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  1. This will be the OOC and Sign Up thread for my roleplay The Forgotten that I plan on posting shortly after this!
  2. Tartiest Tart.
    I like this.. I like this a lot.
    Though, what do you mean by 'Race'?
    Does this role-play have a mix of Fantasy? If it does,
    give me a moment to finish my skeleton.
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  3. Yes, its a bit of fantasy as well. This roleplay would be under miscellaneous, but I had trouble deciding on what category it fit best. @Add-kun
  4. I see, but still it is very interesting, I hope more people would join this.
  5. I hope so as well, I'm glad you like it! I was pretty nervous to post it because I thought it wasn't the best, but my confidence in it has grown! @Add-kun
  6. Oh, crud! Please move your character sheet to the sign up section please!, @Add-kun
  7. I my goodness, forgive me!
  8. Liked the banner, really cool, can i join?
  9. Ah thanks! And of course. Also, I'll update on the The Asylum of Screams as soon as I get done eating. I just got out of musical practice, so I've been a bit busy. @RafaDark
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  10. W I P

    B A S I C S
    • Name:
    • Alias:
    • Titles: *
    • Age: Nineteen
    • Date of Birth: July 28, 1996
    • Zodiac: Leo the Lion
    • Bloodtype: AB-
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexual Preference: Straight
    • Species/Race:
    • Occupation: Student
    • Alignment: *
    • Languages Spoken: English, Norwegian, German, Japanese
    • Current Relationship Status: Single
    A P P E A R A N C E
    • Height: 5'8
    • Weight: 65 kg
    • Body Type:
    • Eye Color:
    • Skin Color:
    • Hair Color and Style:
    • Distinguishing Marks (tattoos, scars, etc):
    • Birth Defects:
    • Clean Shaven, Stubble, Rugged: Clean Shaven
    • Usual Clothing Style:
    • Wearing Currently:
    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    • Hobbies:
    • Strengths:
    • Weaknesses:
    • Quirks/Habits:
    • Religion/Philosophy: Roman Catholic
    • Political Affiliation: *
    • Outlook: *
    • Likes:
    • Dislikes:
    • Usual Demeanor:
    • Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger: Difficult to Anger
    • Easily Approachable or Not So Much: Easily Approachable
    • Introvert or Extrovert:
    P A S T
    • Describe your characters History/Background. Be sure to include things such as:
    • Hometown:
    • Childhood trauma:
    • Parents/Siblings:
    • How events shaped their outlook on life. *
    P R E S E N T
    • Where are they now?
    • What are their fears? *
    • What are their goals? *
    • What purpose do they feel their reason for existing is? *
    • What drives them? *
    • What are their current beliefs? *
    M I S C E L L A N E O U S
    • Do they know their heritage well? If so, does it resonate with their personality? (Ex. A viking having a brash and impulsive, violent personality) *
    • Powers:
    • Weapons:
    • Talents:
    • Social Standing:
    • Plague Level: Two
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  11. I think I'll join this, once I get the time!
  12. @Tart: I am interested in this but my school may cause posting delays. Would it be tastiest tart suitable for me to post once, maybe twice a week? If not, I completely understand.
  13. @Jerelin that should be just fine, and I feel ya on the school part. Totally understandable, since we all have a life anyway haha. I'm currently preparing for a musical that's supposed to show next week, so I'm freaking out as it is. Ahhh...gotta love it, hm? Anyway, yes, that's fine.
  14. Wonderful! I'll get my character up soon. I already have one in mind. :)

    What musical is it? You'll be great regardless!

    EDIT: I just realized that I put "tastiest tart" instead of "tartiest tart". I must be hungry. I promise to not eat you.
  15. Ahh, it's just a spin off from Highschool Musical hahaha! Nothing major, though I do have some parts to my own. Pretty nerve wracking, but the practices have been a blast! And alrighty, I look forward to roleplaying with you! @Jerelin
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  16. Ira Gene Slayton, #9A4EAE
    • Name: Ira Gene Slayton
    • Alias: None
    • Age: 69
    • Date of Birth: December 30th, 1958
    • Zodiac: Capricorn
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
    • Species/Race: Human / Caucasian
    • Languages Spoken: English
    • Current Relationship Status: Widow
    • Height: 5'7" / 67"
    • Weight: 133lbs / 60kg
    • Body Type: Rectangle: Weight is evenly distributed. She is fairly lean.
    • Eye Color: Blue/Gray
    • Skin Color: Pale White
    • Hair Color and Style: Natural Silver/White. Long and naturally wavy.
    • Distinguishing Marks: Wrinkles set around the mouth and eyes. Her nose is slightly crooked from breaking it when she was eleven.
    • Birth Defects: None
    • Usual Clothing Style: Ira is an elegant woman, preferring to adorn herself in silk gowns that grace the floor and gently caress her lithe form. Dark purples, greens, and blues compliment her appearance and draws attention to the opal jewelry that decorates her slender fingers.
    • Wearing Currently: A long, silk night gown. It is dark blue but speckled with light green and purple flowers.
    • Hobbies: Gardening, Playing the Piano, Cross-stitching, Putting together Puzzles
    • Strengths: Leader, Quick Thinker, Opportunistic, High Sense of Justice and Morality, Personal, Non-impulsive
    • Weaknesses: Controlling, Without control: Irrational and Distraught, Selfish, Cold, Intimidating, Manipulative
    • Quirks/Habits: Always tapping her nails against hard objects, Sucks on her cheeks while thinking, Clicks her tongue when unsatisfied
    • Religion/Philosophy: Christian - Church of Christ
    • Political Affiliation: Republican
    • Likes: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Winter, Plants, Money, Family Photographs
    • Dislikes: Her Husband, The Poor, Automobiles, Summer, Lack of Communication
    • Usual Demeanor: Silent and Calculating.
    • Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger: Quick to Anger, but she can hide it very well. She never forgets being wronged and can hold a grudge for forever.
    • Easily Approachable or Not So Much: Not So Much. She can be very intimidating, even when you become close to her.
    • Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert. She is always trying to better her and her family's standing so that means getting out to mingle.
    • Describe your characters History/Background. Be sure to include things such as:
      Ira was born to Calvin and Geraldine Slayton in the Winter of 1958. They lived in the small farming community of Coldwater, a thirty minute drive from the town of Fayetteville, Tennessee. They owned the largest home in the community and the most acres of land, but felt competition from the Carter family for the majority of their working lives. After the Carter's lost their land due to poor financial management, Calvin Slayton bought it and continued to profit from his business choices.

      Thanks to her family's well-known reputation, the Slayton's were treated as celebrities and were regarding as the family everyone should strive to be. Unfortunately, this treatment was only seen in the public view. Once families were in the privacy of their own homes, rumors would begin to spread around Coldwater about Calvin Slayton's connections to the mafia, or his less-than-honorable agreements within Fayetteville's political world. Whether these rumors were fact or fiction, no one but Calvin would know and he took that knowledge to the grave with him in 1978. After his death, it became apparent that Calvin had left nothing of value to his wife or daughter except for the farmhouse and two acres of land. The rest had been willed to Horace Locker for unknown reasons.

      Even after the patriarch of the Slayton family had died, rumors continued to spread throughout Coldwater of why the farm was given to a family friend rather than family. Peggy Rutledge had heard that it was because Geraldine had cheated on Calvin twenty years earlier and Ira was not his real daughter. Joyce Greene said that she had heard from Calvin himself that Geraldine had been trying to kill him by putting arsenic into his food. Sue Cowan, however, swore that it was because Ira and the young Carter boy, Jim, were planning on getting hitched and Calvin would "be damned to let his land fall into the hands of those jackasses."

      In the Spring of 1978, just two months after Calvin's passing, Ira and Jim Carter confirmed one of the rumors by getting hitched at Fayetteville's Courthouse. Ira left her home in Coldwater and moved forty-five minutes away to New Market, Alabama where she discovered that the Carter family had been able to rebuild their fortune and, in a way, became richer than the Slayton's had ever been.

      The married life treated Ira well and had blessed her and Jim with three children. James was born in 1979. Elizabeth followed in 1981, and Sarah surprised them in 1989. Tragedy unfortunately struck the family in 1995 when their son, James, was killed in an automobile accident. After his death, the marriage between Ira and Jim was strained. They fought constantly and over time the deep love that was held for one another turned into hatred. Divorce for the Christian family was not an option, so they stuck together and despised every second of it. In 2008 when their youngest daughter moved out on her own, Ira and Jim were free to treat each other however they pleased. It was during this time that Ira decided that she was going to put an end to her suffering and the life insurance policy that Jim had on himself was more than enough incentive.
    • Where is she now? Depends on the start of the RP.
    • What are her fears? Losing her wealth, Forgetting her son, Being forgotten by her daughters, Dying
    • What are her goals? To keep her family name at the top
    • Powers: None
    • Weapons: Poison
    • Talents: She can play the piano and cross-stitch. She also sings while she plays the piano, but only in her family's company.
    • Social Standing: Wealthy and Envied
    • Plague Level: Level One
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  17. @Jerelin I was just thinking how she looked so familiar! I was going to be apart of that roleplay (dropped it due to a multiple of reasons), and I remember scrolling around and seeing yours. Superb!
  18. Hey @Tart, can my char be any type of specie/race right?
  19. Hmmm...well, try not to make it super abnormal or something. I was thinking of keeping it all human so things were more fair, but since this is in Sci-fi section, why not. :) @RafaDark
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  20. Will the plague affect all species the same, then? o.O Ack. Anything other than human sounds like it would make things too complicated.
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