The Forgotten

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  1. I always see Disney rps with all the popular Disney movies characters, what about the forgotten characters like from Nightmare Before Christmas or the black cauldron. Well I want to make a rp where those in the shadows can for once step into the light.

    The children of those long forgotten and left in the shadows. They now have a place to go. This place is the forgotten Haven a small village with a place for all those forgotten. Now the children of the main forgotten are going to school for their trade in college what happens when they open the door to a new world where everything is just Madness and chaos.

    @~Happily.Ever.After~ @Princess Poisoned Rose tag away to add people

    Sally and Jacks Child female Disney
    Winnie and Jessie's child Female Disney
    White Witch and ___ Child male Disney
    Esmerelda and Phoebus Female Disney
    Ellowyn and Tarans child female Happily
    Hunchback and Mel child male Happily
    Ella of Frell & Prince Charmont's Happily
    Giselle & Robert Philip's kid Happily
    Shock and ____ child female Rose
    Jack and Sally's Son Rose
    Moglies and ____ child Mundane
    Areida and ____ child Mundane
    Hocus Pocus Misguided

    Nightmare before Christmas- Oggie Boogie
    Hunchback of Notre Dame-Frollo
    Black Cauldron
    Wreck it Ralph
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Robin Hood
    Treasure Island
    Sword in the Stone
    Mary Poppins
    Jungle Book Mogale only
    Wizard of Oz
    Hocus Pocus
    The Three Musketeers 1993 version
    Tall Talents
    Kids in King Arthur's Court
    Princess Diaries
    Elle Enchanted
    Lilo and Stitch
    Tuck Everlasting-
    White Witches child taken

    Sorcerers Apprentice
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  2. I'm in! Can I take eilonwy?
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  3. I am in if I can do a nightmare before christmas character
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  5. Ooh, may i have Mowgli (Jungle Book) and Areida (Ella Enchanted)?
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  6. si it would be their children
  7. Yeah...?( not Mowgli x Areida, a kid each but separate.)
  8. yes
  9. Jack and Sally's daughter shall be mine
  10. that's taken doll I did Shock for you
  11. May I have Ella's child (ella enchanted) and Giselle's child (enchanted) as well?

    I haven't decided which genders yet, but one will be male and one female ^^
  12. sure
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  13. I might take others as well at some point, depending on what's open after the thread is up and I'm back from vacation :)
  14. okay
  15. Fine I'll do shock my fav of boogies boys even though she is a girl
    It'll be the daughter of shock and lock
  16. right She is a girl just Houghton about if you want Jack and Sally's child we could do Siblings
  17. Can I do both the daughter of lock and shock and the twin brother of your character?
  18. sure
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