The Forgotten History of an Avatar.

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    Her voyage towards the Earth Kingdom had started a couple of days ago as she couldn't help but reminisce the day her life changed. She was just a mere child when she had became the chosen one. She didn't even know that her life was going to change so unexpectedly. She'd sit in her room and think for hours about all the greats that came before her and they reshaped and changed the world during their time. She had a lot to master before a certain age and she sent to all nations and trained with their masters, at the time and now, it is time to reapply herself since a rising force must be dealt with.

    Kassidy came back to reality and let out a sigh as she twittered with the amulet, which was her mother's, around her neck then looked up and saw that she was close to the gates of the Earth Kingdom. Another sigh came over her parted lips as she had sent word to every nation to send a bender, a non-bender and even recruited a Chi Blocker just to learn the art, to the Earth Kingdom for her to meet with and discuss strategic plans with. She needed some of the best benders and non-benders by her side on her journey to taking down the rising force.

    Her ship had made it at the dock as she stood there before she walked down and was immediately greeted by the guards. One of them recognized her as she stood there with a soft smile. "Avatar Kassidy, welcome back to our nation." One of the guards spoke as she parted lips to speak. "Thanks. Is everyone here and are they where I requested them?" Kassidy spoke as one of the guards nodded their head. She had made sure her recruitment team were in a great place that Ba Sing Se had to offer along with a few refreshments there just in case they were hungry from their own journey.

    Kassidy was escorted through the Kingdom and made it to the palace, where she was to meet her comrades. She was at the door and waited a moment before she opened the door and walked right on in. Her eyes gleamed in the lighting as she smiled and walked right over towards them with a smile. "Hello, all." She said with a tone of greeting. "Hope all of your journey's went swell and I cannot wait to travel the world with you all." Her sweet toned voice spoke as her eyes narrowed towards the group again. "I know some of you but not all of you. Let's start with some small introductions."

    She cleared her throat before she placed her hand upon chest then introduced herself. "I am Kassidy Michiyo, or Avatar Kassidy, if you will. But Kassidy will be just fine, as well. Next." She had said then sat down in between an Earth and Water bender.
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  2. Xunsu Zhengfu-zhe

    Xunsu looked to the ground, at his aching feet, lost more in thought than in agitation. He carried Keai's leash firmly, wishing that the miserly caribou-hawk would give him a free ride to the gates of Ba Sing Se. It had been almost a week since the chi-blocker received a scroll, delivered by a messenger hawk, to contribute his teachings to the Avatar. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Despite this, Xunsu cared little about the task at hand. He wanted to return to his sister. For all he knew, the Avatar had some sort of mystic power that could save her. That alone was enough incentive for Xunsu to come out of hiding.

    The gates of the city were as massive and imposing as they were in his youth. An outsider could spend months walking around it and never even discover the halfway point. This was actually Keai's first visit to the Earth Kingdom's capital, although the stubborn creature seemed to be unimpressed. It could fly over these walls any moment it wanted to, but it was intent on proving its dour mood. Xunsu whistled while he was granted access into the earthen metropolis. Navigating his way to the palace was a work of memory, although a part of him was curious as to what sort of person the Avatar really was.

    Tying the uncompromising caribou-hawk to a column outside of the palace entrance, the chi-blocker straightened his posture as he walked inside. An assortment of other people had formed, and by the looks of it, most of them were benders. Xunsu was fashionably late, as he would prefer to describe it. "My apologies for not being here on time," he bowed. "Transportation on a caribou-hawk isn't what it used to be."
  3. Shanti
    Upon hearing news from her sources that Avatar Kassidy was en route to Earth Kingdom, Shanti knew that there would be a gathering of masters. It was her chance to warn whichever elder was sent from the Air Nation about the mysterious individuals who attacked benders.

    There was some trouble, of course. Without the proper papers, she was not allowed inside. Not even revealing her tattoos worked. It was for good reason, she knew. After all, many benders were on edge from the looming threat lurking about. She decided to find another way.

    She plotted the possible flight path the elders would take, glad she could put her geography skills to good use once more. She patrolled the skies until she saw a familiar figure among the clouds: a bison. The elders were coming and she signaled to them. She was allowed on the flying bison where she discussed everything she knew about the situation. Unsurprisingly, the elders were not completely aware.

    Next was the hard part. She had to convince them that she should be the one to accompany Avatar Kassidy on her journey. Of course, they refused at first. They let her stay with their group but did not permit her to guide the Avatar, reminding her of her place. She was no elder and in no position to accompany the Avatar herself. She reminded them that their people need the elders just as much, they would be lost sheep without their shepherd. She promised to stay in contact as the representative.

    After much deliberation, Shanti was permitted, but in the presence of the elders, she must represent the Air Nation's tradition and wisdom.

    "I am called Rinchen of the Air Nation." she tried her best not to grimace from using a name she had not heard in years. She was given proper Air Nation robes for the Avatar's arrival, and had to wear her hair back to show her arrow. "In your travels, I will be your guide in the ways of the Air Nation." The Air Nation elders still had a frowns on their faces as if they expected her to get things wrong but she was careful not to move much. She would loosen up when they would no longer be watching.

    A young man had arrived on a caribou-hawk and she took a moment to admire the majestic creature. "Your caribou-hawk friend looks strong and well taken cared of." She gave the him a small bow as well.
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