls of Castle Serendark several years after his group's apparent death on the island. Life had moved on in his absence, and he found himself searching for purpose in amidst it all. Such a purpose soon revealed itself, however, in the form of service to the Staves.

    Garrick now acts as a specialist on the Castle's Interventions, his skills as a thief and ranged combatant making him invaluable.[/size]

    Experience: 10,000
  6. (Its been a while since I have done a character Sheet for Dungeons and Dragons so let me know if I messed up somewhere and I will fix it)

    Character Name: Keldion
    Player Name: James Finan
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 225
    Race: Half-Dragon (Blue)
    Class: Monk
    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Level: Monk 2 (3 Half-dragon)
    Exp: 10,000
    H.P: 36
    A.C: 19

    Str: 22 (+6)
    Dex: 14 (+2)
    Con: 16 (+3)
    Int: 12 (+1)
    Wis: 16 (+3)
    Chr: 10 (+0)

    Fort: 7
    Ref: 6
    Will: 7

    BAB: +7
    Initiative: 2

    Balance - 7 (5 rank, 2 ability mod)
    Sense Motive - 8 (5 rank, 3 ability mod)
    Jump - 11 (5 rank, 6 ability mod)
    Concentration - 8 (5 rank, 3 ability mod)
    Spot - 8 (5 rank, 3 ability mod)

    Dark vision (60 ft)
    Low-Light Vision
    Flurry of Blows
    Unarmed Strike
    Stunning Fist
    Deflect Arrows
    Immunity to sleep and Paralysis
    Immunity to Electricity

    Languages: Common, Draconic


    Claw: 1d4
    Bite: 1d6
    Unarmed Combat: 1d6
    Breath Weapon, once per day: 60-foot line of lightning, 6d8 damage, reflex save = ½ damage.

    Monk’s Outfit
    Cloak of Resistance +1
    Masterwork Quarterstaff
    Signal Whistle
    Silk Rope (50 ft)
    ever burning torch
    Water skin
    Bracers of Armor +1
    Hat of Disguise
    Pouch of 1066 g.p. 2 s.p.


    (Will come Soon)
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  7. Vriona Quintet

    Alightment: Neutral Good

    Deity: Samma


    Human Cleric Lvl (4)

    Experience: 6000


    Strength: 11 (+0)

    Dexterity: 12 (+1)

    Constitution: 10 (+0)

    Intelligence: 13 (+1)

    Wisdom: 19 (+4)

    Charisma: 8 (-1)

    Fort: +4

    Ref: +2

    Will: +8

    Hp: 22

    Armor Class: 11

    BAB: +3


    Concentration(Con): 2 [Rank 2]

    Craft(Int): 2 [Rank 2]

    Diplomacy(Cha): 2 [Rank 2]

    Heal(Wis): 4 [Rank 4]

    Knowledge/Arcana(Int): 4 [Rank 4]

    Knowledge/history(Int): 3 [Rank 3]

    Knowledge/Religion(Int): 2 [Rank 2]

    Knowledge/Planes(Int): 2 [Rank 2]

    Profession(Wis): 2 [Rank 2]

    Spellcraft(Int): 2 [Rank 2]

    Ride(Dex): 2 [Rank 1]

    Swim(Str; Armor Check Penalty): 4 [Rank 1]

    Gather Information(Cha): 2 [Rank 1]

    Climb(Str; Armor Check Penalty): 2 [Rank 1]


    Combat Casting: +4 bonus on Concentration Checks made to cast a spell or use a spell like ability while on the defensive or while you are grappling or pinned.

    Self - Sufficient: You get a +2 bonus on all Heal checks and Survival checks.

    Skill Focus: You get a +3 bonus on all checks involving that skill. Skill is HEAL.
    *Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effect does not stack, each time you take the feat, it applies to a new skill.

    - Simple Weapons Proficiency
    - Can use light, medium, and heavy armor and sheilds (except tower shields)
    - Cleric casts divine spells, drawn from the cleric's spell list
    Like other spellcasters, a cleric can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is given on Table: The Cleric. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Wisdom score. A cleric also gets one domain spell of each spell level he can cast, starting at 1st level. When a cleric prepares a spell in a domain spell slot, it must come from one of his two domains (see Deities, Domains, and Domain Spells, below).

    Language: Common, Celestial

    Equipment list:

    Quarterstaff - 4 lbs, bludgeoning


    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (41 charges)

    Scale mail - 30 lbs (+4 Armor Shield Bonus, +3 Dex bonus, -4 Armor Penalty check, 25% Arcane Spell failure) [In Room]

    Sling - 1d3 (x2 if crit) 50 ft range

    Backpack, empty - 2 lbs

    Bedroll - 5 lbs

    Blanket, winter - 3 lbs

    Waterskin - 4 lbs

    Explorer's Outfit - 8 lbs

    Cleric's Vestaments - 6 lbs (In Room)

    Healer's Kit - 1 lbs, 9 uses

    Acid - 1 lb

    Holywater - 1 lb

    Musical Instrument, Common, 02 on Performance checks - 3 lbs

    Jeweled Ring

    Smoked Sticks x3

    50+30g - add later

    2 Twin Daggers with Black Pearls on the Hilt - Weight added in later

    Carrying Medium load (33 lbs), everything is in backpack except for the bedroll, and weapons. Cleric Vestments and Scale Armor are in Vriona's chambers.

    Wealth: 1638g, 1 sp


    Spell Domain: Animal - You can use Speak to Animals once per day as a spell like ability. Add Knowledge (Nature) to your list of Cleric class skills.

    Calm Animals: This spell soothes and quiets animals, rendering them docile and harmless. Only ordinary animals (those with an Intelligence scores of 1 or 2) can be affected by this spell. All of the subjects must be of the same kind, and no two may be more than 30 feet apart. The maxiumum number of Hit Dice of animals you can affect is equal to 2d4 + caster level. A dire animal or an animal trained to attack is allowed a saving throw; other animals are not.

    The affected creature(s) remain where they are and do not attack or flee. They are not helpless and defend themselves normally if attacked. Any threat breaks the spell on the threatened creature(s).

    Spell Domain: Heal - You cast healing spells at +1 caster level

    Lvl 0:
    Read Magic: Read scrolls and spell books
    Create Water: conjure 2 gallons/lvl of pure water
    Purify Food and Drink: Purifies 1 cubic feet/lvl of food and drink
    Detect Magic: detect spells and magic within 60 feet

    Used: 0/4 daily allotment

    Lvl 1:
    Cause Fear: One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds
    Entropic Shield: Ranged attacks against you have a 20% chance to miss
    Sanctuary: opponents can't attack you and you can't attack
    Endure Elements: Exist comfortable in hot or cold environments.

    Used: 0/3 daily allotment

    Lvl 2:

    Cure Moderate Wounds: Cures 2d8 damage + 1 lvl (max +10) [Range, touch]

    Consecrate: Fills the area with positive energy, making undead weaker
    Sound Burst: deals 1d8 sonic damage, may stun enemies. Fort partial save to avoid stun. Range of 10 feet radius spread

    Used: 0/2 daily allotment

    Lvl 3:

    Glyph of Warding

    Inflict Serious Wounds
    Lvl 4:
    Inflict Critical Wounds

    The list of spells for Cleric's can be found here.

    Vriona hails from a land known for their spices, teas and henna. She chose to depart from this world shortly after being rescued from Samma, one of the Staves residing in Castle Sendark. Her acquaintance with the Water Serpent began when she was a teenager, playing in the waters alone one day. A large wave caused her to lose her footing and the water took her under. Frightened for her life, the Cleric vowed that if she were to be saved she would devote her life to her savior's cause.

    From the depths of the sea rose a giant sliver serpent, covered in scales and fins. It took Vriona back to the surface on its head and there they agreed that she would leave her home and spend the rest of her life in the Castle. She has not forgotten where she came from however, as her chambers are filled with the scent of different spices and her hands are often covered in henna art. She's also seen wearing a brightly colored sari.

    Her relationship with Samma is strange, while Vriona does worship the serpent, she also considers it a friend. They do not speak often.

    Personality: The energies of the castle have changed Vriona's perspective and personality. She is now eccentric, talkative to the point of ungodly annoying. With her wand, she has a habit of spewing out random words and calling them spells. The Cleric still cares about the members in her party but it might be advisable for them to carry around ear plugs.
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  8. fix this shit when you have time (open)

    Behlry Graveltoes
    Gnome Druid
    Level 5
    True Neutral






    Charisma:13 (+1).[/TD]
    INIT: +2

    Speed: 20

    AC: 13

    HP: 56

    BAB: +3 (+1 size bonus)

    FORT: +9
    REF: +3
    WILL: +8 (+2 racial against illusions)

    Background: One of several potion specialists of Serendark, Behlry is not one to leave the comfort of the fortress often. An old crotchety Gnome who complains a lot and tends to carry all manners of stories about when he was your age, Mr. Graveltoes tends to get the stigma of that guy you just avoid. This stigma in all honestly, is exactly Behlry's intention. While the druid plays the role of a absent minded kook of a gnome, he's in fact fiendishly intelligent and relentlessly resourceful. Society and the people in it just tend to bore him with the trivial nonsense of everyday life. His room in the castle has over the years been completely turned into a self sustaining ecosystem, complete with wildlife, flora and fauna. A fact that leave several people in the wing of his chamber not so happy.

    Keeping to the premise of a weak old man, when Behlry does move outside his domain, he does it often from the back of his trusty companion Marmaduke. If saliva was currency, the dog would be a bastion of economic welfare. A sweet heart of an animal but far too large for his own understanding and usually good for nothing more than ruining carpets. Behlry has raised the animal from birth and dotes on him like an overprotective father. When he is forced to travel by foot, it is done very slowly while leaning on a gnarled wooden stick. The stick seems to have been hallowed out in several places and supports a small self sustained bee hive. While odd looking, the staff is nothing particularly special.

    Asking Behlry where he was originally from usually leads to an off topic ramble about a turnip recipe he heard of once. What does manage to stay on topic usually entails that whatever his reasons for making a home in Castle Serendark, it happened a very long time ago. This is partially true. Years before, the gnome hailed from a stretch of land called The Forest of Kyrat. Born among the vegetation, the gnome lived in harmony with the land for a good portion of his life. A solitary life with little worry. Near the end of his stay among the wood, the borders of the land were overrun by the laborers of an unknown army. Overwhelming the land with the requirements of large scale war, the forest was clear cut and left in cinders. It was to this tune that the castle made it's appearance.

    Taking what seeds and creatures he could carry, the Druid escaped the forest of his birth before it was leveled. Making a pact with the keepers of the Castle, he agreed to provide them with his knowledge of potions, alchemy and nature if he would be allowed to preserve what little of his home he could.

    59 points total
    Concentration (+5), 4
    Craft (+4)(+2 racial alchemy), 5
    Diplomacy (+1 +2 synergy), 3
    Handle Animal (+1), 5
    Heal (+4), 1
    Knowledge (nature) (+4 +2 synergy, + 2 class), 5
    Listen (+4 +2 racial), 1
    Profession (+4) (Alchemy), 2
    Ride (+2 +2 synergy), 1
    Spellcraft (+4), 5
    Spot (+4), 4
    Survival (+4 +2 outdoors synergy, +2 Nature sense), 5
    Swim (-3). 0 (Never learned how to swim)
    Bluff (+1) 5
    Hide (+2, +4 size bonus) 1
    Appraise (+4 +2 for alchemy) 1
    Slight of hand (+2 +2 synergy) 1
    Use magic device (+1 +2 scrolls synergy) 5

    Feats: Spell Focus (Divination)
    Augment Summoning +4 Str/+4 con to all summons

    Languages: Common, Gnomish, Druidic, Sylvan, Draconic, Orcish, Infernal

    Animal Companion: Riding Dog (Mastiff) Load: 100/150/201-301 LBS, Drag limit 1000 lbs +4 racial to jum and survival checks



    Size/Type: Medium Animal
    Hit Dice: 2d8+4+2 (15 hp)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)
    Armor Class: 18 (+2 Dex, +4 natural + 2 druid), touch 12, flat-footed 14
    Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+3
    Attack: Bite +3 melee (1d6+3)
    Full Attack: Bite +3 melee (1d6+3)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: —Evasion, 2 bonus tricks
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, scent
    Saves: Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +1
    Abilities: Str 16, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
    Skills: Jump +8, Listen +5, Spot +5, Swim +3, Survival +1*
    Feats: Alertness, TrackB
    Environment: Temperate plains
    Organization: Solitary or pack (5-12)

    Druid Abilities:
    Spontanious Casting: Loose a prepared spell to cast any Summon Nature’s ally of same level-lower
    Wild Empathy: (+2 synergy) Made as a diplomacy check.
    Woodland Stride: Move through any undergrowth at normal speed without damage/impairment
    Trackless step: Leaves no trail, cannot be tracked
    Resist Nature’s Lure: +4 save against spell like abilities of Fey

    Low Light vision
    +1 Racial attack on Kobolds and goblinoids
    +4 Dodge against giants
    Speak with animals (burrowing only) once per day.
    Dancing lights once per day
    Ghost sound once per day
    Prestidigtation once per day
    Wild Shape once per day ( , , )


    LV 0: Read Magic
    Detect magic x 2
    Mending x 1 (Minor repars on object)
    Flare (Target -1 to rolls) x 1
    Create Water. x 1 (Creates 8 gallons of water)

    LV 1: Magic Fang x 1 (Target animal +1 rolls/damage)
    Charm Animal x 1
    Magic Stone x2 (3 stones, +1 attack, 1d6 damage)

    LV 2 Spells:
    Barkskin x 1 (+2 AC)
    Flame Blade x 1 (1d8+2)
    Fire Trap x1 (1d4+4)

    LV 3 Spells:
    Call Lightning x1 (3d6 Or 3d10 if in presence of an existing storm)
    Cure Moderate Wounds x1 2d8+5

    Lv 4 Spells:
    Flame Strike x1 (4d6)


    On Bhelry:

    Staff of the Serpent 1d4 +2 (DC 30 use magic device to use ability)

    Magnifying glass 100

    Smoke stick x1
    thunderstone x1

    Alchemist fire x1
    Acid x1

    Antitoxin x1
    Holy Water x1
    Water Skin
    Sewing needle
    tanglefoot bag
    Elixir of Fire Breath (4d6 x3)
    Scroll of Hold Person Wand of cure light wounds (He never gave it back after saving V) 30 charges 1d8+5

    Total 17.5 lbs. Medium Load. Light if backpack dropped.

    On Marmaduke

    Lantern hooded
    Oil 2 pints
    Rope silk 50 ft
    Sealing wax

    Holy Water x 1

    Acid x2
    Alchemist’s fire x 2
    Thunderstone x 2

    Smoke stick x 2

    Tanglefoot bag x 1

    Alchemist’s Lab

    Artisan’s tools Masterwork

    Field rations



    Elixir of Truth

    total: 111lbs Medium Load

    Gold: 40

    EXP: 10,000

    Having taken several arrows and a particularly nasty rapier to the gut in the previous mission against the green skin nation, Bhelry has managed to find himself even more fortuitous than when he left.

    After saving the party's cleric the Druid had justly named "Godsucker" after a previous encounter with a bar patron, Bhelry kept the wand he used to save her life. When questioned about it, the druid played it off as if he had forgotten the whole experience entirely.
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  9. W.I.P (open)
    Class : Rogue1/Bard3
    Race : Tiefling
    Alignment : Neutral Evil

    ECL : 5
    Height : 5'6"
    Wieght : 120 lbs
    Eyes : black
    Hair : Red
    Size : m

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  10. Hi JD just looking over your character sheet. Everything appears fine I can not see anything wrong with it.

    Looking forward to playing with you soon :)
  11. I just have to make mention... Why the fuck is Jezebeth so freakin hot..? XDDDD

    That is all XD
  12. Also when is this game going to start up? just out of curiosity.
  13. Because she was a major character in the greatest game story ever told.

    Planescape Torment. Stop what you're doing. Find it online, play that shit. Thank me later.
  14. Wow... I love Dungeons and Dragons...
    Would playing an Elf be fine?
  15. Yep.

    And we can play this Sunday if everyone's available.
  16. I am available Sunday
  17. I can be there
  18. Same deal as always I am available until around 3 leading into 4 so long as thats cool then sweet im still looking into magical equipment so if anyone has suggestions that would benefit my character, that would be awesome!

    I have to check out this game. o.o

    And can we have the D20 link posted somewhat early so its easily their and accessible? =)
  19. Out at work atm but will have a look when I'm at home and come up with suggestions.

    Here's the link