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  1. The Forest of Nazradil
    For years, the balance of the forest has been disturbed by a deep seeded feud between two tribes of Spiritual Shape shifters. The Shifters, responsible for upholding balance and order with the great forest of Nazradil have turned on each other, killing under the assumption that their leaders murdered each other in a mysterious battle that was only witnessed by Ja’Rom- The Great Owl.​
    Ja’Rom spread terrible rumors to the Tribes, feeding their hatred and playing games with them. The reason for this betrayal by the Great Owl was his own greedy desires. As long as the Great Forest is in balance, the Great Owl may never travel the world, being forced to remain in the ancient tree to keep watch over the forest and it’s inhabitance. Growing tired of his responsibility made Ja’Rom devise his plan to sabotage his homeland of Nazradil- giving him a chance to escape.​
    Bloodcall, the leader of the Bloodcall Tribe and Ambertalon, the leader of the Ambertalon Tribe, met in the forest one night, both summoned by the Great owl- Ja’Rom, completely unaware of his terrible plans.​
    When the remaining pack members found their leaders in wolf form and dead in the snow, that is when the battle started, each side blaming the other for what happened. Ja’Rom played sides, telling each in secret that the other was responsible and how horrible the battle was.​
    Now the children of the fallen have taken up their rein as leaders.​

    ~Please read the rules of the Rp~
    1) posts must be at least two paragraphs long.
    2) Romance is accepted, but anything other than that must be taken to Pm's or somewhere private :3
    3) Swearing is fine, but please do not over do it
    4) I enjoy when someone takes liberties with the plot, but please make sure to run your idea(s) by me first, since I am directing the flow of the story.
    5) please do not take IC comments personally, if a character has a problem with your character, it doesn't mean that player has a problem with you.

    Please fill out this form to be accepted into the rp:
    Wolf form:​
    Human Form:​
    Name:Redbird (Esthalia)​
    Tribe: Ambertalon​
    Wolf form:[​IMG]
    Human form:​
    Personality: very fun and playful. Redbird was not ready for leadership, but she tries her best to follow her fathers example. She often looks to her mother, Moonpaw for advice,​
    and comfort in hard times. She is very young, but she is trying her hardest to lead.​
    Bloodcall- Lillith,Laura​
    Ambertalon: Redbird, Caleb, Onyx & Axel

    *All names crossed out are deceased*
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  2. Will join when gets on computer!
  3. Name: Caleb
    Tribe: Ambertalon
    Personality: He is very playful and likes to wonder around alone and play in the water of a stream. He doesn't like to fight but can if need be and he is muscular. Unlike most wolfs he is a great swimmer and likes to try and race fish that swim around... he hasn't beaten one yet but each day he gets a little closer.

  4. Hey Wolfess! Everything looks awesome, but i've added human forms to the thread, please choose a human form :)
  5. Like I told Wolfess, Everything looks awesome, but i've added human forms to the thread, please choose a human form :)
  6. Thak you muchly~
  7. Would it be okay to have a character who doesn't have too much major input to start with? As I can't guarantee how often I'll be on... I'll try to post as often as I can and I'll definitely make sure I keep up enough to stay involved, etc.

    Also, if I joined I was thinking a character who is a part of a clan but is a bit of an outcast. Who doesn't agree with the fighting and tries to stay away from it as much as possible until he knows what has actually happened, or something... would that be okay? (not a fully developed idea as usual :') haha)
  8. [MENTION=1718]MohawkMan[/MENTION]: If you can develop that idea and get back to me, I think he would be a good addition. The RP will not start for a while, because we need more people. So if you are still in and out at that point- I can push your character along.
  9. I think I'm pretty much decided on my character now - he'll be kind of a loner and disagree with the fighting but would do as told by the tribe leader. Quick question though: would you prefer I used a regular name, or one more like "Ambertalon" and "Redbird" ?
  10. [MENTION=1718]MohawkMan[/MENTION]: it would be nice if you gave them a name like the ones I've created, but it isn't necessary :D
  11. [I should post more than I originally thought I'd be able to :) ]

    Name: Onyxtail (shortened to just 'Onyx')
    Tribe: Ambertalon
    Wolf form:
    [​IMG] (Onyxtail is named so for the odd mix of ashen and red pigmentation in his tail, which resembles sardonyx)
    Human form:
    Personality: Onyx is a bit of a loner when it comes to the tribe in general and he doesn't agree with the general consensus that they should turn to all-out war against the Bloodcalls. His tendency to operate mostly alone shouldn't be mistaken for disloyalty, however: he'd always follow Ambertalon's rule, and has the utmost respect for Redbird.
    He's suspicious of the way Ja'Rom has fed the tribe with stories of the battle, though would never voice his opinion outwardly and tries to dismiss his unsettling thoughts because the Great Owl is revered by all.

    (Hope this is okay, I'll change anything if need be.)
  12. Am I allowed to make a second Character? I easily keep up with two characters.
  13. I was thinking of a traitor...

    Name: Laura
    Tribe: Bloodcall
    Wolf Form: [​IMG]

    Human Form: [​IMG]

    Personality: Laura is sly, and cunning. She should have been a fox- it would have suit her well. As she is apart of the bloodcall tribe, she is not happy with taking the orders of others. She cleverly uses people, easily making them trust her and her word over others. Her use of emotions and words would make any wolf of the pack fall for her- if she wanted. She's not the loyal type... Doesn't really like "commitment."
  14. I would rather you stayed with one character so we can invite more people into the game. Thank you.
  15. But theirs no posted limit to characters
  16. Then Laura it is. . .
  17. It's a preferance, not a rule. I know I never set a tribe member limit, but I should have.
    I am going to make a list of tribe members to compair and see what we've got going on :)
  18. ok so there are 4 people on Ambertalon and 2 on Bloodcall. Let's get two more on bloodcall and we can start!
  19. It could be 4-3 xD