The Forest of Nazradil

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  1. The Ceremony had been long and the tears seemed to never to stop flowing. All members of the Ambertalon Tribe, young and old, all showed up to pay there respects to their fallen leader. His wolven body lay silent and unmoving atop a high stacked funeral pyr, waiting to be lit by his wife, in order to cross over to the next world.

    Moonpaw was heavy with despair, cuddled close to her only pup and soon to be leader of their tribe; Redbird. The young girl watched with blood shot eyes as her Mother left her side, trembling and forcing a dignified posture. It was obvious that Moonpaw rather crumple into a ball and sleep away the sadness, but she had the whole tribe watching her.

    Redbird cringed as she witnessed the lighting of a funeral pyr for the first time. She never expected that it would be her Father...

    The night had gone by as slow as possible, draining all the spirit from the young girl. Her eyes drooped as her Mother finally returned to wrapp a pale arm around her petite body. She reflected on the past events, the news of her Fathers death and the obvious foul play that had been given to them from Ja'Rom. The Great Owl had somehow managed to witness it all, reporting to them that her Father, Ambertalon, had fought to the death with the leader of the southern tribe; Bloodcall.

    Redbird was unsure of what to believe, but one thing was obvious; her Father was dead and she was the new leader.
  2. Calab was sitting in the back of the pack as usual, alone. He watched as Moonpaw stood up leaving Redbird behind and she walked to the pyr. He put his paw over his eyes and hid his face as Moonpaw moved to light it.

    He listened as the fire started almost instantly. 'Whooh' He didn't look up, it was too hard to see the alpha burning. He kept his eyes covered whimpering slightly wishing it would all go away. He wanted no fire, no pyr, no death, no sorrow. He wanted life to be about racing fish, wresting, chasing the small animals that roam the forest solely for their amusement. Unfortunately this was not the only part of his life... anymore.

    Redbird was now Alpha, he knew her quite well because they had played when they were younger... until she was no longer aloud to socialize with him... he was the lowest rank in the pack... but when they had the chance they would sneak out and play in the river. Things were going to be different now... she will have to much work at hand with talks of war and all... she had to do whatever it was that alphas did. He understood that.
  3. Axel bowed his head as the embers rose into the air. The smell of burning flesh was rancid by all accounts, but it was his leader. Never mind that he hadn't been a part of the pack very long -- six months was quite short -- but his sense of loyalty was a bit extreme if he did say so myself.

    But even if his loyalty and respect was hard to beat, he was still hungry. Prayers for the former leader's soul had already gone up, and the hunt in his honor had yet to begin. The nigh hardly aged, and there was much to go after. However, he couldn't leave without knowing everything would be fine.

    The silver wolf peered behind himself at who he knew to be Calab and followed the other's gaze.

    Ah, their new leader -- an Alpha Female. Idly, he wondered what new direction the pack would take from this night on.
  4. Onyx was sat at a slight distance from the bulk of the pack, not from lack of respect or because of a low rank; merely because he preferred to be alone most of the time, especially during times of deep thought or emotion. Though he has a tendency to spend more time in his human form than the majority of the pack, he sat as a wolf now, as was respectful during the lighting of a pyre.

    The turmoil was clear in Moonpaw's whole demeanour, as hard as she may try to seem strong. As for Redbird, she seemed to be putting all her effort into simply staying erect. It was hard enough for Onyx to come to terms with the sudden departure of their leader, he couldn't imagine what the two of them must be going through. A silent tear made its way down his face and glittered in the flickering light as the pyre went up.
  5. Axel figured it was time to break the silence. From what he knew, the Big Man. as he used to call him, would want to call it a victorious journey through life without regrets. Taking a chance, he craned his neck back and split the thick silence with a howl. They were wolves, dammit. A wolf would stand proud -- even if one had lost a dear leader. There was nothing like having one.

    So it was best to celebrate what they had than to mourn what they'd lost.
  6. Redbird heard the howl coming from the back of the pack, insticually taking her traditional form and joining in the haunting song. Her Mother turned swiftly on bare feet, taking shape and echoing her high pitched cries of love lost. One by one the other pack members joined the howl, chilling the night with their voices. It lasted for what seemed like eternity, gifting each one of them with the sense of unity that was blessed in a pack so close knit. Redbird hung her head low, turning away from the pyr as the flames engolfed her fathers regal body; unable to watch as he was ravaged and swept away by the night air.

    Slowly the young wolf walked through the pack, looked into the eyes of her hurting packmates and feeling weak knowing their lives were now in her hands.
  7. Calab listened to the others howl. He didn't have one in him, he continued to lay where he was resting his head on his paws. He was facing away from the group now, not wanting to see the flames burning away. He was a bit lost now, not knowing what he would do... the knowledge that each night Redbird would not sneak out with him to the river so they could play like they had done so many times before. A slight whimper escaped him as he stood and walked into the forest, just far enough away to hear anything said but at the same time he wouldn't be seen. He rested laying against a tree and looking up at the moon through the leaves that half hide it, ruining its perfect shape. He wanted this night to end, he wanted to be able to go to the river and forget about everything that has happened. He was unaware that doing so could be dangerous... especially with the talk of war.
  8. Onyx's howl went up with the rest of them as the pack both lamented the loss of their beloved leader and celebrated all he had achieved. His eyes, along with most, followed Redbird as she made her way through the pack. He knew she most likely wanted to be alone for a while but even though he wasn't required to, he felt obligated to swear his fealty anew. Thus, he slowly approached the young chieftain and began to growl softly, his words faltering slightly in his grief but still holding enough purpose to be heard by the whole pack:

    "Ambertalon was a great leader, as any here would attest. You may not know this, Redbird, but your father and I grew up together and shared a great bond, even in recent days when we spoke little." He paused for a moment, realising that their lack of interaction was mostly his own fault and he regretted that he hadn't spent more time with his Leader and friend when he'd had the chance. When he found his voice again it was more stable and he continued with more confidence, his growl occasionally developing into barks and yelps,"I would have followed your father's rule no matter his decisions. As, I'm sure, would any other who sits here with us now. You may feel unprepared for, and undeserving of the title now passed to you, but I speak the truth when I tell you that I see your mother's wisdom in your eyes and feel your father's strength in your heart and I know that you will make a greater leader than even you yourself would believe. Thus I swear to you now," he began to lower his head as he spoke, and slowly brought his right paw beneath his chest as he bowed in a show of both submission and respect, "I will follow you as I followed your father; wherever your rule may lead us, I will always be at your call." At that, he remained bowed and waited silently. He wasn't sure if his words had been the right ones, nor how they might be received by either the clan or Redbird herself. But he had spoken from the heart and hoped that his words would at least make Redbird feel a little better, if nothing else.
  9. "We'll all be," Axel affirmed with a huff. "You've got the Big Guy's blood in you. You're more than capable, Milady."

    He rose off his haunches and turned away from the Pyre completely, moving to plant himself right behind their new leader. "See? I'm right behind you."

    It was a horrible time to even attempt joking, as many would think. However, Axel was just as serious as Onyx. They always had been a pack and hell if a mere death, no matter how significant, would be the force that drove them apart.
  10. Laura was off, straying from her pack in her wolf form. She walked slowly, not really wanting to be seen was she watched Ambertalon lay to rest their beloved leader. Corrupted thoughts flew through her head as she watched the young daughter become the new leader. She crouched low, her ears laid flat back, hiding behind some bushes and watching. After all, she was on enemy territory, and she didn't want to face death...But she very much wanted to see what they'd do now.
  11. Calab thought about walking out and doing the same as someof the others but it would require talking in front of others. He would mess up, he knew it. He just lay there listening to them swearing allegiance, knowing that if he had done so as well it might be taken as an insult. He was the lowest in the pack and they were pretty high in rank.<o:p></o:p>
    He got up and started to slowly walk until he found another wolf laying behind a bush. He didn't know she was from a different pack so he lay down near her. "You’re hiding too?" He said a little happy that he wasn't the only one. "I don't want to mess anything up so I came out here, what about you?" He saidtrying to strike a conversation though he spoke quietly. He figured she had to be of low rank as well considering she wasn't with the others. It didn't even cross his mind that she might be from another pack. To her he might have sounded like a sly fox more than a wolf.
  12. Laura looked over at him, and rested her head on her paws, swaying her tail quietly. "Eh... Not very social. And I do tend to make things go badly, so I'm keeping my distance." She started to think- she'd befriend him. She could get the latest information from him... Yes, this would work perfectly. "So, what's your name again? Sorry... I have bad memory sometimes.." She curled her tail around her, and lifted her head off her paws, switching positions slightly to lay on her side more.
  13. Calab started to wag his tail, she was just like him, not social, messes things up, and has a bad memory when it comes to names. "I'm Calab. What's yours?" He says as he roles himself over on his back and looks at her upside down. "Do you like to swim? Have you ever played in the woods at night? Do you like to play tag?"
  14. She tilted her head a bit, and gave him a fake name. "Desi." She flicked her tail as he started to get excited. "I love to swim, I have played in the woods, and tag...I haven't played that yet." She watched his behavior carefully to see if he bought in to her act. Then she rolled over, and rolled into him, putting her paws on his stomach in a playful way.
  15. The new leader was caught off guard, taking a step back when Onyx knelt down in front of her. She knew this wolf well; he was older and very close with her father. His words made her heart drop. How was he so sure that she would be a good leader? She knew nothing about leading a pack. Instead of opting for the males to fight for dominace, which was tradition; he passed his leadership on to her. Her only way out of the responsibility was to choose a mate and put him in the posistion of power. The thought made her cringe.

    "Onyx...Axel..." Redbird huffed, finally leaving her thoughts to address her loyalists. "Thank you for cherishing my Father like you did. I know he would be very honored to hear your words now." She whined, unable to hold back her sadness. "I do not know if I can be everything you want me to be.... but I will try..." The fur on the back of her neck stood up on end as Onyx bowed his head. Was this really her future?
  16. "Nice to meet you Desi." He said overjoyed to seeshe liked to play as well. "I will teach you how to play tag." Hesaid as he slipped out from her paws and taped her head. "Your it. Now youhave to chase me and tag me." He turned and started to run, he was fastand agile from all the times he had raced the fish, chased the small creatures,and even from when he played with red bird. "Try and catch me!" Heshouted as he laughed with joy as he kept running.<o:p></o:p>
  17. Keeping her mind off of emotional matters Lilith managed the outskirts of the Bloodcall territory alone. The funeral of their alpha was taking place far behind her form, the circle of the picked wolfs bane flowers circulated around the Bloodcalls main camp. They were not a clan of very much wealth, Bloodcall very much more nature based than the other clans known to this part of the forest. However, being situated in a forest full of Giant Sequoais the tree trunks were thick enough to inhabit the members of the clan, keeping them safe and warm in the harsh winters that came through these parts. In the center of the trees were the many faces of battle torn wolves. The body of the alpha segregated in the middle, with a blanket of wolfs bane over his body. His head shrouded in a silk cloth stained with tears from the loved ones around him. The whimpers and yelps couldn't be contained by the pups of the wolves. Although not offspring of the Alpha he was their father, and their leader.

    Her red tinted eyes turned away so she couldn't even see the service in from her peripherals. Fully concentrating on the environment around her, her well toned senses picking up the slight scent of smoke from the air. Assuming it was the other clan holding their funeral rights in honor of their own Alpha, her face fell forward. It was mere courtesy she gave the other clan to hold out their funeral rights without any blood being shed by her own. However there was a bounding noise coming closer to their lands.. Her feet kept behind the circle of the flowers which accumulated their way around the clans territory, and she awaited what was to come, shifting her shadow closer under the darker hollows of a tree aside. They were surely not going to try and attack them now? Would they not share the same courtesy the Bloodcall clan was giving for their own funeral service? A tint of a growl coiled its way into her jowls which lifted them revealing the abnormally lengthy and sharp canines contained behind her muzzle. Although the noise was at such a far distance, it was moving fast in the area...
  18. Laura crouched, and then pounced forwards, landing in a run. She was fast. Very fast. She darted towards Caleb, but as he was more agile, when he turned she tended to slide a bit, slowing her down. But she kept at it. As she chased him, she started to gain speed, and closed in on him. With every stride she stretched out farther, pushing herself harding. it was almost like hunting...Only...A game.

    Then, she saw it. Her own pack's territory. Uh oh, this will spell out trouble. With the thought of Caleb's game getting her in trouble, she jumped, pushing her body forwards with her hind legs and tackling him. "," she panted."
  19. Onyx raised his head and looked Redbird in the eyes. "I am beyond doubt that you are more than capable of being what we need to you be. And that is all I, for one, want you to be. Furthermore..." He cut off and his head darted to the left as he noticed sudden movement in the undergrowth. He relaxed as he realised it was only one of the younger pack members playing in the bushes. What was his name... Callum? Something similar, at least. Onyx was terrible with names, especially names of those with a more 'modern' pack designation than his own.

    He was about to continue what he had been saying when his attention was stolen once again: another figure was chasing the youngling. He didn't focus enough to recognise the other, however, as he'd now brushed off his initial alarm at the movement and he returned his attentions to Redbird once again.
    "Apologies, M'Lady. I've forgotten what I was saying. Never mind; I was rambling anyway. I've said all which needs to be said. With your leave..." With that, he walked slowly over to the pyre and touched the ground with his nose, in a solemn show of respect, then gave Moonpaw an equally solemn look of respectful acknowledgement before adjourning to a quiet space to be with his thoughts.
  20. Axel stood and walked around to face his new leader, bumping the underside of her muzzle with his own. "Chin up, Boss Lady. You do know you got us to help out." He huffed a bit, tongue lolling out at the thought he figured he should voice. "We're the Taliban and you're our leader. We got this."