The Forbidden Fruit is Always the Sweetest

Dia Thames

The Beast lingers just beneath the surface~
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The killer spread his wings out as he overlooked his high mountain perch. A smirk spread across his perfect lips, his tounge running over his fangs. It had been a long time since he had, had the chance to hunt and feed on fresh blood. The servents at his old castle home would not satisfy him for much longer. He looked across the land scape and saw his home. It was a huge, old castle that his family, the royal Faire family, had passed down since it's creation at the beginning of the 16th century. The outside looked old, lots of character, but the inside was very modernized, at least enough to suit his families needs.

The twenty year old boy, a baby according to Krusnik standards, looked in the direction he picked up a scent. Tonight would be the night he would hunt. With a mighty flap of his wings he pushed away from his perch and towards the direction of the Vampire scent he picked up. This was it! He was ready, after the two years of training. After his older brother's accident, leaving him unable to fend for himself, The hunter, killer was ready! He would take blood for both of them tonight!


The large field of grass spread for what it seemed like forever. Upon it laid vampires, old to young, training with each other. The youngest, Juliette, only 100 years old, was training with her father, the head of the Dirgevenom family. Her only desire was to surpass her eight older sisters. They were all praised and respected and she was still babied. Suddenly a horn was sounded. All vampires turned their heads to see those majestic wings of their dreaded foe.