The FORBIDDEN Yes/No/Maybe/Sometimes

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  1. Answer the post above WITHOUT saying "yes", "no", "sometimes", "maybe" or any variation of them.

    For example: Do you like peanuts?

    Wrong Answer: "yes or yep, yeah, etc."

    Correct Answer: "I love peanuts, they make me toot."

    After you have answered the question above you, post one of your own.


    Do you know how to play an instrument?
  2. I know how to play a lot of instruments :9

    Do you have any animals?
  3. I have a little zoo at home.

    Do you like pasta?
  4. my family eats pasta almost every day xD so I don't have much of a choice but to like it xD hahahah

    Are you doing good in school? (or if you have finnished school, did you do good when you went in school?)
  5. I hope I'm not failing because I am not for sure.

    Did you like school?
  6. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't, it depends on how much homework and tests we have xD

    Do you eat pizza often?
  7. I'm not like C.C. who always eats pizza.

    Are you a fan of the night?
  8. I like the night very much, it's really comfortable to walk outside in the summer in the middle of the night

    do you like anime?
  9. I am one of the biggest fans of anime you will find and I'll try out any type of anime at that also(And manga)

    Do you wear black?
  10. Every day, I can't survive without black clothes xD

    Do you think rp is more important than breathing?
  11. Breathing is essential to be able to role play... unless your a alien or sub-aquatic creature.

    Is the color green made by yellow and blue? xP
  12. Oh you are so cruel.

    The color green is in fact made my mixing blue and yellow.

    Are you a squeal fan girl/boy?
  13. ((You guys post SO fast!!))

    I never squeal, not even when MASH comes on.

    Are you an alien?
  14. I am not an alien.

    Do you like apple sauce?
  15. I have never really liked the taste.

    Have you ever been riding horses?
  16. I have not. Honestly, I'm scared shitless of horses.

    O.O Do you like algebra?
  17. I find algebra and mathematics in general to be enjoyable to learn, work with, and teach. It was by far my favorite subject until I experienced calculus :3

    Do you enjoy winter?
  18. If I was I would never leave my house and curse/yell at the cold/snow ect.

    Do you like sweets?
  19. I like them while I'm eating them but afterwards I think they are disgusting but then I want to eat them again xD

    Do you think jhonny depp is sexy?
  20. With the many tittles of the world sexiest man on his portfolio, that answers itself. But in short, I would die for him. - squeals-

    Does 200/ 4 x 8 + 10,482 x 0 = 0?
    ( I just made that up xD)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.