The Forsaken: Left Behind on the Dead Continent

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  1. This thread is open to everyone, and biographies are welcome at any point in the story. Also, because I don't like making unneeded threads (and because I don't read directions so I skipped step 1), all bios can be posted here. OOC can be directed to the old RP talk thread located here, or left on here, provided you keep it to a minimum or within an IC post.

    Hello, and welcome to The Forsaken: Left Behind on the Dead Continent. Yes, a terrible title, but it's tradition for anything involving zombies to have a terrible title. In any event, I will be hosting your journey through the end of the world. And I do mean "your" journey, because instead of making a character, you are roleplaying as yourself. A while back on a different site I had an idea for a zombie story set in the present day. The general idea is that about 90% of the population has died and is starting to come back as terrible undead thingies. Standard stuff so far. The novel part is that instead of playing characters, you're playing as "yourself", more or less. In your bio you include whatever skills you think you have, and a level of proficiency. Obviously, there's going to be some subjectivity in ratings, and seeing as no one knows who you really are you can make things up, but we're going on the honor system here. Of course, if you really don't want to be anyone who even vaguely resembles yourself, you can always just make a "normal" character, or you can ask me for permission to be an interesting NPC.

    One thing to be aware of is that a lot of the elements I've added for this story are experimental. I think they'll add some balance into the game, and a sense of danger for your characters, but I could be wrong. If, part way through the game you feel like things aren't working out, let me know and we can change the mechanics up.

    In regards to the story itself, I'm hoping to run it kind of like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I'll provide a general thread, but you guys fill in the rest. I can lead you along on a path, or you can go totally off the rails. You can also form separate groups in different places to keep things going when not everyone is around. I am but a simple storyteller. I have no character of my own, I will simply put enemies, challenges, and information out before you, and you're free to do with it as you wish. While you are restricted from doing anything you could not physically do yourself, if also means can do anything that you are actually capable of. It might not seem that impressive, but in a world without social order, you will be amazed at the sort of things you can accomplish. One final comment, it IS POSSIBLE FOR YOUR CHARACTER TO DIE!!! While I won't kill people off for arbitrary reasons, and I'll never throw you into unwinnable situations, I want you to think things through. If you just rush headlong into absolutely everything, it'll come back to bite you in the ass. Now then, onto the story.

    In March of 2012, scientists discovered a large asteroid headed towards Earth. The asteroid was almost the size of the moon and, should it hit the planet, would almost assuredly cause the end of the world. Fortunately, the asteroid was still quite far off, and the expected time of impact was more than a year away. In an effort to keep the public from panic, this information was suppressed. In the mean time, massive amounts of money were spent on proposed countermeasures, some a bit more reasonable than others.

    In September of 2012 the asteroid is close enough that some private researchers are able to spot it. While governments initially crack down to keep these stargazers quiet, word eventually gets out. This goes about as well as you'd expect.

    In an attempt to quell the ongoing chaos, the American government announces that it has a plan to stop the asteroid before it hits Earth, though the details are vague for the time being. Rumors fly about what the plan could be. The most popular were that there was going to be a mission to fly to the asteroid and plant nuclear bombs on it, doubtless inspired by sci-fi movies like Armageddon.

    In the coming weeks, the American public is informed that there will be a series of blackouts, each lasting for 4 hours, three days a week in the near future. They are still not informed why.

    December 1, 2011. At noon, the whole nation goes dark. The national guard is deployed across the country and every branch of law enforcement is on high alert, expecting that a massive wave of looting will occur. At 4 PM the lights come back on. Still no mention of why this had occurred. The process repeats every two to three days. The only information comes from foreign governments, who announce that there has been a massive atmospheric disturbance shortly after each blackout ends. On December 5, a Russian satellite captures an image of a massive structure which is hidden partially underground in the middle of Nebraska, before the satellite goes offline. Faced with these images and accusations that the US shot down a Russian satellite, the government announces that it will go public with its plans.

    The next morning came astounding news. There was footage of what appeared to be a massive explosion on the asteroid. Later in the day, the President addresses the American Public and the world. It is unveiled that the military had constructed a massive Gauss cannon. The cannon was designed to propel a projectile at relativistic speeds and strike the asteroid, destroying parts of it while altering its trajectory. And as the recent footage showed, it seemed to be working. Despite the fact that the US had just created and used a weapon that was literally able to destroy planets, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. While the issue would need to be addressed eventually, it could be put off; for the day, the world was safe.

    Over the next few months the cannon fired continuously at the asteroid, constantly moving and chipping away at it. By February 2012, it was confirmed that the majority of the asteroid had either been destroyed or safely rerouted. There were however a number of small chunks of rock headed towards the planet; quite a few actually. Fortunately, they were expected to largely break up in the atmosphere, with the exception of one piece. There remained one rather large chunk still headed toward the planet, and it was very possible that it could destroy an entire city if it hit anywhere inhabited. Presently, it appears that this piece will land in Siberia, destroying a vast swath of land, but harming few people, though this is not certain.

    On June 2 however, these predictions changed. The last chunk of meteor, originally expected to land in Siberia, was now expected to land near the Ural mountains, in the central part of the country. This proved to be an extremely bad scenario for Russia. While the area itself was not particularly densely populated, there were a number of outlying areas that were. Now thankfully, based on satellite images, as well as impact data from the Gauss cannon strikes, it appeared that most of the remaining meteor was just rock and ice. However, there was still a remote, though existent, chance that the object would be composed of mostly iron, in which case cities as far away as Moscow could be damaged. With impact expected to occur in four days, frenzied evacuations began to take place, though everyone knew that in the worst case impact scenario, not everyone would make it out in time. Knowing this, the Russian government searched desperately for possible countermeasures. Eventually, it was decided that the only way would be to try and shoot the asteroid down. The Gauss Cannon was out of the question; the piece had been too small to reliably hit earlier, and now it was far too close to get an accurate firing solution. Instead, Russia would rely on an anti-satellite weapon, adapted to deliver a warhead instead of a simple kinetic strike. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that this was a desperate move. The chances of success were low. But there was simply no other choice.

    The grim fate of Russia has done nothing to dampen your spirits however. In order to get the best possible view of the single most impressive meteor shower in Earth's history, a number of people have traveled to Europe to wait and watch the skies. You are one such viewer. Taking up residence in the city of Clear Water, located in southern England, you prepare yourselves for the most impressive night of your life. Unbeknownst to you however, it could quite possibly be your last.

    Clear Water is a fairly large city. While it's not a massive metropolis like London, with over 100,000 residents it is a far cry from the rural countryside. The city is home to numerous skyscrapers, hotels, hostels, museums, hospitals, restaurants, concert halls and more. Highly urbanized, the city is crisscrossed by a number of large motorways, and has an extensive subway system. In addition, a large river cuts the city in two, with numerous ferry stops along each bank. On the outskirts of the city is the Churchill Memorial Airport, which, while primarily catering to traffic around western Europe, does make the occasional intercontinental flight.

    Our story begins the day the meteor shower is expected to happen in earnest. You've been able to see a few shooting stars streaking across the sky for the past few days, but around midnight the whole sky is supposed to light up. What you do until then is up to you.



    Your profile starts out with the usual stuff, name, age, occupation, that sort of thing (feel free to make it up if you don't like giving out personal info to random internet people). From there, you'll add info about your general physical and mental capabilities and skills you have. You'll give each a letter grade. "F"-you're so terrible at this thing that an observer might seriously mistake your actions as sabotage. If we use hand to hand combat as a skill example, you're probably a quadruple amputee. "D"- You have absolutely no idea what you're doing. You've never been in a fight before, and you don't really even have much experience with manual labor. "C"- You're at least acquainted with the subject. You can't exactly be called reliable, but you can at least handle the basics. You've probably been in a couple scraps, and you know how to throw a punch. "B"- You've had a lot of training. Maybe it's your job, maybe it's a hobby that you've been fostering since you were a kid, but either way you're as good as some and better than most. If a random guy starts something, he's going home without most of his teeth nine times out of ten. "A"- You are extremely skilled, to the point where you could reasonably make a living teaching what you know. You're probably the master of a local dojo. "S"-You are competitive on the international level. Honestly, I don't expect anyone to actually be this good in anything, and if you are you're going to need to prove it. But I figured I'd throw it in because with so many members it's not totally impossible that we've got Mike Tyson or Albert Einstein hanging around somewhere. At this point, you're basically Neo from The Matrix.

    Grades can also be modified with a "+" or a "-", as a sort of halfway point between one grade and the next, or to indicate that you've got training in a similar, but different skill. So, if you used to be a semi-professional boxer, but you gave it up to start a family and haven't been in the ring 10 years, you'll probably drop to an "A-". In any case, I expect that most of you will have a skillset mostly made up of "C" and "D" ranks. To have an "F" you have to basically be actively bad, have a physical deformity, or something of that nature.

    As for the stats themselves, they're broken up into two categories, stats and skills. Stats are physical abilities. Strength (how hard you can hit, how much you can lift), toughness (how much punishment you can take), endurance (how far you can push yourself), speed (how fast you move), reflexes (how quick you react) and intelligence (how smart you are).

    Skills are what you know. These can be anything; what languages you know, what weapons you can use, how good of a driver you are, that sort of thing. Feel free to throw in random things too. I don't know if having extensive knowledge of feudal Japanese politics will come in handy, but you never know what will pop up.

    Aside from this, you'll also have an inventory. This is just whatever you happen to have on your person. It may or may not be anything useful, but it's important that you list everything. I don't want people just pulling things out of thin air, so unless it's something really obvious, like a hair tie or shoe laces, you should throw it in just to be sure.

    Finally, there's your backstory. We don't need anything too extensive (though feel free to go nuts if you want), just a very brief who you are, why you're in Clear Water, where you're staying, that sort of thing. An example of a profile will look something like this.

    Name: John Smith
    Age: 35
    Apperance: Blond short hair, green eyes, 6'1", 185 lbs.

    Clothing worn-
    Upper body: Black polo shirt underneath a green sweatshirt.
    Lower Body: Blue jeans, a belt, and hiking boots.


    Strength: C
    Toughness: B-
    Endurance: C-
    Speed: B+
    Intelligence: C


    First aid: C
    Driving car (automatic): C
    Driving car (standard): D-
    Driving motorcycle: C
    B Physical Fitness
    Computer software/hardware knowledge: A-
    Weapon: Handgun: D
    Weapon: Rifle: D
    Weapon: Knife: B
    Hand to Hand: C-
    Spanish Language: C
    Long distance running: C+

    Inventory: A pack of gum, wallet with $60, a pen, car keys, briefcase filled with work papers.

    Biography: John is an accountant who has lived in Clear Water for the past few years. He used to run track back in highschool, and learned his way around a knife in the time he spent as a chef.

    From here, I'll give you some information about your starting point in the city. I'll tell you what's around, perhaps make some suggestions, and from there I'll let you guys run.
    Combat and skill challanges:

    Initially, I was going to use a diceroll mechanic to determine how fights go, but I've scrapped that. Instead, you're just going to roleplay your fights, as usual. However, in order to streamline things a bit, how fights go will depend on your skills and the level of the enemy. This is to avoid fights between player characters going on forever because no one wants to lose, and to add an element of danger for your characters. Generally speaking, every attack you and your enemy do will hit, provided you're in the same skill ballpark, and I (or whoever is narrating if I'm not around) will determine damage. You can grab a katana and go to town hacking away at zombies in this thread just like you could in any other; just don't expect it to go as well. This is a very stripped down example of how a fight might go in the thread. Obviously, you guys should add a lot more detail, I just threw this up in a hurry.

    Shawn (Unarmed combat rank B) is challenged to a fistfight by Devon (Unarmed combat rank D).
    Devon: "I throw a punch at Shawn". (Because he's on a much lower tier he does not automatically hit)
    Narrator (me): The hit connects with Shawn's torso. It'll leave a bruise, but he is otherwise unimpeded.
    Shawn: "I counter with an elbow to his solar plexus" (the hit is automatic, because of skill difference)
    Narrator: The blow connects, hard. Devon doubles over with the wind knocked out of him. He'll be unable to attack in his next round.
    Devon: "I take a few staggering steps back and try to defend against the next blow"
    Shawn: "I kick him in the head"
    Narrator: Devon gets his arm in front of the kick, but the force is still enough to send him sprawling to the ground.
    At this point, the fight is basically over. Shawn can choose to administer a coup de grace, but these attacks are not assured, regardless of skill level.
    Shawn: "I prepare to curbstomp him"
    Laura (terrible timing rank S): "Nooooo! I have enough love for the both of you!" (Trolololol)

    The same type of thing occurs for a skill challenge. Two cars, driven by Bryan (driving rank B) and Jess (driving rank:Asian, err I mean D) come across a massive hold in the road
    Bryan: I stop the car before hitting the hole. (he's a good driver, so he doesn't hit this fairly obvious pitfall)
    Jess: I slam on the breaks (she sucks as a driver, so she doesn't automatically stop)
    Narrator: She doesn't stop soon enough. The car crashes into the pit. Everyone inside is fine, but the car is totaled.
    Now, without further delay, post your bios and let's get this started!
  2. The Story so Far:


    Notes and conjecture about the outbreak:
    Locations of interest:

    The Bellview Hotel: The Bellview is a rather upscale hotel, located in the northern part of the city center. It is around ten stories tall, has hundreds of rooms, and boasts a number of amenities, including it's very own five star resturant. It is convieniently located near a metro stop, a ferry port, and Fiddler's Green, one of the nicer parks in the city. The only downside is it's price. At around $300 a night, only the more ritzy travelers are like to spend the night there.

    World Traveler's Hostel: Located in the western part of the city center, this hostel is a much cheaper alternative to the traditional hotel, and is widely popular with students. Space is limited, and rooms are often filled with around 20 bunk beds a piece, most of which are occupied at any given time. Still, for around $20 a night, the price can't be beat. Nearby there are a number of bars and clubs.

    Diva's Club: One of the most popular destinations for youth in the city, Diva's is one of the biggest clubs in the city. Three floors, six bars, and the loudest music around, Diva's is open from sunset to sunrise. It's always got live dancers, and even better, the drinks are cheap.

    Clear Water Medical Center: Located in the eastern side of the city center, the Clear Water Medical Center is the primary hospital for most of the city's major medical needs. While there are numerous local clinics and doctor's offices throughout the city, most surgery, life threatening ailments, or complicated procedures are routed through here.

    The M1 Motorway: Not a specific location per say, but the main highway that leads into and out of the city. While it does go into the city itself, the roads are always clogged with traffic, so anyone looking to leave is best off picking up the highway near the outskirts of town.

    Outside the main urban center, the city peters out into suburbs and sprawl for some distance. Beyond that, there is forest to the north and west, while to the east and south there is mostly open countryside. The river begins from a lake far to the northwest, and continues to flow east and south for quite a ways before emptying into the ocean.
  3. Name: Tim Holecek
    Age: 21
    Apperance: Short Black Hair Dark Brown Eye, 6'1" tall and 190 lbs Athletic build

    Clothing worn-
    Upper body: White American Eagle T-shirt, Dark blue dirt and sweat stained ball cap
    Lower Body: Blue jeans, belt, Cross-trainers (shoes)


    Strength: B
    Toughness: C
    Endurance: A-
    Speed: B-
    Intelligence: C


    First aid: C
    General Nutrition: B
    Driving car (automatic): B
    Driving car (standard): B
    Physical Fitness: A
    Computer software/hardware knowledge: D
    Hunting: B
    Weapon: Rifle: B
    Weapon: Chainsaw C
    Long distance running: B
    Rock Climbing (with equipment): B
    Rock Climbing (no equipment): C
    Forest Survival: B

    Inventory: Duffle bag filled with notebooks, ballet shoes, flamenco boots, tights, laptop, general first aid kit, dance floor tape (similar to electrical tape), Wallet with credit and debt cards, and a 3 in. pocket knife.

    Biography: Tim is a recently graduated ballet and modern dancer from New Mexico. He came to Europe to audition for a small time dance company to perform and teach. He figured since he was here he might as well stop by Clear Water and see what was up with the meteor. In high school Tim was captain of the basketball team, participated in track and field, and graduated Salutatorian of his class. He used to go on hunting trips with his uncle till he was 17 and in college he joined the rock climbing team. Tim grew up in a very rural area and spent a lot of time working on local ranches. He's familiar with farm living and loved to camp as a child. He misses living off the land and regrets that city life doesn't offer him that much opportunity to be out in the wilderness.
  4. Name: Sarah Kennedy
    Age: 20
    Apperance: Long sandy blonde hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. 5'9" 115 lbs With a athletic build.

    Clothing worn-
    Upper body: black tank top with a white zip up hoodie.
    Lower Body: a old pair of blue jeans and hiking boots.


    Strength: C-
    Toughness: D+
    Endurance: C
    Speed: B+
    Intelligence: C+

    Lockpicking: C
    First aid: B-
    Driving car (automatic): C
    Driving car (standard): F+
    Driving motorcycle: D+
    Physical Fitness B-
    Weapon: Small Blades: C
    Weapon: Rifle: B
    Hand to Hand: D+
    Long distance running: C+

    Inventory: Car Keys, Hair Pins, Small Knife, Cell Phone, Phone Car Charger, Emergency Kit (in the back of her car)

    Biography: Works in a small cafe in town. When she was growing up with her father they would go to the shooting range where she learned her way around a rifle. In school she ran track and learned how to run long distances. She has gone outside the city the camp out and enjoy the meteor shower with some friends. (Anyone can be with me as a friend that way I do not have to play it out alone.)
  5. ((excellent, some people have already joined up. I suppose we'll get things started then. Will you be in the camp with Isah, or in the city Timbolonian? ))

    Typically, the forest was rather deserted. A small campground had been opened up a decade earlier, but it was hardly ever used. The only permanent resident was Bob Jenkins, the owner of the property. Around fifty years old, balding, and with a beer gut which his shirt could never quite seem to contain, Jenkins seemed to get along better with the trees than he did with most people. Normally this had worked out just fine, but recently, his campground had had an explosion of interest. Tourists and locals alike flocked to the camp, in hopes of catching a better show of the meteors, away from the lights of the city. While he's made a few trips out to collect the rent from people setting up camp, he spends most of his time brooding in his little shack.

    The campground itself is quite large. It covers around ten acres of the woods, all with clearly marked trails, though only the southern part is vehicle friendly. There are a couple of permanent cabins, though most of the people currently staying here are set up in tents. All in all, it looks as if around 400 people are here waiting for the show.

    The south has the highest density, with probably 200 people huddled around cars and RVs. The rest of the area is much less densely populated, though most people have chosen not to set up camp completely alone. Small tent cities have sprung up every few hundred yards. On the western boarder of the camp, there is a small lake. The water is clear, cool, and refreshing, but due to the distance away from the main site, few people go there.

    The day has only begun, and there are still about 12 hours before the meteor shower is supposed to start in earnest. There is plenty of time to go exploring, make friends with your fellow campers, or work on your campsite.
  6. Tim has been in the city for a day now trying to navigate his way out and to the camp so he can view this meteor shower and the best anyone has been able to tell him is there's "SUPPOSED" to be a shuttle of some sort taking people out to the site and the general direction. Since Tim doesn't feel entirely comfortable driving in a foreign country so he obviously opts to search out this shuttle. To be honest he didn't know what to expect, something along the lines of Woodstock he supposed. This is the first time he had really been to any event out of the United States and kind of feels he should have done better research on what was going on. Tim was so out of the loop with current events, he only knew that this meteor was equivalent to Armageddon. He decides to start his day in a local internet cafe he found close to the World Travelers Hostel where he stayed the night. He sits down with his cup of decaf coffee with extra cream and sugar, turns on his laptop and begins to google the whole event and check for local listings of shuttles. "Why didn't I just do this from the start?" he thinks to himself. He finds nothing, bummer.
    "Okay," he thinks to himself.
    "I'll just see if I can't find a taxi to get me out there."
    He immediately regrets not bringing his phone with him to Europe, but then again, he didn't want to pay for the roaming. He goes to the store manager and asks to use their phone to call a taxi, and after a good 30 minutes 2 more cups of coffee later one arrives. He hops in and details out what he knows about the campsite to the driver.
    "Oh yeah, I know the place!" the driver replies. "Some big to do with the meteor out there, took me mum this morning just before I came on shift. It'll take no time at all!"
    It takes a good hour and half to get there. During the drive Tim thinks about how dumb it was of him to grab the wrong bag from is apartment in London. All he has with him are dance clothes and shoes and some notebooks, he didn't even bring his camera. At least he grabbed his laptop. He would need that to keep in touch with his own mom during this apparent "crisis"
    He arrives with plenty of time to still peruse the camping grounds and meet some people. Looks pretty active. He's still in the vehicle area and theres tons of people heading out with all assortments of blankets and tent gear.
    "I really should have planned this better," Tim thinks as he flicks himself on the forehead.
    "Oh well, I'm only here for one more night and then I go back to London."
    He picks up his red duffle bag and follows the crowd out to what appears to be the campsite.
  7. Name: Jack Atlas
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Very short blond hair, blue eyes. 5'11", 159 lbs. Well defined body from military time.

    Clothing worn-
    Head: Oakley sunglasses
    Upper Body: Black T-shirt, Navy blue jacket with two pockets on the chest and two side pockets with a grey hood.
    Lower Body: Well used blue jeans, leather belt, brooks pure flow running shoes.

    Cheap watch, smart phone, hotel key, black wallet with cash, IDs, credit and debit cards. 32G Ipod touch, Bic lighter, Pack of cigarettes and phone charger. Also a spotted white and black back pack which contains half a dozen water bottles, some beef jerky and other random snacks.


    Strength: C
    Toughness: C+
    Endurance: A-
    Speed: B
    Intelligence: B


    Medical skills(68W, Army medic): A
    Chemistry: C
    Human Anatomy: B

    Driving car (automatic): C+
    Driving car (Stick): D-
    Driving motorcycle: D
    Driving boat: C
    Driving wheeled military vehicle: C

    Weapon M4/M16: A-
    Weapon rifle: B
    Weapon handgun: C+
    Weapon Grenade: C-
    Weapon Other, military related: C
    Weapon knives: D
    Weapon blunt objects: C

    Hand to hand combat: B-
    Overall Physical Fitness: B+
    Computer software/hardware knowledge: B
    Illegal drug knowledge: C+
    Cooking: C
    Fishing: B-
    Carpentry: C-
    Map reading, Compass usage, pace count: C+

    French Language: C-
    Arabic Language: D-
    Spanish Language: D
    Teaching known skills: B+
    Leadership ability: C+
    Military knowledge and tactics: B

    Bio: Jack had joined the US Army at 18 after finishing a year at college, he spent his 19th birthday and most of that year being trained to be a soldier and then a combat medic. Shortly after returning from his 6 months of training he was deployed to the Middle East where he spent his 20th birthday finishing up the war in Iraq as the US government pulled out entirely. He returned home and spent his 21st birthday in the states. Shortly after he volunteered for another deployment and was sent to Afghanistan. Half-way through his tour he was allowed two weeks of leave and went to England where he hoped to get a once in a lifetime show of the meteorites coming into earth’s orbit.
  8. ((Jack Atlas? Really? Good going derpcat :P))

    At the entrance to the camp site there was a shack which contained a small security box and a college aged girl. Apparently she was Bob's niece, and was taking care of collecting payment while Bob was doing....whatever the hell it is he does all day in his little cabin. In any event, the line moved quickly enough, and despite the complete lack of security, it didn't seem like anyone was too interested in trying to skip the fare. As each new person came up to pay, she handed them a receipt and a small map of the area. It was nothing too detailed, but it marked out most of the major pathways and natural landmarks in the area. Aside from the lake, there was also what appeared to be a small cliff far too the north, which might be good for rock climbing, or to catch a view. Aside from that, there didn't seem to be much interesting topography, though it's always possible that the rather rough map did not show everything in the area. In any event, the girl did not have much free time to talk with the wave of campers coming in. After taking payment, she informs you that you're free to set up camp anywhere you want, before turning back to the next person in line.
  9. (I'll reply from here on out to OOC in the other thread.)

    When Jack arrived in England he hadn’t come up with any type of plan except that he wanted to get one of the best seats for the meteorite show that would be coming up soon. His journey started out in London before he discovered that a city to the south known as Clear Water would be a far better option. Luckily he managed to find transportation to the city only to realize that Clear Water was not the final point on his journey. It was much better than London, but all of the best sights would be found outside of the city at a camp ground in the forests. At the camp there would be no city lights so you would be able to see every single star in the sky.

    So Jack stopped into the first store that offered some camping essentials and supplies. Coming off of his deployment for leave he had quite a big amount of money saved up and he wasn’t planning on letting it sit around and collect dust. So with no monetary limit Jack bought himself a good sized tent, one that had more than enough room for him and another three people if needed. As well he picked up a sleeping bag and a new folding knife with a serrated edge near the bottom of the blade. He had begrudgingly been forced to hand his over to customs when he had gone to the airport. Content with his purchases Jack proceeded to make his way to the campsite and what he hoped would be his final destination.

    Arriving at the camp he found that there were a large number of people that had already arrived and found a line formed at the entrance to the camp. Jack assumed that this was where you paid to enter the camp and get a section of land to stay on. After a few minutes of waiting in the line it was finally his turn to pay and he had noticed that the person taking the cash was a cute girl that seemed to be at least 18 years old. Unfortunately for Jack the girl did not seem to be interested in anything more than taking his money and giving him some quick information before telling him to move on.

    Jack stuffed the receipt for his purchase into his pocket and began to examine the map. It didn’t look to be a very well designed map. At the very least he was grateful that it had told which direction was north on the map. But other than that everything else seemed to be very crude. No grid squares, no distance markers in the legend, there wasn’t even really a legend. But Jack was able to make out some of the more distinct land marks. He could tell there were some cliffs to the north, as well as a lake and it seemed some of the larger pathways were marked down as well.

    “It could always be worse I guess.” Jack muttered to himself before looking around from just past the entrance to the camp. He was curious to see if what the other, fellow campers were doing and where they were going. Jack wasn’t opposed to hooking up with a group of people and camping out together if they were attractive females that would be even better. Though after going six months without seeing too many females, it makes almost any woman look good.
  10. Sarah was really looking foreword to going to the old campsite and watching the sky light up with meteor pieces. Though she knew camping was a good idea she was not looking foreword to two things. One the camp was going to be way crowded and she probably would not get a good spot. And two was she could not possibly enjoy finding her old camp equipment and dusting the years of dirt and dust that had accumulated onto it. So she decided to borrow her friends two person tent and cooler. But now that that was taken care of she needed to run to the store to get a good sleeping bag and some drinks for the cooler. Since she was not of the legal age to drink she decided on two twelve packs of soda. One a cheap version of cola the other also a cheap version of a mountain dew. She loaded up the cooler with the drinks and a lot of ice and was on her way to the camp. As she pulled in the camp parking lot in her little red beat up car. She was lucky to get the last open spot for several miles. Then she found herself in the back of the line struggling to hold her patients. Plus all of the stuff she brought. (cooler, tent, sleeping bag, small back pack with her other things previously mentioned.) Finally though she reached the front payed the toll and went on her way to find a suitable camping spot. "Geez..I can't believe so many people are here already." she exclaimed loudly to herself "I will never find a spot at this rate." But she soon found a decent spot with plenty of room for her stuff. It was away from most other campers but that is what made it better. It meant she could set up and enjoy the show without the a lot of people annoying her. She just hoped some people might camp near so she was not camping alone tonight. Besides she was here to relax and have fun maybe meet new people. God new she needed new friends. She shakes her thoughts from her head and decides to set up camp. "Time to get to work."

    (ooc:// sorry so short just could not think as well as usual can not wait for this to get going)
  11. Name: James Nolan
    Age: 20
    Apperance: Medium length black hair, brown eyes, 6'1", 450 lbs.

    Clothing worn-
    Upper body: Red “Keep calm and carry on” t-shirt under a black zip-up hoodie.
    Lower Body: Blue jeans, a belt, and tennis shoes


    Strength: B+
    Toughness: A-
    Endurance: C-
    Speed: C
    Intelligence: B+


    First aid: C
    Driving car (automatic): B+
    Driving car (standard): D-
    Driving motorcycle: C-
    Physical Fitness: D
    Computer software/hardware knowledge: A
    Weapon: Handgun: B-
    Weapon: Rifle: B-
    Weapon: Knife: B
    Hand to Hand: B
    Spanish Language: C
    Long distance running: D

    Inventory: A pack of cigarettes, £20 in coins in his pocket, car keys, zippo lighter.

    Biography: James is a student from a nearby university, and works in Clear Water at a local electronics store fixing computers. Originally from the US, his family was big into hunting, and as such he has some skill with knives and firearms. He learned hand-to-hand combat from having to deal with three older brothers.
  12. Name: Christina Boyd
    Age: 21
    Apperance: Long purple hair, green eyes, 5ft4, 117, PALE- VAMPIRE PALE- DO NOT MEET IN SUNLIGHT.
    Clothing worn-
    Upper body: A pale red coat thats a few inches above her knees and a classic blue superman logo t-shirt.
    Lower Body: Black leggins and a mini skirt with lacing on the front and sides and a zombie comic book printed on the lower half in black, white, red and green. She wears her plain dark brown 'bear paw' boots.


    Strength: C
    Toughness: C
    Endurance: C
    Speed: C
    Intelligence: C


    First aid: B-
    Driving car (automatic): N/A
    Driving car (standard): N/A
    Driving motorcycle: D
    Physical Fitness D
    Computer software/hardware knowledge: A
    Weapon: Handgun: D
    Weapon: Rifle: D
    Weapon: Knife: D
    Hand to Hand: D
    Spanish Language: D
    Long distance running: B-
    Cooking: B-

    Inventory: 4 pack of twirl chocolate bars, one eaten. Pack of orbit sugar free peppermint gum. Passport. Provisional License. Purse with £10 in notes, £2.75 in coins, and debit card. Pack of 16 ibuprofen painkiller tablets. Cocoa butter hand moisturizer. Specsavers prescription. Eyedrops. Tarot cards. Pencil case with pens, pencil, sharper, eraser and 30 cm ruler. Hairbrush. Union jack patterned umbrella. House keys with a heart shaped rape alarm keyring. 2x 8GB USB sticks. College ID card. Ipod Touch and skullcandy headphones. Mobile phone.

    Biography: Graphics Design student of the university of Bristol, or about to be. Her future university plans have been cut sure but the recent epidemic. A hyper bubbly character who cares for others, but is scittish and impulsive. And rapey.
  13. Name: Robert Darcy (Rob)
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Short to medium length blonde hair swept across his head forming a fringe to the side. 5'9", 140 lbs, fairly athletic build. Stronger than he looks. Wears glasses pretty much permanently; left eye short sighted and right eye long sighted so he's not particularly disadvantaged.

    Clothing worn:
    Torso: Basic form-fitting dark blue t-shirt underneath a white and blue checkered shirt covered by a slightly short black jacket.
    Jacket looks like this:
    Show Spoiler

    Lower body: Worn jeans held up by a cloth belt, with black hiking boots with thick woollen socks.


    Strength: B-
    Toughness: C+
    Endurance: D+
    Speed: B
    Intelligence: A-


    Weapon: Rifle: C
    Weapon: Melee: D
    Taekwondo (hand to hand): C+
    Engineering: D+
    Computers: D+
    Overall Physical Fitness: C+
    Driving/handling cars: B+
    Spanish Language: B-
    French Language: D+
    Cooking: D+
    Long-distance running: D
    Short-distance running: B-
    First Aid: D+
    Writing/prose: B
    Swimming: C+
    Computer gaming: fuckin S+ yeah (loljk only B)
    Ability to perform regular actions when drunk: B
    Eyesight: D-

    Inventory: Pockets: Mobile phone, iPod, £30 in notes and £2.30 in coins, debit card, student card & driving licence.

    Biography: Rob is a young man currently attending the city's university; he and Christina are friends, as he is friends with James and Jack. A fairly unremarkable teen, he keeps relatively in shape in between work and socialising. He is a freshman on the city university's Chemical Engineering course.
  14. Tim stands in line to pay the entry fee and notices that they have what looks like just a cash box. "Great! I don't have any sort of cash on me." He doesn't know what to do. Maybe he can sweet talk the girl. After watching her deal with a couple other people its obvious she isn't interested in any sort of conversation. Plus, its not like the area is void of people, if he manages to get past for free it could cause an uproar. Best to avoid that situation all together and at least ask if she'll take credit. This is the modern day world after all. When he approaches the cabin he presents he card to the girl who gives him a tired look. "Seriously?" she asks. She takes the card and pulls out a dusty card scanner. It seems maybe they might want to update the equipment because after the scan it takes a good 3 minutes to for the card to go through and the machine to print out a receipt. "Thank you!" Tim says with a smile, to which the girl barely nods hands him his map and moves on to the next person who has also pulled out a credit card. She gives him a look that says she's not happy with what he started. He mouths sorry and leaves quickly before he can irritate her any further. Good thing he decided not to sweet talk her, she probably would have given him the boot.

    Tim is walking along the a trail kind of away from the main center of the action thankful for the map. He can't decide if he wants to check out the lake the cliff or find someone he can camp with since he doesn't have any thing with him at all. At the very least he'll just need someone to let him share their fire and maybe some drinks. He's about to decide on the lake when he see's this girl about his age setting up. She has a lot of stuff and no one around to help, not to mention she seems to have secluded herself from everyone else on this trail which he thinks is a bit odd. "Well, lets see if she at least needs help," he decides to himself.
    "Hey, do you need any help with that," he shouts as he walks toward her and adjusts his bag on his shoulder.
  15. ((All accepted))

    The Starbucks located on the western part of the city was the location chosen for Rob, Christina, and James to meet up. They had not seen each other and quite a while, and were looking forward to finally catching up. The cafe itself was crowded and mostly filled with tourists, just like almost everywhere else in the city. Still, there were a couple of open tables to grab.

    Meanwhile, at the campsite...

    "Ohh, that one looks cute." "Think he'll do it?" "Only one way to find out. " The two girls were looking over the new campers like shoppers might look over fruits, sizing them up and searching for the choicest ones. After a few moments they ran over singling out Jack.
    Even if you were being bought and sold, you could do with worse buyers. The first girl looked to be around 5'8", 130lbs, and quite curvy. Blonde hair, brown eyes, and shiney white teeth hidden behind a pair of bright red lips. If you had to guess, you'd say she looked around 22. The second girl was a bit younger, and more petite, but still attractive in her own right. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to have any extra tents or anything would you?" The older asked. "Me and my sister Faye forgot ours. If we went back home to get them, we'd never make it back in time so see the show."
  16. For the past fifteen minutes Sarah had been wrestling with this tent to try and set it up. The problem was she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. She had seen a tent set up lots of times but never really had to do it herself. And it angered her that she could not figure out the thing. She was really wishing that it had instructions or something. But of course there was nothing else in the container besides a small little hammer. It felt like her head was going to explode if she could not solve this supposed easy puzzle. She decided to take a break for a second and have a cheap version of cola soda. That is when she was startled by the voice of someone yelling nearby. It took a few seconds before she realized that the person yelling was on the trail yelling to her. Unexpectedly the guy was asking if she needed help setting up. To herself she whispers "Thank goodness someone who can help me" then she remembered she was being talked to. "Oh..umm..oh yeah I would love some help please." She slapped herself in the forehead lightly, "stupid you sound like a helpless moron." she thinks to herself and shakes the thought away when she sees the guy walking towards her. So she decides to meet him halfway and begins walking towards him also. As she starts to get closer she waves to him slightly with the other hand halfway stuffed into her pocket. "Hey" she exclaims as they reach each other "So do you mind giving me a hand?" she asks using the hand that was just waving she points backwards towards the mess of a campsite. "Cause I could use some help."
  17. "Of course I'll help!" Tim says with a smile. He looks over her shoulder at the pile of material. "Haha, looks like you've been having fun! I used to camp out a lot before I went to college I'll see if I can't get you out of this mess" He walks back to her camp sets his bag down and mimes sliding up his sleeves. He gets right to work setting things up and piecing parts together. "Oh my name is Tim, by the way. Nice to meet you!" He says looking up at her with a smile. He looks back at her and asks, "Did this thing come with any steaks?" He rummages around the material and finds the hammer but nothing else. He thought it a little odd for an entire camping set to come equip with only partial tools. Then again, this is kind of old material in his hands. It could be a family tent. He looks around in the moment before she answers, maybe if she doesn't have any he can fashion some out some old branches. He does have his pocket knife on him. it would take him a little bit to whittle a steak point but it could be done.
  18. She comes over to try and help but does not do much cause she does not want to get in the way. "Well thanks Tim my name is Sarah it is nice to meet someone helpful like yourself." she says and remembers she placed the pouch with the stakes in her pocket earlier and that their are only two stakes out of four. She should of known borrowing her friends camp equipment was a bad idea. But at least most of the stuff is accounted for. She pulls the small pouch out of her left pocket and hands it to Tim. "Here these are the only stakes I have." After handing them to Tim she watches as he works and notices that he really knows what he is doing the tent is getting set up pretty quick. So she takes a step back and looks over the small area. "Maybe he could set up camp here also" she thought to herself but then remembered he did not have much stuff with him. "Besides why would he want to camp near me" she thinks.
  19. Rob took a swig of his coffee as he sat the table, blinking and almost yelping when its temperature proved to be higher than he had anticipated. He licked his lips, all too aware of the slightly burnt feeling of his tongue. He opened the lid, and blew on the brown liquid, steam rolling off the surface as he did so and wafted upwards, dissapating into the atmosphere of the Starbucks cafe he was currently sat in.

    Robert Darcy was not a particularly striking young man; a fairly average looking build with average looks and hair that was swept to one side, his clothes indicated a well-off family and a life thus far spent in education. He was an engineering student in Clear Water's university, and as such normally he was subjected to a mountain of work. However, being a first year student, he only actually did a small portion of said work. Hence he was able to spend his time doing pretty much whatever he fancied; in this case it was being spent waiting on a couple of old friends. Or one old friend. He wasn't really sure who was coming, but he was pretty sure at least one of them was coming. And if not... well, at least he had had a nice coffee.

    He had picked out a nice booth, with a sofa-esque cushioned seat bending round the inside and with chairs on the outside, with a round, relatively low table in the centre. He reclined, obviously sat on the sofa part, and waited for his friends to arrive.
  20. An american man of average height and rather stocky build walked into the coffee shop, scanning the patrons, looking for a sign of his friends. Noticing Rob sitting at a booth, the american smirked. His name was James Nolan, preferring to be called Jim for short, and he was greatly looking forward to catching up with his old friends. He walked up to the ordering counter and ordered a large hot chocolate, as coffee was not his style. Didn't really care for the taste. Along with the hot chocolate, he ordered a couple blueberry scones and a butter croissant. He forgot to have breakfast this morning, and he was fairly hungry.

    Walking over to the booth where Rob was sitting, he tried to take his friend by surprise by clasping Rob's shoulder rather violently, shaking Rob and chuckling as he did so. "And then there were two," Jim said, taking a seat next to Rob, his faint Chicago accent still noticeable even after his time in the UK. "Now all that's left is to wait for Christina, and all will be right with the world." He set his bag of food on the table, reaching in and taking a small piece of scone and popping it into his mouth.

    "How's it goin'?"