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    Stef, a dedicated police officer, is in a relationship with Lena. The two have built a close-knit family with Stef's biological son, Brandon, and adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. When Lena meets Callie -- hardened from being in and out of foster homes -- the couple welcome her into their home, thinking it is temporary. Callie's blunt commentary about the atypical family hits a nerve with the twins, who struggle with their own identities. Then the girl discovers a secret that could land Mariana in trouble. Brandon helps Callie navigate the social scene at high school, but she skips school to meet up with an old friend. Her behavior makes Stef and Lena second-guess their decision to help her.

    So this is taken from google and is of course based of the Fosters. However, I do wish to change some thing for this roleplay!

    ~ Two Gay parents - Joseph and Matthew
    ~Biological daughter
    ~Twins are the same (only gender wise)
    ~Callie will be a male (and of course not named Callie)
    ~Jude (Callie's brother she protects in the show) is of course a girl (and not named Jude)
    ~ There will be five friends

    If you have not noticed it is basically a gender bent version of the Fosters!

    So the children will be from the ages of 15-18, but the character that replaces Jude will be 13 or 14.

    So the relationships will be determined via me and my co-gm @Misguided†Ghost and they pretty much go like this...

    Callie-like-male = Biological Daughter
    Callie-like-male = Friend 5
    Twin 1 (Male) = Friend 3
    Twin 2 (Female) = Friend 2
    Jude-like-female = Friend 4
    Biological Daughter = Friend 1

    OKAY so all those friends are confusing, right? So let me break them down for you.

    Friend 1 = Biological Daughter's band mate who is male
    Friend 2 = Biological Daughter's band mate (male)
    Friend 3 = Twin 2's best friend (female)
    Friend 4 = Can be either male or female and is Jude-like-female's best friend
    Friend 5 = Is Callie-like-male's friend from her new school

    If you haven't noticed there is a love square! That continues to have more drama! I love drama!

    So there are spots open! (Of course there is spots open...just created this interest check!)
    Biological Daughter - Taken by @Celestial☀Chaos
    Twin 1 (Male)- IceQueen
    Twin 2 (Female) - Taken by @Misguided†Ghost
    Callie-like-male - Prince Justin Perfection
    Jude-like-female - Princess Poisoned Rose

    All 5 Friends are open
    Friend 1 - Open
    Friend 2 - Open
    Friend 3 - Open
    Friend 4 - Open
    Friend 5 - IceQueen

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  2. how old is the jude like female because this will have to be my last one... damn you guys i love the rps you come up with
  3. Jude is between 13-14
  4. ok her I will take and make a character for this one but just one.... i love you guys for thinking about me for this one
  5. Never watched The Fosters but my little sister loves the show and I know somewhat about it, can I get Callie like male?
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  6. I'll take twin one and Friend 5 I guess. I want at the least 1 female, but I can't be friend 3 and twin 1 because they like each oth
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  7. Okay I took a nap so I will get those reservations up.
  8. Okay, so I will be making a OOC sometime today after I get my 1x1 posts finished and whatnot
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  9. I'll post when o get home
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