The Forgotten (Jalapeno x BlueElk)

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  1. The hall was alive with joy and merriment. The musicians were playing harmoniously while the guests drank, feasted, and danced the night away in what was, as some would say, a night of prosperity. Even the king himself was more inebriated than he should be. Though he had been like that a lot in recent days. Many of the court members attributed it to the fact that many men of his position grow far more apathetic as they age. It was certainly true with King Galston, though from time to time he still managed to show how much he cared about his kingdom.

    Raulet sat at the head table, downing another cup of wine. The main ceremonies had lasted longer than he would have liked. Though many of the gifts that had been given were quite extraordinary. But a gift he would have traded all of them for would have been for his own brother to attend. He knew Presebal was busier than ever now with his lordship, but surely he could have made time for this. In the end, however, raulet almost envied Presebal, for this wedding was not exactly the life event he had most looked forward to.

    He turned to his new wife, opening his mouth to say something, but he closed it the next moment. What exactly was he supposed to say? The last time they had met was at the tournament in Golding, and neither of them were more than five years at the time. Sure, this marriage was supposed to ensure an alliance between their families, but there were few other perks he could identify so far.

    Glancing across the hall, Raulet could see Ettrian aimlessly flirting with a passing serving girl. It was odd, he thought, that Ettrian could be so uncaring and loose while his own sister remained quiet and seemingly inattentive.
  2. Aliss sat next to her groom to be, her orange hair pinned up into a fancy bun.
    She looked down at her plate of food, twirling her fork as she picked at it.
    Her mind was elsewhere as everyone celebrated, she couldn't help but feel a bit nervous.
    she had never wanted to marry this young at least, she longed for adventure for freedom.
    but she knew after tonight that would never happen.
    she turned her head to the groom, he didn't look too happy himself she thought.

    she excused herself from the dinner, and took a breath of air outside.
    her light green eyes reflected the light of the lovely stars.
    she didn't want to be a wife, but she didn't want to let everyone down.
    taking a deep breath, a tear rolled down her cheek as she pushed herself to go back inside.
  3. Raulet was not at all surprised when Aliss made the decision to leave for a moment. She had been more than a little quiet throughout the night. After they had said the vows, they had spoken only a few words to each other. Clearly she was not comfortable in her new home, but that was hardly his fault. He expected this marriage no more than she did. At least they had that in common.

    He downed another cup of wine before he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Kyline standing over him with an enormous grin on her face. "Hello little brother. Would it be too much to ask the groom for the honor of a dance?" She did not wait for him to reply. Before he could say anything, Raulet was being pulled away from his table towards the dance floor. He had not been prepared for this, though he should have been. Kyline always had her methods of surprisng everyone around her.

    She placed her arms on his shoulders, smiling mischievously at him. "I suppose your new wife has already grown bored." Raulet rolled his eyes and led her briskly in time with the music.

    "Perhaps, but I don't see why this is important. We have far more worrisome activities going on around the realm. A wedding is not exactly the first thing on my mind, regardless of whose it might be."

    Kyline smacked him hard on the shoulder and frowned. "You are such an idiot sometimes. Has growing up with three sisters taught you nothing about women? Is it too much to ask you to forget about the ongoing events of the realm for one night to appreciate the woman you will be spending your life with?"
  4. Aliss turn to go back in, when a paper flew towards her smacking in the face.
    she let out as she scrambles for the paper, grabbing it from her face she held it out to view.

    "wanted.....Radelia for......Robbing...and trader to the kingdom?..."
    she read aloud, as she exclaiming the picture further.
    the picture on the flyer, was a mug shot of a girl, she looked annoyed rather then upset.

    "...pirate?......that would be great, a life of adventure...she's lucky.."
    she crumpled the flyer, and tossed it coldly over her shoulder.
    "....i wish we could.....switch places...."
    with that she entered and closed the door behind her.
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