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  1. Dan was standing outside his new home, just standing with his suitcase in hand. He was used to this empty feeling, though it didn't feel right. He was the only one who escaped. His sibling had been left behind to deal with that wretch alone. He still had scars from her punishments, though some where of his own will, not that he would tell. Fiddling with his beige beanie, he shifted side to side, watching his small wood charm necklace swing side to side over his dark shirt, and dark washed jeans. He pretty much looked like some emo teenager with the getup he was wearing, though the three ear piercings probably didn't help much. Sighing, he walked up towards the house briskly, anxious to get out of the sun.

    That was the one thing he hated about this spot. It was in the bright sunlight that bothered him the most. Sure, it was good for drawing in, but it was just kind of annoying sometimes. Walking up the wooden steps to the porch of the house, Dan reached up a hand and knocked on the door forcefully, leaning his weight onto one leg as he waited for his new parents to come to the door.
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  2. It was going to be a very interesting day in the least. All of yesterday Twilight had to mentally prepare herself for the new addition to their home. Her mothers had generous hearts and adopted her along with her little brother Jacob a long time ago. It was nice to have a place to call home and since they continued to be a foster family, Twilight found ways to relate to the other kids who had come in and out of her home. It also seemed to look like they were going to have another foster failure with her new little sister quickly becoming accustomed to the family. Twi didn't mind being the oldest but sometimes it did put a toll on her to have to take care of so much sometimes.

    That's why when she heard they were fostering a guy around her age, she felt a weird mixture of excitement and disdain. It was always easier to assimilate a younger child into a home but when it came to teenagers... Twilight that it was a 50/50 roll of the dice. Particularly one with a back story like the boy who was to arrive today. She was pretty sure it was Danny or something. Either way she would do what she could to help him feel at home. Her brother, Oliver, was still at a soccer game so he probably wouldn't get to see meet him until later. It was probably for the best since he was so shy with new people.

    There was a ring at the door and Twilight could hear her mom's excitedly walking from the kitchen to the front of the house. Twilight had the privilege of having the basement to herself since she was oldest but it was so big they converted one of the rooms down there into a guest bedroom. Her moms had figured since Daniel was older he would feel more comfortable living on the same floor as Twilight.When she got upstairs, Twilight anxiously stood behind her moms to welcome this mystery guy. Her younger sister Madalyn was nosily peaking down from the top of the stairwell by the door.
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  3. Dan looked around the front entrance for a few seconds, listening to the sound of footsteps fast approaching the door. He was greeted by the sight of one of the mothers, who seemed to be the one who stayed home the most often. Smiling tightly at his new mother, Dan nodded to her. "Nice to be here." He mumbled, looking around inside.

    Dan's gaze went over the entire foyer of the house, passing over another teen who was poking her head out from the downstairs. His gaze lingered for a moment trying to asses his feelings for her. She wasn't bad, not at all, but getting along with people his age was always a challenge for him, not to mention they thought he was some sort of weird gothic kid. "Thank you for welcoming me into your home. If I might ask, where is my room?" Dan asked in his semi thick British accent as he looked back up at the kid on the stairs, to the teen on the lower stairs before looking back at his mom.
  4. Katherine and Jamie had been married a while now; almost 7 years. They'd always wanted to start a family, but considering the amount of money it costs they had decided to adopt and start a foster home. Katherine, one of their two mother's smiled. "I'll let Twilight show you around because I know how I get. I'll be in the kitchen preparing family dinner." Katherine tweeted. Twilight giggled and shook her head as she watched her mom bound away in excitement.

    "I'm Twilight as you may have guessed." She was much more soft spoken than both of her moms. "Our rooms are downstairs in the basement. It's completely furnished, so it's not creepy or anything. I'll show you down there first so you can put your stuff away. If you don't feel like going around the house you can just stay in your room. I won't force you or anything." Twilight had a naturally charming smile that she flashed at Daniel.

    Then she walked toward the back corner of the living room and through a door at the end of the corridor. The small flight of stairs lead down into the completely furnished basement that had it's own living area that had a door on each side. "My room is on the left and yours is on the right. There's a full bathroom in the back. Shower, bathtub and all." She twiddled her fingers behind her back. She was starting to get a little nervous. Gauging the reactions of people her own age was harder than a little kids. That's why she had such a hard time making friends at times. "Do you want to just unpack for a bit and settle in before I show you anything else? Madalyn, our little addition before you may come nosing around but I will make sure to keep her out of your hair."
  5. Dan looked at his mothers, offering a small smile to be as curtious as possible. He would hate to give them the impression that he was moody, well, that he was who he actually was. Looking over at the girl in the stairway, he walked into the house, shutting the door with a thunk behind him before looking impassively at her.

    Following her down the steps, Dan looked around the furnished room, not even bothering to look much. He knew he was going to be in his room, so what did it matter about the living space. As soon as she had finished talking, Dan walked swiftly over to his new room and shut the door without a word, setting his stuff down on the floor and flopping onto the bed without a care that he had left the girl hanging.
  6. As Daniel closed the door behind him, shutting her out of his room Twilight chewed her bottom lip. This was one thing she was a bit afraid of. Not being able to entertain or talk to this kid. It was a lot easier when it was just her and the little ones. Small children were just a lot easier to make happy and entertain. Teenagers like herself... Not so much.

    Twilight sighed and walked into her room. She sat down at her desk before she began drawing. By the looks of him, Daniel looked like he'd be the artsy type. Maybe she would ask and that would give them something to talk about. Twilight smiled at the small opportunity she had at getting to know her new foster brother. Getting up from her chair, she knocked on his door. "Hey, can I come in?" She asked, hoping she wasn't being annoying. She had kinda told the boy she wasn't going to to let anyone bother him, which was what she was doing. But she just wanted to know a bit more about him since they would be living together
  7. Dan was having a great time in his room. He had unpacked his stuff. He had all of the things he wanted to do out, one of which being his skateboard which was sitting against the side of the wall. His sketch pad, which was pretty big, was sitting on his desk, and he looked over at the corner of the room. There was a keyboard, he guessed from the fact that it was there they had put down that he liked to play piano. Sighing, Dan got up to grab his sketch pad, only to have someone knock at his door.

    Groaning softly to himself, Dan turned back towards his door, looking at the wood for a few seconds, just to leave her hanging a bit before he pulled it open. "What?" He asked curtly, his accent still shining bright though his slight bit of irritation.
  8. Twilight smiled a bit when he opened the door; although, she did notice the hint of irritation in his tone. "I know that I told you I wouldn't let anyone bother you, and I feel kinda bad because I am and you seem really annoyed, but do you like drawing and stuff?" Twilight fiddled with her hands as she trier to find the words to speak. "You seem like the artsy type, which is why I asked. Maybe we could look at each other's drawings or something sometime." She shrugged.

    Twilight felt like she was being a bit annoying. Especially since he had only been here about 45 minutes. She had tried this method of getting to know her other siblings. But that was a while ago and they were kids.
  9. Dan looked down at Twilight, who was a fair amount shorter than he was. He realized that she was almost a foot shorter than him, which he found quite amusing. A sly smile stretched across his lips, which he quickly wiped away to avoid her seeing it. "Yeah, I draw and stuff." He said, adjusting his hat and biting his lip. He hoped one day soon he would be able to get a tattoo, probably after he moved out of here. He wasn't going to stay long, not with his sibling Amber still stuck in that witches' house.
  10. Twilight smiled and nodded a bit. It was kinda good that they had at least one thing in common. That means they could at least get along a little bit and not hate each other. "Can I see a fee of your drawings? I'll let you see some of mine? I'm not as good at drawing as I am painting, but I'm alright " she shrugged a bit
  11. Shrugging, Dan opened the door wider, gesturing for his guest to come in. He was only going to show her some of his random ideas, none of the ones that truly sparked anything painful for him. He just prayed that she didn't look deep inside his book. "Go ahead." He said, looking past her into his clean room.
  12. Twilight smiled and walked into his room. She picked up his sketch book and started skimming through it. Stopping to look at the more intricate drawings. "These are really really good. You'll have to give me tips sometime. Maybe I can even teach you how to pain." She smiled handing Daniel his sketch book.
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  13. Dan was baffled as the girl walked just strait over to his book, and skimmed though it. Shutting the door abruptly, Dan walked over towards him and took the booklet from her, looking at it. "Seriously? Some of those where kind of personal!" He said, agitated at her actions to his sketch book. Taking the booklet into his arms, he grabbed a pencil from the desk and strode over to his bed, flopping down on the mattress.
  14. Twilight chewed her bottom lip. She didn't mean to snoop around his personal stuff. Especially since she was just looking through his drawings. But she understood why he was upset with her about it. She had a few drawings and paintings of her own that were kinda personal, and she felt that if someone were to look through them without her knowing she'd be upset as well.

    "I am so sorry Daniel. God, I am not starting off on the right foot with you being here." Twilight rambled on a bit as she ran her fingers through her hair. "I am so sorry. If you want, you can look through a few of my drawings and paintings." She shrugged. Twilight walked into her room and grabbed her notebook, sketchbook and a few paintings she had. She swiftly walked back into Daniel's room. "Here you go." She handed him her books. "There's a few really powerful poems if you wanna read them, some paintings and some drawings." She nodded. "I just want us to start off on a good note."
  15. Dan sighed as the girl went on about being sorry. She was trying so hard to get on the right foot with him, she just didn't understand. Sure, she was a foster kid too, but leaving his sibling behind at that house was unbearable for him. Without her he was an angry mess. His sister was the only thing that kept him from lashing out at everyone else, which he was sort of doing now.

    Looking at the girl as she brought the book back, he took the books and set them on the edge of the bed. "Look, I know you want to get off on the right foot but there is no way to work around this." He said, gesturing to himself. "I am not some little kid you can entertain with some drawings, or paintings." He said, pulling his knees up to his chest. "You can't force what isn't there yet. I am not someone to make instantaneous friends with someone. Give it time." He mumbled, closing his eyes.
  16. "Yeah yeah, I'm sorry. I understand where you're coming from. I'll tell you when dinner is ready. Let you get a little comfortable." She nodded grabbing her notebook and other things. "Make yourself at home." She smiled and walked into her room next door. "Damn it Twilight. Just chill out and things will fall into place." She said to herself. Twilight was the type of girl who tried too hard to make friends and make people happy. Which was a bit of a hardship. She had tried really hard to stop it or tone it down. But it was hard for her.
  17. Dan sighed as the girl finally left him alone. "Finally, peace and quiet to plan a way out of here." He mumbled, moving over to his sketch pad and turning to the very back, where his plans where forming. He knew he would only stay long enough to get what he needed from his foster moms, and then return to get his sister back.
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