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  1. ((This will be based off of the survival horror game "The Forest" but if you haven't played it don't worry, you can still join and have a good time))

    Aiden looked out of the plane window but was only met by a wall of grey clouds. Why the hell the pilot decided to fly through this was beyond him, but he guessed that he'd have to trust their judgement. He looked around the dimly lit cabin of the plane at the few others on the plane with him. Some he knew already and others he had never seen before but who cared. This trip was going to be great, he thought about all of the things he wouldn't do once the plane landed in London; the place he had wanted to go all his life.

    His thoughts were cut short as he felt the plane shake violently and all but the emergency lights shut off. The small emergency lights casting a dim red shadow throughout the cabin as the plane began to nose dive into the earth below. "No! no! no! Shit!" Yelled Aiden as he strapped himself in and watched the others in the plane.


    Age: 17
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  2. [​IMG]
    (XD Just imagine her in a flight attendant uniform)​
    Heather worked as a flight attendant on the plane, and was walking along the aisle of the plane having just recieved a call for assistance when the plane started to shake and lose power. She quickly sat down in the nearest empty seat next to a man that had been looking out the plane window not too long ago and strapped herself in "Who the hell came up with the bright idea of flying through storm clouds?" She muttered to herself, of all her years working as a lfight attendant, this is the first time the pilot of the plane she was on decides to fly through STORM CLOUDS of all things. Perhaps it was time to get another job, maybe as a pilot, that way at least SHE wouldn't be flying her passengers through potentailly deadly hazards...
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  3. Grey wasn't really one for socializing, and even though she knew other people on the plane, she was busily reading one of several books she had packed with her. She rolled her eyes as the plane hit some turbulence, but then dropped her book as the plane began to nosedive. "Shhhhit!" she said through clenched teeth.


    Name: Grey Atkins
    Age: 17
    Personality: Feisty, short tempered, curious, and a feminist to say the least.

    ** Also, I have never even heard of The Forest but I just looked it up and it seems really interesting! Forgive me if I don't completely understand it though.
  4. ((LOVE THIS GAME...I have to join))

    Name: Jordan Hazard

    Age: 19

    Personality: Laid back, very relaxed, very crafty, and nice. If his patience is tested, be ready to face hell and many forms from Jordan.


    I'm going to die... he thought to himself as the plane desperately dived toward the ground. He was scared for his life and felt himself fainting slowly. His vision was getting blurry and darkness crept up into his peripheral. He tried to keep his eyes open, but wasn't successful. He'd passed out. There was no more panic, just silence and darkness.
  5. Aiden felt his head smack violently against the plane's window as the aircraft made contact with earth. He almost lost consciousness but was able to remain awake. He laid face down on the floor as the plane slowed to a halt. He lifted his head up slightly to look ahead of him, noticing that one; the front of the plane had been ripped off. And two; someone was being carried out of the plane by some native looking person. Their skin was a grey-ish color and the wore rags as clothing.

    Aiden wanted to tell, to move; but his body refused to cooperate. Instead he watched the person take away one of the passengers before finally passing out as he could do nothing to stop the darkness surrounding his senses.
  6. Grey smacked her head hard against the tray table when they crashed to the ground. She felt numb and disoriented, hardly able to think as she felt hot blood running down from her forehead. She was moving slowly as she struggled in a dazed panic to unbuckle herself.
  7. The last thing Heather remembered was the plummet they made down to the earth below before everything went black for her... After who knows how long, she was conscious once more, groaning and and lifting her head from the seat in front of her, which her head had ended up resting on when she lost consciousness. There was a distinct ringing in hear ears and her head throbbed, she reached up to touch the top of it, regretting it instantly as she felt a spike of pain shoot from the spot she had touched. She took her hand away from her head quickly and looked at it, quite surprised to see blood on it; she figured something must have hit her on the head during the crash... Looking beside her, she spotted the man she had sat beside, he looked to be alive, however he was unconscious, and the window next to him was a little cracked. Putting a hand on his shoulder and shaking him, she hoped he would at least respond.
  8. Aiden woke up a little bit later. He could feel his senses slowly return to him. First his sense of touch, then hearing, then finally his sight. He could feel someone's hand on his shoulder shaking him slightly. He tried to move his arms but they refused to cooperate. He tried to speak but only a low moan escaped his lips. "Come on, get up" he thought to himself as he fought to fully regain consciousness. He used all of his strength to roll over onto his back; looking up with blurred vision he was able to make out that the person standing over him was a girl. "Wh...where are we" he was able to whisper hopefully loud enough for her to hear.

    He blinked his eyes a few times before his vision was good enough to see clearly. He turned his head to look around and saw that they were still in the plane. He remembered seeing someone being taken from the plane by some native looking person. "
    How...many others?" He asked the girl as he fought to sit up, using a seat for support. His head was still spinning, but he was alive. And things were slowly coming back to him; they were in allot of trouble
  9. Heather sighed in relief, she was glad he was conscious, though upon hearing his question she looked around, spotting at least two others that seemed to be alive, one of them was moving, though she was bleeding quite badly. "At least two more... Give me a moment while I help the injured one alright?" She said quickly, unbuckling herself from the seat and moving over to the back of the plane where there should be a first aid kit. It had been knocked down onto the floor during the crash, and there seemed to be a leg sticking out of the very back of the plane... Which she ducked under; it would be preferred if she didn't have to look to see what unfortunate life camp to an end in a manner such as that, and picked up the first aid kit, heading towards the injured girl, placing down the first-aid kit on the blood-stained table in front of her and opening it. "Hey, can you hear me?" She asked her, the training she recieved doing those "worst case scenario" drills started to kick in a little.
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  10. Grey looked at her and blinked slowly a few times because her vision was doubled. "Uhh..." she said as she tried over and over again to concentrate on what was going on around her. After a moment the the dizziness and nausea began subsiding and all should could feel was heat and pain. "Yeah..." she finally said softly and reached up to her forehead again, only to see that her hand was covered in blood and she started to panic, hyperventilating and desperately trying to stand up. She became overwhelmed with dizziness again though and stumbled forward onto the stewardess.
  11. "Damn!" Heather thought to herself as the girl collapsed onto her, she carefully took out a roll of bandages and began bandaging up the girl's forehead. It appeared to have been hit pretty hard on the table in-front of her, she guess the girl didn't have enough time to tuck that thing ino before the plane went down... After she finished wrapping up the girl's forehead, she shook her a little, wondering if she was still conscious "Hey, you still with us?" she asked her not entirely sure if she'd even get a response...
  12. Grey moaned softly in discomfort, but wasn't entirely aware of it. She continued to go in and out of consciousness for what seemed like an eternity to her, but was actually only about a minute. She blinked a few times to clear her vision again, looking up at the woman who was helping her. She thought she had said something to her, but she wasn't sure exactly what it was, "What?"
  13. "Well, at least you're conscious." Heather commented "Just stay here for now, I need to check back on comeone else." She said, moving back towards the man who she had been sitting beside. "You seem troubled, what happened?" She asked, she figured they needed to get out of the plane soon enough, there was an oppressive feeling surrounding this place...
  14. Aiden slowly stood up and steadied himself before looking around for passengers. He saw the flight attendant tending to some of the other wounded people. He found another guy passed out a few seats infront of him. He walked over to him and pulled the guy from his seat and propped him against a wall. Aiden checked his vitals and found that the guy was still alive but was pretty banged up like the rest of them.

    He gave the guy a few light slaps on the sides of his face to try and wake him up. "Hey can you hear me" he said giving the guy a light shake. He looked around a bit before wincing slightly as he saw the body of a flight attendant sprawled on the floor with an axe buried deep into her back. He assumed that she was probably killed by the same native that took someone off of the plane. That didn't matter know, they needed to tend to their own group first. He pulled the axe out of her back and pulled her body from the plane, laying her face down on the grass outside. He looked around and saw that they were surrounded by a seemingly endless forest.

    He climbed back into the plane and went about searching for food and supplies that they could use. He found enough food and energy bars for them all but it would probably only last them a day or so. He found waters and some alcohol in some of the suit cases. He wondered why anyone would bring alcohol on a plane but it didn't matter now. He packed everything into some backpacks that he found and began assembling packs for everyone
  15. Grey sat up slowly once she felt stable enough and saw another boy rummaging through people's things to get what looked like survival supplies. She slowly stood up and picked her book up off the ground which had some how managed to stay almost exactly where she had dropped it. Her backpack had also been wedged under the seat in front of her and was still there. She pulled it out and went through it. She was thankful that she had packed a few snacks and had purchased a bottle of water before boarding. She also had a sweater and a couple books. She slipped her backpack on and although she was still moving slowly, she was able to think clearly. She approached the boy, but wasn't sure what to say.
  16. Heather noticed the bags that the man had gathered, and nodded, picking one up. A loud screech followed by a chorus of others sounded deep in the forest outside, it sent chills down her spine. "We're not alone here... We should get moving, this place doesn't feel so safe anymore..." She whispered to the man and the girl she had helped earlier, they needed to make some sort of shelter at another area, she had a lighter and a swiss army knife on her; it was unbelievable how hard it was to keep that thing when she boarded the plane, but she figured it would come in handy if something like this were to happen. "You ready?" She asked them.
  17. Grey hesitated and then grabbed one of the backpacks that he had put together. "What about everyone else?"
  18. Aiden looked to the other passengers in the plane then to the two behind him. "We need to make a shelter somewhere, hopefully we can find a clearing or something with a water source nearby. We'll just have to hold out nearby or stay in here until everyone wakes up. We can't just leave them here we don't know who or what is here with us." Aiden turned to the two behind him. We're all here together so we decide together, what do you guys want to do
  19. "I think we can at least set up a temporary shelter around here... But we shouldn't stay here too long; it seems whatever's lurking in the woods isn't too friendly..." Heather said, gesturing towards the fellow flight attendant that hadn't been so lucky; the axe that had been sticking out of her was being carried by the man she had been sitting next to... She made a mental note to ask the names of everyone later on, or at least everyone alive, usually she didn't associate too much with fellow passengers, but quite clearly; this situation would require alot more social interaction that she was used to...
  20. Grey glanced at the other flight attendant and stared in fascinated horror. "So...umm...if there's something out there, then we'll need weapons. Is there a way to get down to the checked luggage? Maybe someone brought knives with them.."
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