The Forest Of Myths and Legends

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  1. ~*~*~The Spirit Goddess of the Forest~*~*~
    The Spirit Goddess walked around the forest calmly enjoying the sight of everyone getting along except for the occasional dispute or rough housing but currently everything was at peace. She caught sight of beautiful Naiads waving at her as she seemed to glide on the forest's floor, she smiled softly and waved back. The Naiads became more enthusiastic and lifted their incredibly beautiful and exotic tails from the water showing off the too-pretty-for-words view of their multicolored scales shining and sparkling in the light from the blue sky before lowering them back into the water and they too disappeared into the aqua water.
    The Goddess continued on through the forest pleased at the sight of Werewolves running around and booming with laughter as they whipped through the trees, Fairies giggling and swishing as they flew around her figure sometimes putting a flower in her long hair, a female blue bird Halfling flew down to her side and transformed bowing low and chatting with her for a while before it jumped and transformed gracefully flying away and out of sight. The Goddess still did not stop and made her way through the forest continuing to interact with the inhabitants of her forest before all of sudden she began to disintegrate away into gold sand leaving behind only the scent of Cheery blossoms. The barrier glowed faintly and rippled but remained standing without problem but somewhere in a dark part of the forest a chilling laughter seemed to echo but it fell upon deaf ears.
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  2. Samael weaved through the undergrowth, sniffing out every corner to make sure there wasn't any danger behind the next giant oak tree. The forest was alive with the sound of critters and beasts. What would today bring for an average demon? The boy grumbled and walked around a large puddle of mud, putting his guard down. There wasn't any use of it, he never seen anyone in these lonely woods.

    Just then, a flicker of pink light buzzed over to Samael, sending glitter flying in all directions, but disappearing once it hit the forest floor. The fairy landed on Samael's shoulder gracefully. Samael raised his hand and attempted to sweep the fairy off his shoulder. "Hey!" A squeak sounded.

    "What's got your panties in a bunch, demon?" Pandora asked as she gingerly fluttered around Samael's head, making her way in front of the boy's face. "Nothing." Samael stated blandly. "Sure doesn't sound like nothing to me." Pandora chimed and sat down on Samael's shoulder, resting her shimmering pink wings. Samael sighed, "Just drop it, Pandora."

    Pandora fell silent Samael was always in a sour mood. This wasn't anything new or to be concerned about.
  3. Chu~Pa SanGrey
    A young vampire wandered sat at the base of a willow tree on a root, he wore a white dress shirt and black pants with black shoes and suspenders. His white dress shirt was without tie or bow and had the neck button undone and he appeared bored with his elbows on his knees and the palms of his hands digging into his cheeks.
    Chu~kun was silent as he stayed in the shade of the trees in a part of the forest that had a thick canopy, perfect for creatures that detested the sun, like him. "Hmm I wonder what Inola-chan is doing, chu..." he wondered to himself out loud. He sighed and sat up removing his elbows from his knees and put his hands behind his head looking up with his eyes closed 'There's nothing fun to do... I hope night comes soon...' he thought to himself feeling bored and desperate for some sort of entertainment. "Ahhh! I wanna do something!" he whined loudly not caring if anyone or anything heard him and his complaint, in fact perhaps that was what he wanted...
  4. Lynn roamed through the forest, kicking a pebble with her bare foot. She sighed; it was another boring day. She looked up at the sky, wondering if she should turn into a bird and fly until she found adventure, but she knew it would take too much energy and she continued walking, her simple blue dress flowing around her as she walked. Suddenly, she heard another voice. It was vaguely familiar, but she kept to herself or the animals, so she didn't really know the other beings. She poked her head around a tree and stared at the boy. "It sounds like he's bored as well," she thought to herself and cleared her throat, indicating her presence. "Excuse me? Boy? Did you say you were bored?"
  5. Samael turned quickly to the sound of a female voice. At least, that's what it sounded like. Samael wasn't sure what other voices sounded like other than Pandora's.

    He wasn't like others- he woke up one day as a young boy with the ability to turn into a panther. He had been alone for some months before Pandora found him, helpless and weak. Dirty and cold, Samael had reached out to the tiny, pink fairy who also didn't know if there were other fairies in the forest. The two had become best friends since, with Pandora teaching Samael how to survive, and playing the mother-role.

    "Hello...?" Samael growled, cautious- his defense up and ready to strike. "Who's there?"
  6. Inola crouched carefully in the tree line, eyes trained on a single bird on a branch. There was a nest, full of bird eggs and even though half of her said no... The fox side of her always ruled her decisions. She used her tail to balance as she stalked the birds, copper gaze carefully keeping watch. She wore only chest bindings and her short pants, her wrap being on the ground. She did not want to rip it, should she fall or slip.
    When she was in jumping distance, she grinned. She sprang, transforming in mid air to land next to the nest, vulpine form lean and wicked. She grabbed 3 eggs in her mouth and then, realising her dilemma, transformed back. She took 5 eggs out of the 10 there, ignoring the parental birds swooping her head, knowing that with the approaching winter they would not be able to feed 10 chicks.
    Inola peered at the ground and despite the great height, let herself jump down and land on the balls of her feet. She grabbed her wrap and then set off on a stroll.
    She could hear someone nearby and giggled when she heard voices, one of them definitely belonging to her friend.
    She sneaked a glance into the clearing and saw Chu sitting in the clearing, a bored air about him. A blue haired had just entered the area, a curious and inquisitive look on her petite face.

    Inola smirked and called out to her friend. "Hey, Chu~~~Pa~~~! I was eating eggs, they are soooo good! Are you still bored?" Inola then realised she had forgotten the blue haired girl and smiled at her. "Hey, I have not seen you around these parts."
  7. Chu~Pa SanGrey
    Chu~kun looked startled at the girl and his body tensed up but he relaxed "Hey there! Yeah, what about you, chu?" he asked his lips curving into a smile displaying his pearly white teeth and elongated canines. Before the girl could answer his friend, Inola, called out to him then addressed the girl. He stood up and brushed himself off before giving her an accusing glance "You didn't eat them all right, chu? he had asked about the eggs even though he wasn't that fond of eating them but he was able to if he wanted to but he felt that a little bit of teasing would relieve him some of his boredom. "And of course I'm still bored! Daylight time is sooo boring that I could bite my fingers till they're stumps, chu!" he said dramatically huffing and crossing his arms, looking away and pouting with his eyes closed.
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  8. Kikaku was not doing much of anything right now. He was taking a nap in one of the trees, but that was just about it. True, he could be doing other things right now, but he hadn't gotten quite as much sleep as he had wanted the night before, and he needed to stop for just a while to recharge before going about his own business again. Even though it was daytime, the tree he was in had very comfortable branches, and this part of the forest was nice and quiet, so he had thought it would be the perfect place for a quick snooze.

    Of, course, then the noise started up several minutes later. Looking down from his perch, the tengu could see a small group gathering in that general area. How curious. Rather than actually joining in, however, he opted to watch for a while from where he was.
  9. Nyaashi had just finished restocking her herb and powder stock. It had been quite difficult to find one herb in particular, Gotu Kola and she had had to search near the boundaries of the forest to get some. Soon she would have to leave the forest completely if she wanted to replenish her stock of that herb...She didn't know what was going on. Usually, Gotu Kola grew in great heaps as there were so many supernatural beings nearby, but now she could barely find one plot. It was definitely something worth mentioning to Big Sister.

    Covering the herb stock hold with living moss, she left her usual dwelling in search of the Spirit Goddess. On her way she passed by a gathering of young ones, but she paid them naught but a wave before continuing on her way.
  10. ~*~*~The Spirit Goddess of the Forest~*~*~
    She laid curled, under a large and beautiful cherry blossom tree, she was at peace and calm and the tree was blooming, her expression gentle and she even appeared to be in a gentle slumber. It made for a beautiful sight to behold but at this particular time there's was none to witness it...nor what came next. Her peaceful face wrinkled and her brows furrowed in pain and her curled body tightened, her hands clenched and her mouth opened in a silent scream but worst of all...
    The tree's flowers were torn away by a sudden torrent of wind leaving it barren and seemingly lifeless, a single flower remained on a branch that was directly above the pained figure as though it alone gave a sign of hope. The beautiful Goddess laid under the tree her only thought, dull as though in a fever yet she remained in a drowse as the pain slowly's effects though...remained.
  11. Brillo Luz
    A young fairy in her creature form darted around the forest happily and giggled to herself "I can't believe I got to see the Spirit Goddess!" she shrieked and hovered for a minute to swoon "She's so beautiful and elegant! Oh! I should go tell Ougura-sama, he'll probably be at the River of Valquia." she giggled before darting off through the trees her small and bright light moving through the forest at a rapid pace, her being an abnormality giving her the ability of incredibly fast flying however...even at the age of 97 she was without a single fairy friend. They preferred to stay away from her leaving her to live in the harsh world of the forest alone...until she met a river spirit that she soon became attached to, her only real friend.
  12. Oogura was in his own lake in the middle of the forest. He was a fearsome dragon at this very moment and his golden body could be seen brushing up against the surface. Right now he was in deep thought. He wondered about what was happening. Something was very wrong in this forest that he lived in. Ougura had lived in this forest for many centuries and he was aware something was changing. Unfortunately, it did not seem like it was for the better. He submerged himself completely underwater again before coming out to the shore with the appearance of human male. He looked around and breathed deeply before watching over his lake like he always had.
  13. Brillo Luz
    Brillo flew at a slower pace when she could smell the water and the smell of strong spiritual power "Hmm I wonder if someone else else is there along with Ougura-kun..." she stopped, her fairy form hovering in the air, and put her hand on her chin before shrugging and continuing her advance to the large River. Brillo smiled as she broke the treeline and was greeted with the beautiful sight of the River of Valquia she smiled widely to herself and took in an exaggerated inhale of breath and "OUGUURAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-KUUUN" she yelled and a flock of birds flew from the trees, squawking their annoyance at her but all they got was a pouty face and tongue stuck out at them "Hmph stupid crows" she muttered and looked around to the river seeing two different motions in the water her breath catching "Wha..."
  14. Ougura raised an eyebrow as his name was called. It was Brillo no doubt. She was the only one who would yell it out so obnoxiously.

    "Hello. Have you something to tell me Brillo?" Ougura asked the small fairy. His voice was soothing and calming like the water in which he lived.

    His golden hair swayed gently with the soft breeze of the wind. His smile smile was soft as his friend greeted him. Ougura did mind it much when she disturbed the peace. Ougura noticed how the water moved and noted it for later observation. The coy fish in the river swam in circles near the shore and reminded him strongly of Yin and Yang.
  15. Brillo Luz
    Brillo gasped and turned her head to the side seeing Ougura-kun "Oh sorry! I didn't realize you were there!" she said with a giggle. Brillo suddenly became enveloped in light and it grew showing the bright figure turn into a medium sized ball before it uncurled revealing a humanoid figure, the light died down revealing Brillo in her "human" form. "You're rarely in your human form...Anything weird happen today that I should know of?" she asked bouncing toward him, her eyebrow raised to accompany her question. She gasped remembering he had asked her if she had anything to him and her eyes lit up "Oh you wouldn't believe it! I saw The Spirit Goddess today!!" she squealed and began rambling about how she had even put a flower in the Goddess's hair and dramatically telling the story.
  16. Ougura chuckled as Brillo told her story. She was a fan of drama as per usual. He listened intently to her story until she was finished before answering her question.

    "I'm glad that you saw the Spirit Goddess today. I hope she is fairing well. Unfortunately my river has been moving in two different directions. Normally, that would not concern me because I am usually the cause of such an abnormality. I fear the worst is yet to come," Ougura admitted, "However maybe I'm just being negative. Shall we tell the Spirit Goddess of my concerns anyway? Perhaps you'd favor seeing her again?"

    Ougura wasn't sure if this really was a problem or not, but he thought he might warn someone of what could be happening to this peaceful forest. He looked to be in deep thought as he stared blankly off into the distance.
  17. Brillo Luz
    Her eyes widened and she squealed before throwing her arms up and dramatically giving him a bear hug (or tried to considering their difference in sizes). "Really? Really? Yay! I'm so excited! I wonder if she still has the flower I put in her hair earlier! Wouldn't that be spectacular! Oh dear what would I say?"she rambled on excitedly before releasing Ougura-kun and smiling "Should we go now?" she asked calming down from her high a little, already starting to glow slightly as though preparing to transform.