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  1. This thread is to discuss all thing Football. It is the worlds greatest and most popular game. So without further ado.

    The clubs I support: Manchester City, Real Salt Lake/NYCFC

    Btw. Leicester City is 1st in the premier league. If anyone would have bet that, they would be one rich punter.
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  2. Which one? :P
  3. The proper one! Of course! :p
  4. Depending on your country of origin this could be either one. XD
  5. Actually, it is only one. As football (soccer) came first.

    Though that's why I put (soccer) in the title. ;p
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  6. Wait, what?

    *Double checks title*

    God Dammit I'm tired! >.<

    I don't watch sports myself.
    But as a kid I played in three different (actual) football teams.
  7. I like football! The clubs I support are Liverpool FC in the Premier League, and Yokohama F Marinos in the J League.
  8. AIK for Allsvenskan (Swedish Top League)

    Arsenal for PL

    PSG for the French league.
  9. I honestly just watch the international cups because it's kind of a bonding thing to do with my father or friends who are totally into it. So basically when it comes to supporting... It's the national team.

    And yes, football-fans, I understand I just violated your eyes by typing that and I also know why ;p

    I like playing rugby more than football, though. And for all you Americans suddenly rejoicing at this statement; the All-Blacks will kick your sorry ass any day of the week ;)
  10. You must be a proud Klopp fan then. Especially after Thrashing us, 4-1.

    AIK are decent!! Arsenal are in trouble with injuries at the moment. PSG are just to good for the French League. lol

    Nothing wrong with that. It is that way here the US, quite often.
  11. Liverpool just lost to Newcastle. Couldn’t say I predicted that after the thrashing Liverpool gave Southampton midweek.
  12. I am a Klopp fan! Though I didn't know much about him before he came to LFC, I like the change that has been apparent since that time.

    It's still kind of difficult to understand what kind of team LFC has... I'm not expecting big things this season, but hope for a great next season once Klopp and team have more time, and a training camp together.
  13. He did wonders at Dortmund before. And I can see the difference he is making. The issue is, I don't think the team is good enough to make top 4 this year. I think Klopp will get you guys in Europa league and begin rebuilding the team.

    Though if he makes some decent moves in the January window, I guess a top 4 finish is achievable
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  14. Yus. I support Lazio.

    How can you support Salt Lake and NYFC at the same time? Who will you support if they face each other in the playoff finals?
  15. Salt Lake was my original team that I support. Beckerman is one of my favorite players.

    I am also an NYCFC supporter by ownership. Man City Owns NYCFC and they send reserve players over. Plus they have David Villa and had Pirlo. If they play each other, then I am happy no matter who wins. But I would support Real Salt Lake over NYCFC.
  16. I hope a PL title is in the near future, so I don't care about finishing top 4 or Europa this season. It's sad that Gerrard and LFC came so close a couple of seasons ago, so I truly hope they make it to erase that disappointment, in the near future.
  17. As a Manchester City fan. I was ecstatic that you all fell off. ;p

    I hope we get Guardiola soon. Pellegrini is wrecking us.
  18. Big Champions League day today!
  19. AIK is decent? Oi bruv, you wanna fucking go? AIK is the shit.


    I all honesty, IFK Malmö is our best performing club team internationally right now. Makes me right mad it does.
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