The Forgotten

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  1. As a plague swipes the earth and people continue to lose their memories of the ones they loved, what can one do?

    How It All Works

    1: You can either be a forgotten one, or the one forgetting. Either way, the conflict is the same.
    You don't want to be forgotten, and you don't want to forget.
    2: The plague is a deadly sickness that controls the brain, toying with it's emotions and memories.
    It comes in levels, and the levels will be told further down.
    3: The world takes place in the year 2027, where things went down hill as many wars broke out.
    4: If you are a forgotten, you must fight to be remembered. Your memories will be trying to delete themselves,
    which will make you helpless if you remember nothing.
    5: Everyone has the plague.
    6: If you are the one forgetting about your loved ones, or someone special,
    you must fight to keep those memories in tact, for everything is timed.
    7: The world is in ruins. Sick people are running around like lunatics, and
    nothing is safe.
    8: There is a very high possibility for death.

    The Plague Levels

    Level One: A slight hazy feeling when trying to remember some things.
    Often tired, slight dizziness.
    Level Two: Things are starting to blur together now, and you find yourself making simple mistakes.
    Often distracted and a bit weak.
    Level Three: You can't grasp onto a certain memory, and you experience lots of deja vu.
    Fatigued, and you're getting weaker.
    Level Four: Full memories are very hazy now, and you can never concentrate.
    Lots of head pain, and you get tired from merely walking.
    Level Five: Memories are dropping like flies, and your brain cannot comprehend much.
    Intense head pain, and bedridden.
    Level Six: Many memories are completely gone now, and you begin to lose yourself.
    Lots of confusion, and still bedridden.
    Level Seven: Your memories are practically gone now, and nothing is being remembered.
    You are slowly dying, and the head pain is unbearable.
    Level Eight: You remember nothing, and you're losing touch with reality.
    Near death, and you feel very numb.
    Level Nine: Everything is completely gone, and reality is lost.
    You die from the plague, or take your own life.

    The plague will progress slowly, but steadily, and these symptoms will show up. No one is just immune to them.
    The cure is unknown as of now, but to keep the levels from happening so fast, keep your memories in tact.
    Your sanity is needed in such times.


    1: No godmodding. You're not the one and only immune person to the plague.
    Characters can, and will, die from it.
    2: Sure, romance is allowed, but take all smut elsewhere. You're dying, not making love.
    3: No one-liners. I expect at least 3 sentences.
    4: Please post at least 3 times a week. If your absence is needed for longer, inform me.
    5: All Iwaku Rules Apply
    6: Have Fun!

    7: Say "TARTIEST TART" if you read through the rules!

    Character Sheet

    • Name:
    • Alias:
    • Titles: *
    • Age:
    • Date of Birth:
    • Zodiac: *
    • Bloodtype: *
    • Gender:
    • Sexual Preference:
    • Species/Race:
    • Occupation: *
    • Alignment: *
    • Languages Spoken:
    • Current Relationship Status: *
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Body Type:
    • Eye Color:
    • Skin Color:
    • Hair Color and Style:
    • Distinguishing Marks (tattoos, scars, etc):
    • Birth Defects:
    • Clean Shaven, Stubble, Rugged: *
    • Usual Clothing Style:
    • Wearing Currently:
    • Hobbies:
    • Strengths:
    • Weaknesses:
    • Quirks/Habits:
    • Religion/Philosophy: *
    • Political Affiliation: *
    • Outlook: *
    • Likes:
    • Dislikes:
    • Usual Demeanor:
    • Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger:
    • Easily Approachable or Not So Much:
    • Introvert or Extrovert:
    • Describe your characters History/Background. Be sure to include things such as:
    • Hometown:
    • Childhood trauma:
    • Parents/Siblings:
    • How events shaped their outlook on life. *
    • Where are they now?
    • What are their fears? *
    • What are their goals? *
    • What purpose do they feel their reason for existing is? *
    • What drives them? *
    • What are their current beliefs? *
    • Do they know their heritage well? If so, does it resonate with their personality? (Ex. A viking having a brash and impulsive, violent personality) *
    • Powers:
    • Weapons:
    • Talents:
    • Social Standing:
    • Plague Level:
    I know it's long, but the ones marked with a * are optional!!

    If you have any questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to PM me!
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