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  1. In the year 2019, the most popular MMORPG game in history emerges on the internet: The Forge. Almost everyone who's anyone plays, defeating monsters and gaining levels. When flawless immersive gaming technology begins to develop in 2038, The Forge is one of the first to use that technology. Systems are provided at Forge Centers all across the world, even 3rd world countries, so that everyone can enjoy the game. In 2059, the United Nations unanimously decides to give Leviathan, the game's creators, the rights to employ their latest project: convert Earth into The Forge. Now everyone on the planet is a part of the game, whether they're Neutrals who give Players information, Shopkeepers who help the Players by selling them merchandise, or an actual Player. The Players are the ones who go on quests, defeat monsters, gain levels, and keep the peace...

    I am looking for someone to play my character's teammate as Players in The Forge. Here's the sheet I would like filled out as a reply to the thread.


    I am only looking for one person, so either the first one I see or, if I see multiple at the same time, whoever I think would do better with my character.

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.