The forest of the different

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  1. There's a legendary city. It's called Sosiel. The city is inhabited by elemental benders, conduits, and humans while deep in the woods there's a manor, full of vampires and werewolves. Food would be the city the humans in the city, or animals in the woods. Werewolves live in the city under the guise of humans, while some live in the woods with the vampires and some in packs, or even loners. and benders they can change depending on they're blood pressure (They're rage).

    Food can be whatever you think.

    The leader vampire is missing, and the vampires think the city had to do with it. The vampires and the werewolves
    decide to team up to find him.

    The people of the city have no idea about the Vampires or the Werewolves. However they're are a few supers (conduits, and benders) that believe they are out there. The forest is surrounding the city, however the city is huge.

    Let's see where this goes

    ((No chars needed, just try you're best to mix in your character with you're posts. Thanks :)....and sorry if it's unorganized, and messed up, but I'm super tired and I just had to get this down before this idea left my head....and try you're best to add a pic of your avatar is my character's appearance, fyi.))

    Have fun :)
  2. Frederik Earls was sitting under the tree when his minion came and informed him that the lord of darkness is now missing in action. There was a smirk on his face and finally when he couldn't control himself, he laughed out loud and his back arches because of it. Things had been a little too peaceful lately and with the leader gone, chaos will soon take over. Hopefully he will be able to benefit from this, having some fun along the way. Whoever did this deserves to be praise, he mused.
  3. Zohar roared after he heard about the Lord being kidnapped. He had a menacing stature, not to mention he was more lion than human. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S GONE!?" he roared once more at the messenger elf. He banged his fist on the table next to him. He got up out of his chair and grabbed the messenger by the neck and pinned him on the wall. "Listen to me elf! Tell everyone in the forest to meet me at the lord's castle in 5 hours. EXACTLY...5 hours.!" Zohar through him out the door. "Damn!" he muttered out loud. He then grabbed his sheathed sword and strapped it around his torso. He ran out the door on all fours towards the castle.
  4. Frederik grinned, thinking that the news must have spread far and wide. He suppose he should at the very least act like he's a loyal subject and visit the castle or something. However saving the king was not part of his agenda, he's more interested in seeing the faces of those he knows, especially someone by the name of Zohar. With such a hothead around, things might be explosive and he wants to watch it unfold before his eyes.

    'Let's go,' He decided and raise from his position, dusting off the dirt on his pants, he made his way to the lord's castle.
  5. Zohar was angry, at least that's what he was pretending to be to hide the fact that he was actually scared. If he had to go save the kind from Sosiel, he knew that he would be crawling back to his hut, maimed, or even dying. The humans had massive weapons of all sorts, along with the conduits and the benders. They scared the crap out of Zohar. He never admitted it. He needed to make sure people knew he was the top dog, the alpha, the one everyone fears. He couldn't ever show a sign of fear or weakness. He was hoping his friend Fredrick would be the first one to get to the castle. He was the smart one, the cool one, the one who knew what to do. He was hoping he could plan before others got there. He punched a whole in the stone wall and growled. He waited impatiently.
  6. 'Oh my oh my, punching a hole in the wall, that's so your style of doing things huh?' Frederik smiled as he made his entrance, in contrast to the high emotions and tension running in the room, he brought with him a sense of coolness. As if nothing had ever happened at all. 'I don't think you should be doing that now, my friend. Haste makes waste and getting emotional aren't going to help.'
  7. Zohar chuckled at the sound of Frederik's voice. He yanked his fist out of the hole in the stone wall and turned his head towards him. "Glad you could make it my friend." he said. "You're right...I needed you here first. We need to plan something or we're in trouble. If they find out the king is gone and we have nothing to say or do about it, all hell would break lose." Zohar waited to see what Frederik would have to say about this, but scared at his decision.
  8. Frederik shrugged at his friend's words, boy he'd always hated been involved in such troublsome mess. That was not what he had planned in the first place. He stroked his imaginery beard and thinks, 'Why don't we announced that the King is not missing, we can have a shapeshifter impersonate him while we search for him. If someone had kidnapped him, they would be anxious to get in touch with us. We'll use this to lure them out.'
  9. Zohar snapped and pointed at Frederik. "Brilliant!" he seemed a little relieved. The only thing now is that he had to go look for a shapeshifter. Zohar was the warrior type. The fighting type he loved fighting, because he knew he would win. The only reason he's scared to fight the city, was because they were so much more advanced in weapons, along with the conduits and the benders. He didn't feel like "finding" anyone or anything. But he was up for anything at the moment. He didn't want chaos to hit at all. "Okay. That sounds perfect friend."
  10. 'Alright if that's all then I'm taking my leave.' Frederik replied, ready to leave. It was much more boring than he'd originally thought to be and he didn't want to be a part of it. It doesn't sits with him very well. 'Good luck finding that.'
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    Hours passed as the sun rose. Emily awake up at the base of a tree. Her cerulean eyes scanned her surrundings. Although she first had to rudely shove her hair away from her eyes "Didn't make it back home again huh.." She muttered in a seductivemorning voice. This wasn't the first time she had fallenasleep in the forest after such trainning. Being a bender required resilience anyways.

    "Huh?" She blinked as she saw a black blur dart across her view a few yards away. It looked like a wolf, but bigger, much bigger. "My eyes are playing tricks on me.." She said as she rose to her feet. If it was a wolf though, it sure looked freightned. Emily yawned and got some of her morning stretches done before an awkward scent flooded her nostrils. "A cat? No a lion?" Emily looked puzzled
  12. Zohar squinted at Frederik. "Hey man. You're not staying to help with this?" he asked, a little worried. Too much Zohar with out and Frederick, leads to disaster and destruction. He hated to ponder it, but he had to. "Frederik don't leave. You have to keep the craziness under control. I mean, honestly you're good at that." Zohar said with a slight smile.
  13. Goreous kept a cloak on as he walked slowly through the foresst. He looked around to see if he was being followed. He kept walking to get to the secret Vampire and Werewolf cult. The only reason that members had to keep it secret, is becaue Werewolves and Vampires are barely even supposed to socialize. It's illegal in these parts. Goreous was going to the cult to tell everyone what he overheard about the lord of darkness being taken. Goreous kept walking, speeding up a little this time.
  14. Frederik took a glance at his friend and smirked, 'Nah huh~ Too troublesome for me to handle. I'm sure you will be able to do it. So good luck~' With that said, he left his friend alone to handle the mess.
  15. A tingling sensation filled her right ear as Emily heard the sound of crushing leaves. Someone was approaching. It was a cloaked, hooded figure, somewhat large.
    What would someone be doing dressed like that early morning in such warm weather?

    Being as curious as she was, finding ou exactly why and who was a priority. Emily made it her duty to step right infront of the shady figure and question him or her.

    "Hello." She muttered, looking up at the person she adressed. "A little warm for a cloak isn't it?"
  16. ((It's modern fantasy.))

    Zohar felt his hands shaking, in anger and fear. "Why would he leave like that?" he thought to himself. "We always work together. How the hell am I going to get through this." Zohar then looked up at the throne, and noticed the crown of the lord of darkness was left there. Zohar pondered, shook his head. Hours had passed, time had been wasted. Then he looked up at the throne once again. He stepped closer and closer to it... "Do I dare betray my king?" Zohar gently picked up the crown and stared at it. He then sat down on the throne and slowly slipped the crown onto his head. The crown took over Zohar, the spirit that was left in the crown took him over. Zohar screamed in pain, as the power was injected into him. When the process was done, he looked up and gave a yellow grin. A servant had just entered the room, and was in shock to see the brute on the throne. "Zohar why are you wearing the dark lord's cro..." Zohar interpreted with a low dark voice. "I am the king now." The servant widened his eyes and stayed frozen. Zohar stood up and walked down to the servant. Zohar grew in size, menacingly, his claws becoming longer, his rippling muscles huger. He clenched a fist. "I am your new king. I command you to tell everyone in the forest." Zohar smirked once again.

    Goreous tried to ignore the girl infront of him. "Excuse me..." he said trying to walk around her. After trying several times and knowing she wasn't going to let up he looked at her and took off his hood, revealing a handsome face, with a scar on his cheek, as well as one on his lip. "I have to get some where private. Please let me through" Goreous wasn't exactly looking at her until he took off the hood of his cloak. Then he raised an eyebrow. Goreous had to a swallow when he saw her fully. She was a very beautiful girl. He stepped back a little and stayed silent. He was scared to say anything else. The way this beautiful girl was staring at him kept him silent.
  17. After a few successful attempts at preventing the stranger from brushing past her she was abit caught off gaurd when he pulled his hood off. His face.. it was scarred, but charming, very much so. It even made her choke on her words abit. "S-So um.. T-Take me with you." Her words stumbled. She dint xactly know where the words came from, but she was in fact curiou on where he could've possibly been headed in such a fashion.
  18. Goreous swallowed again. "U-um.....uh.....I...." Goreous was merely a messenger/spy. He had been trained in the city by some of the best. He used to be a soldier who fought against the benders when they were at war. Of course the war is over now and they live in peace and harmony...well at least that's what people from other parts of the world live. Actually the benders think they're gods and they discriminate against the normals. Goreous was a human, but the things that he could do exceeded human ability. That's why they accept him into the forest. He's valuable.

    Goreous looked around then took off his cloak completely. Which left showing off his white messy hair, his hazel eyes, his over worked skinny body, his two dog tags hanging from a chain. He was wearing no shirt, and black skinny jeans. His sweaty abs gleaming in the sunlight. "F-Forgive the twilight look." he said nervously. He blushed a little and slipped his hands into his pockets. "Um...I-I don't think you could c-come with me."
  19. Admittedly, Emily spent quite a few precious moments plainly staring at the man in front of her. For a couple of seconds she couldn't talk aswell while her cheeks began to redden. ' Don't think about it, don't think about it' were the thoughts going through her head at the moment. She paused once more to regain her breath as she spoke. To make it easier on herself she turned her headside while speaking.. she just couldn't look.

    "N-Nevermind that.." Emily made a childish pout when she was told she couldn't follow along. "Why's that? I wanna come with!"
  20. Goreous bit his lip and thought about it. 'No' he thought to himself, 'definitely not.' "f-forget can w-with me if you want." flew out of his mouth. 'WHAT THE HELL!' he though? He closed his eyes and clenched a fist. 'Okay what's the worst that can happen...I just pretend she's um......she's a close friend...yeah yeah my girl friend.....WAIT!' Goreous' eyes snapped open and he blushed brightly. "Um....just....just be cool wh-when we get there....d-don't freak out." Goreous was in over his head right now. He just hoped deeply hoped this would work.