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    Thanksgiving is the day for everyone to be thankful for something, but it is also notorious for yummy food!
    Is there food that you only get on Thanksgiving? Who does the cooking? What is your favorite thing to eat? What does your family cook that may different from others?

    Now, trying to relate this to roleplay, have you ever celebrated a holiday in one of your games? That's the best I could come up with >.<

    I only get yummy broccoli casserole on Thanksgiving <3 I am super stoked for that stuff... I hope my aunt makes it.
  2. My family is very traditional with what we eat for Thanksgiving, but there is one dish that only comes around at this time (and sometimes christmas). Stuffing. My family thinks bread is evil (white in particular) but they let go of their anti-bread views when there is thanksgiving turkey involved. I love stuffing when it's made from scratch. Store bought stuffing just doesn't cut it.

    My mom is the one who usually does all the cooking, but I've been helping and learning for the past few years.

    I don't believe I've ever celebrated a holiday in a roleplay. I'll need to try it out at some point.
  3. I do all the cooking. ALL OF IT. Once upon a time, it was my grandmother and I would help her. But she grew old and feeble, and now I have a new family. So I am the holiday cook. 8D

    Sweet potatoes are prolly the one thing we eat at Thanksgiving we never have the rest of the year. o_o; I think I am the only person that likes them..

    I've done Christmas and Valentine's Day in roleplays before. 8D Doing holiday specials are really fun, especially when it's with a character you wouldn't expect. XD
  4. I'm a Turkey junkie, like the dad in A Christmas Story. So freaking good. I go wherever is most convenient for dinner. Last year I was lucky enough to be at Diana's, which was AWESOME. This year was cool, too, and I got to take home a lot of left overs from a friends house.

    I don't think I've ever Rped a holiday, nope. Gonna have to do that though.
  5. I only get cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. I love cranberry sauce, really and truly.
    We made sweet potato souffle this year, too! It was surprisingly delicious.

    I don't think I've ever done much for a roleplay holiday, nope~
  6. Hahah.. I really don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I decided to with my Stepfather and his girlfriend. We had Peking Duck and steak. I dislike turkey. RP wise? I wouldn't do it. Dante would just sit around his shop all day.