The Forgotten Continent.

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  1. The low light of the morning sun, obscured by fog, seemed to make Yona seem so dark and haggard as she stood by her set up, many a potion brewing, and metals boiling into liquid elsewhere. Her emerald eyes scanned the horizon, many citizens passing her by, but all she could do was violently shudder, speaking under her breath as she gazed back to her work.
    "Ruddy, ruddy, ruddy! No one is coming! Argh! None of these pilots would ever hope to search that place!" She cursed thoroughly in her own tongue, seemingly from the west, before she sat down, hands on her head, as tears ran down her sullen cheeks.

    This little lady wasn't having the best of days. She had been out here for a week now, preaching, telling of her theories, but now it seemed so hopeless. "No one would take me, would they? Not even to sight... Starmetal... Oh, this is horrible!" Thus, Yona broke out to a full sob.
  2. "Captain Barlow, we have prepared for our next departure. Let us know when you are ready."

    The man known as Captain Barlow gave a nod of his head, not saying a word as he made his way off of his airship that seemed to be afloat in the air. His cape had movement in the gently breeze that the port had to offer. The further he went, the more he heard laughter coming from different pilots. They rambled on about a woman that approached them to take her on an expedition, describing that she was mad to think that they would take their crew to uncharted territory. It made the captain curious, considering that he was one for adventure and discovering new lands like he has been doing constantly.

    Walking along the port, he heard sobbing that made him slightly grimace. Rambles that made him realize who it was that was there. The woman that wanted to adventure off into a distant continent.

    "I heard you are looking for a pilot that can take you to a far off place," he spoke, his voice was gruff. He stood before her, observing her features and rose a brow. "Tell me about this expedition you wish to go on."
  3. Yona glanced up, and with her blurry vision, sighed this man. She raised an eyebrow, and it was rather sudden as she jumped to her feet and seemed absolutely void of saddening emotions, though her tear stained face seemed to say otherwise. Accusingly, she gazed at him.
    "Are you mad?" She spoke, "Or are you genuine? Because the last few that came by weren't and I'll have their heads when I come back with Starmetal and all the spoils of that ruddy place!" Suddenly, she blinked and rubbed her forehead, a blush covering her embarrassed expression.

    "Sorry about that, I get carried away at times, but I'm Yona! I want to visit the shrouded continent, to find metals and substances to enhance daily life on a global scale!"
  4. With a raised brow, the captain was actually amused by her attitude. It reminded him of someone, but he couldn't put a finger onto who it was. Well, that didn't matter at this point. Captain Barlow crossed his arms over his chest, nodding his head at her introduction. "And I am Captain Barlow, captain of the infamous Stardust," he told her, giving a bow. "At your service, my lady."

    Stardust was an airship that has seen many galaxies, and journies to different planets. There was nothing that the ship couldn't do, especially with how fast it was. "If you wish to go on this expedition, meet at my ship in an hour. I am not making any joke, Yona, because I do hardly turn down any offer of new adventure. I have nothing to lose."
  5. The woman seemed skeptical, but considering the genuine tone which the male gave, and the words he used, she seemed to begin to believe him. This was an adventure like no other, after all. She scratched her head before clearing her vocals. "Alright! You have a deal! Just let me get my things together, this took me around six hours to unpack, I daren't know how long this will take." She rubbed her forehead before folding up the chair she had been sitting on.

    "Oh, Mister Barlow," Yona looked back. "Thank you for actually taking interest, yes." With a short smile, she went back to packing her things. Of course, it wouldn't actually take so long due to the careful calibrations she had to do, but this routine seemed so natural to her. After packing, she went to see the infamous Stardust.
  6. He walked off after she had started to gather her things, tending to his own needs on port. Gathering information and recruiting more to his crew, especially with the next voyage they were about to go on. Stardust was a well spoken about airship, and many had tried to be part of the crew. Captain Barlow was always so picky with who came aboard, for good reason. His crew had to be top notch.

    Within the hour, he got what he needed and went back to the grand airship that floated in the air. His crew bustled on deck, while he grabbed hold of a rope that dangled down and he had climbed to the deck. The airship was quite grand, made of the finest metals that the galaxy can muster. Gold solar sails that glimmers in the sun, as well as the moonlight. Red and gold were the main colors, hence why the ship was called Stardust.

    "Cap'n, there is a woman waiting to come on board," said the first mate. He was an alien from a distant land of Pockarod that was in a different galaxy all together. Being rather intelligent, Barlow made him his first mate.

    "Bring her on board, Speck, she will be the leader of this expedition we go on," the captain said as he situated himself at the wheel.
  7. Yona found herself in awe of the ship before her eyes, a beauty was it, though she now focused on getting her damn gear on board, helped by a kind sailor, or so she thought them to be. With a sigh, she made her way on deck, sighting Barlow and soon rushing to his side, his alien friend already walking off.

    "Mister Barlow! Goodness me, you should've told me how large this thing is! I'll... I'll get lost now!" She raved, eyes darting about as she scanned over every position and surface which was in the immediate vicinity. "Though, I guess I can get used to it. I'll just need a space to set up my equipment, somewhere with some ventilation. On deck seems too open, though."

    As Yona spoke, she frowned and glanced up at the taller male, hoping he had some answers for her honestly quick tongue.
  8. Barlow looked at the bewildered woman before him, and he looked on with amusement. The banter she had was quite interesting. With the added mention of having a ventilated area for her equipment, he thought for a moment. "Come with me, I will show you where to put your things," he told her, motioning her to follow him below deck.

    "Ventilation is not a problem down here, Miss Yona, and by order I will tell my crew not to touch or move your equipment without your permission," he spoke, his hands clasped behind his back as he walked. The members of the crew had saluted him as he walked by, which he dismissed with a nod of his head. "You may come to me if you have any questions or any concerns. Also let me know if my crew does anything that displeases you."