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  1. There was once peace in the forest of Falconim. Living in secret, a half-successful scientific experiment thrived: Birds of prey with human intelligence. All of the test subjects were members of the superorder Falconimorphae, and nearly every species had success in the experiment. A few birds were released into the wild to be monitored, but the tracking devices failed and the birds were lost forever in the vast valley of Falconim.
    Quickly discovering their differences, the birds split into two main groups: The Striga, a flock of Strigiformes, or owls, and The Falkon, a group of Falconiformes, or every other species of predatory birds.
    Until now, the two flocks have lived in peace, every bird in them intelligent enough to understand how important a life without violence was to their future. Unfortunately, in the past years birds have been disappearing from each flock. With each birdnapping a strange, unsigned note was left: We have the captives. No one will survive the war. Your rivals are waiting beside you in the forest.
    Assuming the kidnappers were their neighboring flock, each side prepared for war.
    Will you investigate who is really behind these disappearances, or lead your side to a victory you are certain will solve the case?

    ~ Keep the violence to low PG-13 during fight scenes.
    ~ No cursing in or out of character.
    ~ You cannot kill or cripple another person's character without their permission.
    ~ No major plot twists without my permission! This is very important to the RP.
    ~ If a bird is not part of The Audox (See the flocks below "Rules") their species (Owl/Not an Owl) MUST match their flock.
    ~ Your characters can have a mate and chicks. Just please do NOT describe "how they got their children."
    ~ No magic or powers. The reason the birds are intelligent is because of experiments, not magic.
    ~ No invincible characters, please.
    ~ When fighting, one blow per post. The other person decides the injury taken. (Unless the two fighting are your own characters.)
    ~ Your characters can only dodge 1 out of every 4 blows aimed at them. All other injuries must be at LEAST as bad as a papercut.
    ~ Be realistic in fights, a single bird can't be attacked by ten birds twice as big as them and come out with two or three scratches.
    ~ Please, ONLY use birds of prey,these from the superorder Falconimorphae. Birds can be owls or other birds of prey. Anything you want that fits this requirement will do. :)
    ~ Please don't start anymore flocks. You MAY start a small group but it MUST stay involved in the plot (Your group can work on tracking down the real kidnappers or work for them.) It cannot be a flock but CAN have a leader.
    ~ No instant healing! Your birds MUST take a reasonable amount of time to recover from battles.
    ~ Birds in the RP can read/write/etc. They cannot build houses, libraries, or any other buildings. Be creative in where your characters stash their stuff! (Birds of prey simply don't have the supplies or hands to build huge things whether they are intelligent or not.)
    ~ No modern technology or weapons like computers or guns. Like in the above rule, birds don't have hands or other basic body parts to build these things.
    ~ The birds can fight with blades and fire. (Fires must be lit in some semi-realistic way, though.)

    The Flocks:

    The Falkon: The Falkon is the flock of Falconiformes, or any bird of prey that is NOT an Owl. They own the eastern side of the forest. They were the first flock to have members kidnapped and accuse the Striga.

    The Striga: The Striga is the flock of Strigiformes, or owls. They own the western side of the forest beside their rival flock, the Falkon. When The Falkon falsely accused them of birdnapping birds from their flock, they assumed the kidnappings from their side were done by the Falkons and began the war.

    The Audox: The Audox is the secret flock behind the kidnappings. The flock is made of birds from both rival flocks who have agreed to start a war to eliminate both. Their motives are mostly power, and because of their smaller numbers, they plan on using trickery to get it. They hide in the unclaimed land between the Falkon and Striga. No one has discovered them...yet.

    Leader: The leader is the bird that makes most decisions for the flock. Leaders can be driven out of their flocks if most birds in the flock decide they make unwise choices, but most of the time they have nearly absolute power. The Leader has the right to choose new generals.
    General: Generals command soldiers and, in extreme cases, civilians to battle. There is about 3-4 with the average flock, but more are often added as the flock grows bigger. Generals can retire at anytime, but they must notify the leader first.
    Soldiers: Soldiers are birds trained to fight. They are led by either the General or Leader, depending on the size of the battle they are facing. Younger soldiers are often trained by older, experienced ones or retired soldiers who have become civilians.
    Civilians: Civilians are birds that are retired, young, mothers, or simply unable to become soldiers out of personal choice or failure in training. They rarely fight unless the flock is facing a large threat and needs extra assistance.
    Head Librarian: The Head Librarian is often an older, more intelligent bird. They are rarely younger than 10 or 20 because of the amount of experience it takes to become one. Head Librarians are in charge of guarding secrets and records from the history of the flock. They are also in charge of recording events that happen for future members of the flock to learn from. The "library" used by them is usually a cave or large hollow in a tree, but more creative places can be used. When under attack, they are in charge of keeping the most valuable knowledge of the flock from being destroyed.

    Ranks Outside of Flocks:
    Freeflier: A Freeflier is the nickname for a bird that does not have a flock. They live in the Unclaimed (Orange) land and can be useful in the war if you convince them to fight for your side.
    Missing: A Missing Bird is a bird who was kidnapped by the Audox. When a bird who was formerly roleplayed as another rank is kidnapped, their rank is changed to this. You may create a bird who was ALREADY captured before the RP. You MUST include the bird's former flock when you create a Missing Bird.

    Joining Form:
    [center][img]Image Here[/img]
    *My Name Is {Name Here} And I Am {Gender Here}"
    "My Species? Well I Am A {Specie Here}"
    "Other Birds Consider Me To Be {Personality Here}"
    "My Past Is My Life Story And You Are Here To Listen. {History Here}"
    "Anything Else...Well {Yes/No If Yes Explain Here and please put their occupation!}"[/center]

    Ranks of the Flocks:

    ~The Falkon~
    Envik (ShadowHeart26)

    Generals: [2 Open. More to be added.]
    Quyen (Koene)

    Soldiers: [Unlimited Open]
    Cali (DandyLoops123)

    Civilians: [Unlimited Open]
    Gauvain (Koene)

    Head Librarian: OPEN!

    ~The Striga~
    Butch (DandyLoops123)

    Generals: 2 SPACES OPEN!
    Malthus (Doncaster)

    Soldiers: [Unlimited Open]

    Civilians: [Unlimited Open]

    Head Librarian: OPEN!

    ~The Audox~
    Leader: OPEN!

    Generals: 2 SPACES OPEN!
    Cres (ShadowHeart26)

    Soldiers: [Unlimited Open]

    Civilians: [Unlimited Open]

    Head Librarian: OPEN

    [Unlimited Open]
    Areiz (SilverJae)

    Charlie (DandyLoops123)

    ~Missing Birds~
    Falkon Members: [3 Open. More places will be added.]
    Striga Members: [2 Open. More places will be added.]
    Augustus (Doncaster)

    My Characters:

    *My Name Is Cali And I Am Female"
    "My Species? Well I Am A Harpy Eagle"
    "Other Birds Consider Me To Be big, strong and brutish, one of the only female birds in the army. My large size enables her to push other birds around as I am one of the biggest birds in the world if not the biggest. There are not very many of my species left and sadly I lost My family during the move to the island."
    "My Past Is My Life Story And You Are Here To Listen. I lived a relatively normal life and have become a well known and hard working soldier. I often wish my family could see me now after I was taken as a fledgling to this island with a radio collar attached to my neck. Thankfully I managed to remove it as it kept giving me electric shocks but I think it was broken anyway as no one came back for it."
    "Anything Else...Part Of The Falkon"

    *My Name Is Charlie And I Am Male"
    "My Species? Well I Am A Barn Owl"
    "Other Birds Consider Me To Be a pest sometimes, but I am always caught when I am flying over but they have gotten used to my presence. The clan set me back, I want to be a bird that is free. Not like the humans that captured us and forced us to become like them, intelligence wise. So I guess I am free, Wild and Persistent."
    "My Past Is My Life Story And You Are Here To Listen. I lived a relatively normal life, I was free at first, living with my parents until I fledged. To the humans I was the perfect specimen for their little experiment. I was quickly cornered, lured into one of their traps. I was young and naive, falling easily for their bait. I was captured and radio collared. The collar went around my leg because of my size. It remains there today but it doesn't work, it is more of s symbol to my past."
    "Anything Else...I'm A Free Flier"
    *My Name Is Male And I Am Male"
    "My Species? Well I Am A Eagle Owl"
    "Other Birds Consider Me To Be harsh and emotionless. The reason for this is my history. My history doesn't hold me back and I am strong and a smart leader. Choosing my fights carefully. I choose my generals carefully making sure they are never weak even during battle. I guess I am kind of Harsh, Emotionless, Strong and Smart if you count all of them. I am a leader and known as Sargent, Butch is only given to my closest friends and family. "
    "My Past Is My Life Story And You Are Here To Listen. I lost all my family to a disease that ravaged the past land. I was at a great loss and grieved for several days to a couple of weeks. This made me weak and enabled the humans to capture me. I soon escaped but it was on a completely new island and I had a new intelligence."
    "Anything Else... I am Leader Of The Striga."

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  2. Alright, now we're in the right spot!
    I'd like to express my interest in this; I'll begin crafting my aviary right away!
  3. Hey there. I noticed you had another thread over here: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-forest-of-falconim-occ-thread.29354/

    It's in the same section as this one and I was wondering if you needed to get the two merged. The post with all the info and sign-ups and OOC talk are put in this section. If you want to create an in-character thread, head on over to the parent of this section. Thanks!

    Drop me a message if you need the two threads merged.
  4. Okay, really? Is no one else interested in this?
    I will go door-to-door myself if we don't get anyone.

    Speaking of which, have you thought about getting a banner in the ad circulation? That would probably help.
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  5. I am not sure how to make a banner but I guess I can try! Or how to get it in the ad circulation...I have no idea what that is....
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  7. [​IMG]

    *My Name Is Areiz And I Am Female"
    "My Species? Well I Am A Red Hawk"
    "Other Birds Consider Me To Be loyal, but not very social. They say I have a sharp eye and quick reactions."
    "My Past Is My Life Story And You Are Here To Listen. When I was born, my mother raised me after my father died protecting the nest. I split from my mother as soon as I could fly, and I have been a freeflier ever since."
    "Anything Else...Well not really."

  8. Accepted

  9. All we need is at least two people in each group...to start but could take days even weeks I am currently making a banner to put into the circulation
  10. Hey, nice banner!

    My birdie is still in the egg, but hatching is imminent!

  11. Thanks! and okay....not sure what you mean by that either your bird is an egg or your post is a work in progress???
  12. It's a work in progress xD
    I know I've got a bird of some kind, I just won't know what it is until it's ready to show itself.

    Although... -idea sparking-
  13. Hey chaps, I'm a new guy but these seems interesting and I'd like to get involved. I'll get to drafting a bird tomorrow if that's alright. It's kind of late and I have work tomorrow. Fair warning though, I have never RPed something that isn't humanoid so this should be an interesting challenge for me. Mind you, that's part of the allure.
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  14. Can I reserve a spot for the Falkon leadership?

  15. [​IMG]
    *My Name Is Envek And I Am Male"
    "My Species? Well I Am A Golden Eagle"
    "Other Birds Consider Me To Be Strong, Intelligent, And Logical"
    "My Past Is My Life Story And You Are Here To Listen. I was, perhaps, made leader because of my size and natural strength. However, I also possess the willingness to live in peace with the Striga despite my......violent nature. I have led the Falkon to peace once before, but now I must lead them to war. I have no mate or chicks, but I try to look after my people like they were my own. To have them taken away, in such a cowardly manner such as kidnapping, makes my blood boil."
    "Anything Else...Well I do not expect to lose this fight."​

  16. No problem! ALways nice to have a challenge every now and then. Heres a tip: Just imagine they are humans beings except, with wings and beaks!
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