The Forceful King

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  1. The King.

    He was known as the Ruthless, Heartless, bastard.
    He had lost his father at the age of Eighteen, and now he is Twenty-one.
    Once someone from the royal family family turned Eighteen, they have to find someone to stand by their side in three years.
    Of course, The King hadn't found anyone yet. So he made everyone meet in front of the castle gates with an Eighteen year old boy.

    (( Whoever Joins Shall Be The King. ))

    The Lad.

    He was known as the Bakers boy, sweet, kind, and innocent.
    Honestly, everyone loved him.
    One day, when the king had called parents out, along with their children.
    It was rather indeed a surprise that the King chose him.
    Now, the boy's stuck in the Castle with a very possessive king.
    But for some reason, he's starting to fall for the king.

    (( This will be me. ))

    (( If you're Possessive and very dominant, then you're perfect for this!. Please, either PM me or message me on this thread. I would love for someone to join!. ))
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  2. I think this could be fun, and I'm crazy possessive if that helps :3
  3. Okay, okay, I love you now. x'D ~ Pats ~
  4. If you love me now, does that mean I get to be your king ;D
  5. Mhm ~ :P Haha.
  6. Just "Mhm"? No, yes or no? *rises eyebrow*
  7. Yes, you can be my king.

    ~ Is just lazy ~
  8. That phrase, I like the way it sounds~

    -...please forgive my random pervyness-
  9. Hahahaha, indeed you should.

    ~ Has been forgiven ~
  10. Oya? If I should enjoy hearing it, I guess I'll just have to make sure my Baker boy calls me King a lot.

    - and it just keeps on keeping on, being forgiven for that little span of time was nice though (;¬_¬) -
  11. Yes, you should. We'll just have to see if your Baker boy has the courage to do it ~

    ~ It'll always be forgiven. Perverts FTW ~
  12. Don't worry about courage. The King is sure that's not what's going to be needed when I make my baker say my name.

    -It's good to know I'm in a pervert welcome zone (^▽^)-
  13. that sounds rather exciting, your Baker boy can't wait.

    ~ ;3 Hahaa. ~
  14. I've always thought waiting was overrated. I'm glad my baker feels the same.

    - I wonder if our rp will turn into random shameless flirting too? -
  15. Waiting is and always will be overrated, as is happiness in some cases.

    ~ Most likely ~
  16. So, we agree on two things. I've always thought people put too much stock in happiness.

    - Heh, that'll be fun -
  17. So true. God you don't even know how true you are.

    ~ Right? ~
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