The Founders of Hogwarts

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  1. Warning:
    This will include several dark and morbid themes that are normal occurrences within a war, so please be aware of that. Thank you.​

    Two wizards and two witches, through their combined efforts and dedication, constructed the first Magical Academy in Europe. They named the establishment, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    How exactly was the school formed? What discussions were held between them? Why did one wizard, a former friend of the three, become consumed by the Dark Arts and attempt to purge the school of all those he felt was unworthy?

    * This is set up to be a rather long role play. It begins with the four individuals meeting, becoming friends and opening Hogwarts together. Then it shifts to the first year of operation in which one of the founders expresses their desire to keep magical learning within all Pure Blood families.

    After wards, we'll skip forward to the Marauder's Era. Following through the First Wizarding War and then the beginning of the Second Wizarding War. We'll end whenever we're no longer interested in continuing on. However, I would like to play for however long as possible.

    The Founders of Hogwarts:
    (We'll each play two characters, one male and one female)

    Godric Gryffindor *TAKEN*
    Helga Hufflepuff *TAKEN*
    Rowena Ravenclaw *TAKEN*
    Salazar Slytherin *TAKEN*

    The Marauders Era:
    (We'll each play the descendant of our Founder character as an OC -of either gender- and a few canon characters...)

    Gryffindor Heir
    Hufflepuff Heir
    Ravenclaw Heir
    Slytherin Heir

    The First Wizarding War:
    (We'll play our OCs and those canon characters we've claimed...)

    Gryffindor Heir
    Hufflepuff Heir
    Ravenclaw Heir
    Slytherin Heir

    The Second Wizarding War:
    (New descendants as OCs and a few canon characters...)

    Gryffindor Heir
    Hufflepuff Heir
    Ravenclaw Heir
    Slytherin Heir

    * Please be creative, express your opinions and don't be afraid to suggest developments to the role play. This role play will require participation from both of us. There will be romance, but please don't forget about the other aspects of human life. Our characters that we begin with will die, so become attached. There will be death, pregnancy and new romances.​
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  2. I wouldn't mind this. It sounds like it could be a lot a lot of fun if done right.
  3. If you're seriously interested, I'd love to have you. I really would like a committed partner for this.
  4. Honestly I wouldn't mind doing this one. I'd just ask a few things if you wouldn't mind. Mainly becuase Helga and Godric is a huge crack ship for me. But, I truly wouldn't mind filling Godric's spot seriously.
  5. We don't have to stick true to the canon, so basically anything is allowed. :)
    Would you like to play Godric and Salazar? I'll take Rowena and Helga?
  6. We can do that ^.^ I'm not sure how I'd do as Salazar to be honest. But, I could definately try!
  7. That's the beauty with this, you have complete control over the characters.
    Awesome, so, is there anything else you'd like to ask or question before we get this started?
  8. Awesome! And no not really. I'm just a huge Godric and Helga crack ship follower. So that could be a reoccuring thing through out maybe. Their decendants keep finding the other and falling for the other. Through some means.
  9. Haha, I love that idea!
  10. That'd really be the only thing. Otherwise as for Salazar I'd just see how he grows. Mostly I'd be expecting him to join voldemort during both wizarding wars.
  11. Awesome. Last thing, do you mind role playing through the PM system? I find it easier. :P
  12. That doesn't matter to me we can if you'd like.
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