The Forgotten Ones

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  1. -Ariel got out of her mothers and fathers car and looked back at her mother , her mother wouldn't meet her gaze . Ariels father on the other hand hugged her tightly and gave a wad of cash and her three bags and her backpack and told her they were sorry and good luck , what she couldn't understand is how come they were leaving her here in this school , a school for people with special problems ... the problems ..? The students had supernatural problems and since Ariel had started seeing ghost her parents thought she was bother , now entering this new place ariel felt slightly nervous as she turned away from her parents she walked through the gate and into the building as she then fell to her knees once the door was closed and sigh finally able to escape the tension of the car , if it meant being away from her parents disgusted glances every time they looked at her then she was glad to be away from them-

    "Where is the"
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  2. "Down the hall and to the right."

    The voice came from a taller girl with hair blacker than night and purple eyes that seemed to glimmer with the unknown. "I take it your new here?" She asked, holding her hand out to help the other girl up, pretending not to have seen the way she had rushed in. "The name's Liza, what's yours?" She asked, still standing there, hand outstretched without a care in the world that class was in session.
  3. -Ariel looked startled at the voice and saw girl standing there . Ariel's eyes rose to the girls and she nodded taking her hand pulling her self up she give the girl a gentle smile and shook her hand - "I am Ariel...and yes I am new and it's nice to meet you Liza"
  4. Liza flashed a smirk at the girl and inclined her head down the hall.
    "Do ya need an escort? Or shall I take my leave?" she asked as she slid her hand back down to her side before promptly shoving it into the pocket of her dark jeans. "I was headed back to the dorm's myself, but I can take a detour if ya need me to." She continued even as she started to walk in the direction she indicated. If the girl decided to decline her offer she'd just take the next left like she'd planned on originally.
  5. "If you don't mind I could use slme help getting to class and to the office...and to my room"
    -flushes gently at sounding so needy and smiles shyly and looks around then back to the girl following her- "so how long have you called this place home , if you can call it that "
  6. Camille sat quietly, staring out her window, as her and her father drove down the road. She watched the trees blur by as they passed them. She was furious at her father for forcing her to go to a strange school. She had tried talking him out of it but it was futile. He wouldn't hear of what she had to say, which only made her irrated at him more.

    She thought back on what had happened earlier as she tried to ignore him. He had yelled at her and told her that it was pointless, that she wouldn't change his mind on the matter. He had called her unnatural, not normal. She had fought back the tears that his word threatened to spill over. She wouldn't cry in front of him. He had said such awful things to her but she hide her emotions. She had to, and she struggled with her 'curse'. That was what her father said it was.

    Camille sighed, coming back to her thoughts. She glanced over at her father, wishing he would listen to her. Shaking her head, she decided to just keep her month shut. It would only lead down the same road that she didn't care to repeat.

    Instead, she pulled her white blonde hair back into a tight bun, some falling loose and framing her face. She slipped her black hoodie over her head and pulled it down. Then, stared out the windshield as they got closer to their destination. She hurried to gather her ipod putting it in her pocket and pulled her backpack on her lap.

    Finally, they had pulled up by the front gates and Camille open her door without a word. Her father followed, placing her suitcases on the side walk. He took one look at her, shook his head, and then pulled away. He hadn't said a word to her. She watched him disappear out of sight, not knowing how to feel about that.

    "Thank Goddness he's gone." She muttered under her breath as she turned to face the looming building behind her. It was creepy, huge, and strange looking. She sighed, dreading to have to pack her bags down the long gravel drive way. It had to be done though. With one last lingering look at the place that was now her home, she fumbled with her belongings, and started the walk up.
  7. Liza glanced over her shoulder at the girl before shrugging.
    "I don't mind, it's better than sitting in Trig." She reassured the other girl, now leading the way to the office. "Do you even have you class schedule and dorm assignment yet?" she asked before turning right down another hallway. She completely ignored Ariels last question, instead firing off another of her own. "So why'd you show up so late in the year?" she asked.
  8. Artillius cursed quietly as he tripped over his shoe laces, nooks falling out of his hands. He'd just made a trip to the library for some extra reading and was on his way to his dorm when he heard two female voices talking. He looked up, glasses slipping down his thin nose to expose vibrant caramel-hued eyes. He pushed brown hair back from his forehead, pressed the glasses back against his face, and quickly began trying to pick his things up. It would be -so- embarrassing for two girls to see him floundering around like this.

    He heard them round the corner and shot up, holding books awkwardly against his chest. He had to adjust his glasses again as he gave a nervous laugh. It wasn't easy being such a small guy. He shifted the books into one arm and waved with the free hand, smiling.

    "Hello." Play it off like nothing happened, that's right. As he spoke, he took note of the two girls. Deep black hair, purple eyes. Casual. Student here for a while. He'd seen her a few times before, probably even in class. The other girl he'd never seen before, new judging by the bags she carried. "Fine day, isn't it?"

    He started to slip down the hall, trying to get to where he could make a run for his dorm. Sanctuary!
  9. "My parents.....are the ones who decided it , my father would take business trips just to get away from me and my mother would abuse me any chance she got whether it be hitting me or cursing me....They would look at me with disgust just because i was different..i was a embarrassment ...So my father decided he would send me here telling me he loved me and would send me money every month"

    -Ariel rolled her eyes and trudge down the hall , The fact is her parents didn't love her . Her father sends her money since thats the right thing to due since shes still a minor and cant really do much for her self. Her parents were probably happy they didn't have to deal with her she sighed and looked at the girl shaking her head- " No they told me to wait till i got here "

    -Turning she saw a boy wobbling with books in his hands she giggled some and returned the hello -
  10. Liza glanced over as she heard the guy speak, for now switching focus between the two with her. She looked at him and a slow smirk slid over her lips as she glanced him up and down. She had the strongest urge to turn the guy into a mouse. Even without thought, magic bubbled up inside of her as she pushed the urge away. That's what had gotten her into trouble in the first place. Her mothers, yes, plural form, were wiccans. What they hadn't been expecting was the baby girl they adopted to be a full blown witch. At first, the two woman were delighted, but after awhile it seemed they weren't as cool about it as they thought.

    Liza tucked a strand of hair behind her hair and her eyes followed the boy's scuttle in a predatory fashion, much like a cat would stare at a mouse it was begrudgingly allowing to live. After a few more moments, Liza managed to force the near predator focus down into submission. She inclined her head at the guy.
    "Yea, nice day. " She managed to answer, her tone civil and quick smile followed it's place. She glanced back at the girl at her side, she'd only caught half of what she'd just said. But she'd pretend to have heard it all. "We're all but to the office. We can follow Mou- this guy, there." She stumbled over what to call him. She was pretty sure she knew him, but she didn't pay much attention.
  11. Oh gosh why follow me. It took all he had not to drop the books again when he heard Liza's words. He cast a nervous glance over his shoulder, another pathetic laugh escaping parted lips.

    "Going to the office?" He asked, eyes falling on the new girl again. "I guess I could introduce myself. I'm Arty."

    He would've stopped to shake hands, but his arms were full and he didn't want to risk dropping things again. Instead, he slowed down slightly to fall into step next to the girls. The halls were wide enough to allow them to all walk side by side, if they wanted. He was still wary of them and walked a little ahead. Taking point, as it was.
  12. Since I got a ticket my nana is taking my phone away so I won't be on for a couple of weeks :/ All roleplay a will be put in hold !
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