The Forgotten King Of Darkness (Original RP)

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  1. The power of Casters began in one man, Ken Hinokami.

    In the ancient days of feudal Japan, The countryside village of Kurofugu (Black Fugu), a fisherman village, was constantly assaulted by all types of evil creatures.

    One day, the most powerful creature to ever be encountered in those times, The 'Kami Doragun' (Divine Dragon), arrived in Kurofugu.

    Ken Hinokami, the eldest son of the Hinokami clan, arose to fight the dragon. Ken had been a master swordsman since he was a teenager, so cutting away at the dragon's many scales was an easy task, though something unexpected happened. The dragon bit down on Ken's wrist. His hand and wrist were minimally wounded, but Ken's sword snapped like a twig.

    Ken ran from the dragon, ashamed that he had lost his weapon only seconds from being able to defeat the beast.

    The dragon cornered Ken. The only weapons around were solid oak Kendo training swords. Ken began to feel a power arise within him, a burning flame. Ken cried out his languages only word for this feeling and released it at the dragon.

    "Hinote!!!" was the sound that resounded throughout Kurofugu at that moment. The dragon was lying, breathing heavily and covered in blood. Smoke rising from its body, the dragon whimpered for forgiveness.
    Ken felt powerful, his word had defeated the dragon in one blow. But he felt pity for the beast. He picked up one of the Kendo swords and spoke lightly to the dragon "Doragun-tama". The dragon was no more. but the Kendo sword now had a carving of a fire breathing dragon along the blade. as well as the wood being turned pitch black.

    The power that arose within Ken became known as "Casting". It involved imagining an elemental force and releasing it through the use of words. Skilled casters could even cast with nothing more than a thought.

    Ken soon discovered a physical deformity on each of his hands. In the palm of his left hand was an eye, and in his right, a fanged mouth. He realized this was a power that came with the casting ability. These became known as Soul-sight and Soul-Bite. Soul Sight allowed a caster to view the soul of individuals within a range determined by their individual power level, this allowed them to decide the morality of the persons scanned. Soul Bite allowed casters to attack and devour the souls of those they decide to be evil.

    Each caster could only cast one element (Though some casts are neutral-element and can be used by all casters. Eg. lightning, storm, wolf style ect.)

    Ken was known as a Kamicaster, the only of his kind, and was able to cast all 4 elements.

    Along with the good casters, there were also evil...

    Eventually, Ken had let the power corrupt him, and it hurt him to keep performing evil acts. This led to him doing the unthinkable. He devoured his own soul. Ken became the first Kage Caster.
    Kage casters are evil casters who devour their own souls in battle to increase their casting strength. The appeal of this procedure led to the amassing of a huge caster army under the lead of Ken (Now known as Kamikage). Over the years, good casters carrying what was only recently identified as the 'caster gene' (the gene that allowed humans to cast). rebelled against kamikage and his army, to no avail. The number of good casters dwindled slim.

    the good casters now hide across the globe, set apart into teams.
    Eventually, Kamikage stopped using his Kage mode, and began seeing the error of his ways again. Soon after, He disappeared. The Kage Casters were taken over by another powerful Kage caster known as KuroKage, who was previously chosen to be Kamikage's successor.

    Our story begins with the American Caster team. Yo stephens (Earth Caster), Kazimi Tyler (Wind Caster), and Rose mizomura (Water Caster). The team had recentally lost their fire caster, Kyle Hinomaru, and were now recruiting. Your job is to fill the roles of the three prementioned casters, Yo, Kazimi, and Rose.

    Character skeletons;

    Yo Stephens
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    height: 5'' 6'
    hair: dirty brown, short, scruffy
    eyes: Hazel
    Muscular build.

    Bio: Discovered he was a caster at the age of 5, when he could move rocks at command. Yo is a big softy but can get intense in the heat of battle. He is always there for his friends. He is highly capable with sand-type casts but decides against them because of how unnatural it feels. He is messy and often goes camping outside HQ.

    Kazimi Tyler
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    age: 16
    height; 4'' 3'
    hair: blonde and long, often in ponytail
    eyes: green
    Slim but slightly muscular

    Bio: Kazimi is a stout boy. He is silent and mysterious and never tells anybody why he decided to join the American Caster group. He is always thinking rationally and acts immediately and thoroughly in harsh situations. He often uses his wind casting to fly around the perimeter of HQ, always watching for Kage Casters.

    Rose Mizomura
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    age: 17
    height: 5'' 2'
    Hair: light-brown, long, left natural
    eyes: ocean-blue
    slim and perky body

    Bio: Rose is the granddaughter of the strongest Water caster to ever live, wave Mizomura. She often strives to live up to expectations. She acts as the leader of the American Caster group and her family owns the HQ building. She is kind but serious at most instances but has a light sense of humor. She hates the cold but will not hesitate to turn her water casts to ice if the situation calls for it.

    Comment which character you would like to use and provide an image you would like other members of the RP to use as reference to your character. My character will be announced after the players have been decided.
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