The Forgotten Winter

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  1. The red head's eyes snapped open and the first thing she noticed were the towering trees surrounding her. Her eyebrows furrowed before she felt the cold around her. Where was she? Slowly, she sat up, her gaze observing her surroundings. An endless amount of leafless trees, thanks to the winter, surrounded her and snow was all around covering everything. Her breathing began to quicken as her mind went into a state of panic. She didn't have a single ounce of clue as to where she was and more importantly who she was. The only thing she knew was her name: Aspen.

    There was no trace of any past memories. No tragedies, no familiar faces, just absolutely nothing. Her mind was just blank, save for her name and the thought of her current situation, which was being lost in the middle of the forest. She hastily rose to her feet as her eyes darted around. Swallowing, she took off in a random direction, the snow making it difficult for her to move at a quick pace. Instead, she ended up stumbling in the snow that ended a couple of inches below her knee. After a couple of minutes of stumbling about, Aspen leaned against a tree and watched as he breathes came out in small little clouds. Hot tears stung her eyes, but Aspen refused to let them fall. She refused to go like this, so she took off again in a random direction.

    A cry resounded from her throat and out her mouth as she fell forward into the snow. It was then that the tears that had formed began to cascade down her face, since the thought of her freezing to death came into her mind. She didn't want to die, not like this at least. Aspen squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, before opening them and hopelessly starring at the tree in front of her. How had she even gotten here? Who was she? These thoughts kept playing on in her head and she feared that she would never find the answers to them.
  2. Samson was riding horseback through the woods, as he always did after a shouting match with his parents. He just needed some time away from the house and needed a quick getaway. While riding through the woods, he wasn't sure where he was going though his thought process was currently everywhere. His horse neighed fiercely as he steadied his white stallion then looked at what had possibly frightened him. "Whoa, boy. Whoa." Samson said while patting the horse's side with his hand then jumping off and walking towards a red headed female, who was lying face first in the snow.

    "Excuse me, miss?" His soft but strong toned voice muttered as he neared her then crouched down beside her, showing that he was there to help by raising his arms and hands up. He was clearly unarmed. Samson took the girl in his arms and placed her on the horse before getting on himself as he rode back towards the house to see if the nurse could treat her for whatever she had going on with her.

    Once back at his home, he immediately got off his horse and grabbed the female, carrying her into his arms then telling the stable boy to place his horse back in the correct stable. Samson made his trek inside of the house, calling out for the house nurse. "Mable! Mable! Come quick!" She scurried as quickly as she could though gave him a bit of sass upon her arrival. "Boy, you are not dying. I checked you just yesterday." She entered the room with her hands place upon her hips then eyed the girl before looking towards Samson. "Boy, what did you bring here?" Mable asked as Samson shrugged his shoulders then eyed the seemingly unconscious female.

    "Just see what's wrong with her, please." His voice went soft and Mable sighed with the nod of her head, basically kicking him out of her small office. "Now, leave you while I see what's wrong with this lady." She spoke as Samson continuously stared on but Mable shut the door in his face. As she was attending to the girl for wounds and whatnot, he sat in the living area of his home then saw his parents walking past him though no words were exchanged. With a scoff and slight eye roll, Samson continued to wait until Mable was to call him back for whatever reason.

    A few minutes past by and Mable left her office then went over to Samson, resting a hand upon his shoulder, which caused him to jump up. "Oh, sorry." She snickered a little as she directed Samson towards her office. "She needs to rest, Samson dear. We'll come back later to see if she is awake." With those words spoken by Mable, she softly closed the door and they both went their separate ways though Samson sneaked back into Mable's office and stood over the female, viewing over her as he wanted to know who she was and why was she out in the snowy woods, alone.
  3. A little more than half an hour passed and Aspen was still laying in the cold snow, her body trembling furiously at the cold, but she couldn't find the strength to get up-to fight. She was more unconscious than awake. Though when she suddenly heard a soft, yet strong voice, she struggled to crane her neck to get a better look. As he got in her field of vision, she was surprised at the sight of a handsome male. "Hel..." The words died in her mouth and she found it difficult to keep her eyes open, even when he scooped her into his arms and lifted her up onto his horse before mounting it himself. By the time they made it to his home, she was unconscious and her body was freezing.

    Aspen had believed that her life would come to an end in the forest without anyone to notice. Just another life gone in the world. Fortunately the male showed up and saved her and she would be in debt to him. Suddenly consciousness began to return to her. Opening her eyes, the first thing she noticed was that there was a roof above her head. Surely she was somewhere safe? The next thing she noticed was the stranger hovering besides her. Aspen's eyes widen and she for a moment took in the situation she was in. She didn't know what to do. "W-where am I?" She blurted, her voice nothing above a whisper.

    The fact that she didn't him or anyone or herself, caused for panic to rise and she began to tremble again. What if she ended up in the wrong place? What if this young man was a bad person? Hopefully she hadn't gotten herself into some unwanted trouble.
  4. Samson held his hands out towards the female as she began to awake, ask where she was and start the panic. "Easy, easy. You're at my home. Safe place." He said while raising his hands and arms up, showing her that he wasn't going to cause her any harm. Samson walked over towards her then sat down beside her. "Do you know who are? Do you know where you are from?" Samson asked the female as he then looked at Mable as she entered the room now.

    "Boy, didn't I tell you the girl needs rest?" She said as Samson stood up. "She was waking up and I got curious to see if she remembers anything before I found her." Samson said while looking back at the girl as his mother and father entered the room now, looking at the girl. "Samson, can we talk to you a moment?" His mother said as he nodded his head and walked out of the room with his parents.

    "Who or what the hell did you bring into this house? She could be an assassin." His mother's voice whispered as his father looked at him. "She could be deadly. Why don't you dump her back off to wherever you found her?" Samson couldn't even get a word in before his parents walked away from him and walked back into Nurse Mable's room. "Are you hungry?" He'd ask the girl then instructed his chef to prepare something for her anyway.

    "Mable, when you are done with her here, send her to the dining hall." Samson instructed again as he went upstairs to shower and change clothes.
  5. Aspen watched the male cautiously as he made his way to sit besides her on the bed. Immediately he asked her two questions that she had no answer to. Before she could even respond, the door was opened to reveal an older woman. Soon an older couple followed, who resembled the young male in front of her. Heavens...who were all these people. Her head was spinning and she was growing even more confused.

    Relax, she told herself as she closed her eyes and took deep breaths, trying to calm down. Suddenly she heard the male's voice again, causing her to open her eyes. "Uhh yea-" She wasn't given a chance to respond since he still got the chef to make her food anyways.

    "E-excuse me ma'am...where am I?" Aspen questioned as she looked to the older woman.
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