The Forbidden Fruit

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  1. You escaped, but that was merely the beginning. Even as a decade passed in peace, your guard could never be let down. There was always that one chance, the one possibility that you could be dragged back to continue on with those horrid experiments. Every relationship was carefully constructed, each discussion planned and mapped out. You escaped due to the help of another organization's assistance, but by no means were you a free man. Even as you have the blessing to walk on the fresh grass and breath in the fresh air, memories of your friend that you left haunt you.

    You were their "Adam."
    They still had your "Eve."

    A species with psychic powers that could serve as military weapons, humans that could reproduce with both homosexual and heterosexual couples, and the ones that served as hope for the continuation of man kind. You were genetically altered through a lab and grouped with a handful of other children for your "gifted" abilities to be tested. One by one, you saw them all fall and die off until one other was standing. It was your duties to attempt reproduction to produce a psychic powered child to conclude the first half of the experiment.

    Seeing that there would be no end to this maddness, an opposing organization managed to help you escape and put you in the care of two agents to be raised as their son. Those days at the lab were long behind you and the steel walls of caution you built up over the years were just starting to fade when a cold dose of reality hit you. There was your "Eve," sitting quietly in your dorm room at the start of your third year of college with his suitcase already unpacked.

    He didn't remeber you. At least, that's what he said.


    This will be guy x guy. I am looking for a dominant willing to evolve the plot and to have fun.
    I would perfer at least a paragraph per response and there is the possibility of mpreg. There will be violence. If you want to add additional couples along the way, I am always very open for suggestions!
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