The Forgotten Carnival

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  1. [​IMG] Marylinn never believed anything she couldn't see. She was a scientist, -or soon to be one- and she had no time for childish stories and nonsense games, even as a little child she felt this way. That is why she wanted to become a scientist. Because, scientists go on cold hard facts, and nothing superstitious, or out of the ordinary was real. Then why was there music coming from the old fairgrounds? Why did she have the sensation of being watched every time she went past there on her way out of town? Why did she get these awful dreams of an abandoned carnival? She couldn't explain these things, so she tried to ignore them, but the visions and the dreams came back stronger than ever. The music got louder and louder each night. She didn't know what to believe any more.

    It was the night of the 7th, a friday in fact. Marylinn wasn't doing much but studying her chemistry homework and trying to get the visions of the carnival to go as far out of her mind as possible. The music was unusually quiet tonight, but the visions grew vivid and stronger as the clock ticked on. Marylinn didn't know what to do, but she had to get out of the lonely house for a few. Maybe she would call up that one guy who talked to her non stop about supernatural and ghosts and all that weird stuff. Maybe he would understand.

    Marylinn grabbed her small cellphone and looked over the very small list of numbers she had on her phone and then found his and hit call. She put the phone up to her ear and waited for his voice to sound. He answered with a surprised hello, and she told him to meet her by the edge of the city, closest to the fairgrounds in fifteen minutes. He said okay, and she wondered if he would do it or not. Marylinn shrugged and got her jacket on and walked out of the house to the car. She got into her pick up truck and began driving to the edge of the city. She parked in the open field next to the fairgrounds and got out of her car. The music was so loud and strong, she almost wanted to cover her ears. She looked around for any signs of him meeting her, but she saw no one.
  2. The phone call came, and he was astonished at the voice on the other line. He didn’t recall her, or even giving her his number, which was odd? But he was curious, and he had been having peculiar dreams as of late, the jolly music sauntering in through his closed window and drawing him out. It was as if something was beckoning him to follow it, but when he awoke it was gone, and other times, when he woke it was louder. If he had been a little braver he would have gone and figured it out on his own, but it was so strange, something he didn’t want to believe.

    Still when he heard her voice, something told him to listen to her. To go meet her at the strange little place at the edge of the city. The first thing that popped into his head was the fairgrounds – but he didn’t know why. Things were getting odder and odder as the music continued. Aiden struggled with it for a time, actually driving closer to the music, and not further away… but finally instead of making the wrong turns away from the fairgrounds, he began making the right ones. That is when he saw her standing outside of her car, and all he heard was the sound – joyous, laughter, and a number of other noises he couldn’t quite decipher just yet. Putting his car in park he got out, and approached her.

    “Hey, Marilynn right?” he remembered her name from the phone call, “What now?” He asked curiously mainly because she didn’t give much other motive for their meeting. A single hand lifted to his hazel hair, and ran threw it. The top was longer than the sides, and it hung in a disarrayed mess a top his head. Still the look had always worked for him, made him appear slightly as if he had tried to style it. He work a brown jacket, and a plain pair of bootcut blue jeans.