The Forgotten Prince

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  1. Okay, here's what happened. I was at MCL forums and I started my first and probably last RP thread over there.

    I was really excited. The idea is based on this story idea I have and i wanted to see if maybe rping it could help me flesh out some things. The basic plot is that there is this immortal 'prince' who kidnaps a bunch of girls in order to find his bride. There are also creatures that are like humans but also have animal features. On the other forum, everything was fine but then it went to hell.

    So I want to know if anyone would be interested in starting it over here. Everyone here seems to be a lot more mature than the people at MCL (except for my friend silverkiramoto) and I fee like the RP could kick off well here.
  2. Maybe yeah, I'd like to be one that's part cat.
  3. did you know about that cat? Are you a physic?
  4. Wait, did you come from MCL? Are you stalking meh?
  5. No, it said animals and I like the cat animal. :|
  6. Okay, the thing is one of the characters in this story is a cat man and he plays an important part. That's why I wondered by you're so physic.
  7. Okay, what exactly happened that made your RP go to hell?
  8. At the other forum, there were these two girls who didn't listen to me at all. I kept telling them to work on their stuff but they didn't, one of them was being a total Mary Sue and one girl was just being stupid.
  9. Ah, I see. My last one, these guys decided to be a weenie because they forgot or ignored that the GM has final say in things. They didn't get their way and left.
  10. I might be interested in joining this. I'd need to see the full plot first, though. ^^
  11. See? You know my pain! And I honestly, I was trying to be nice but I just couldn't take it! I feel like one of the girls hadn't even read the rules of the forums. My Candy Love is a fun game but since it's anime inspired and the focus is flirting with hot guys, I'm not surprised there are some annoying young tweens.

    Oh and Lady Sabine? Would you like me to post the plot in more detail?
  12. I would. ^^ I like to know exactly what I'm getting into before I commit to anything. XD
  13. Okay.

    There is this town called Fabula. Within Fabula, there is a tale about a man. He would come into houses and kidnap young women. The story was told to young girls so they would behave and not try to do anything silly. However, the man is real. He goes by the main Dominic. People call him the Forgotten Prince because a long time ago, he was royalty. However, after three failed romances, he lost his mind and shut himself out from the world. But after years of being alone and only having his strange servants for company, he wants a bride. So he sends his servants into Fabula and the kidnapped eligible women. After being alone for some long, Dominic doesn't know what he wants in a woman and he's pretty sure that if he has a bunch of women, he can make a choice.

    Do you want to know more or is this enough? I really don't want to give too much away.
  14. Hmm. Well, I'd like to know what sort of character opportunities there would be and where you plan on taking this, so I'd have an idea of what character I'd be bringing in. ^^
  15. Of course!

    You can either be one of the kidnapped women or you can play one of his servants who is half human, half animal. See in the last RP, I had one girl who decided to have her character in love with Dominic but knew he'd never love her. Another charecter is his right hand man, a cat man, is extremely possessive and gets jealous when it comes to his master so he didn't like any of the women. Honestly, the most interesting character moments will probably come from the interactions with the servants and the humans.

    There are going to be a lot of mystery as the girls try to figure out how to get out of the castle, trying to figure out who Dominic really is and how the servants became the way they are. Also there is gonna be a lot of drama because Dominic is kinda depressed.
  16. I agree, it annoying because they don't just ruin the game for the GM, they ruin it for everyone.
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