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  1. Hello all! Don't mind the posting expectation, I just wanted to use it 'cause it's amusing. >.>

    Now for the juicy bits:

    I'm looking for a one x one! Or two or three! Really, I don't have any plot ideas in mind, but here's some of what I like:

    Slice o' life
    Steampunk (actually haven't done much here, but I'm very interested!!)

    Books/shows/game related-- I don't usually do fandom things, but if you have a good idea, I'll look at it! And I won't play canon.
    Doctor Who
    Attack on Titan
    Game of Thrones
    The Hollows series by Kim Harrison (I don't much like the books themselves but I love the universe and would love you if you wanted to do this)
    Dragon Age
    Dead Space
    Witch by Marie Brennan (haven't read in a while, so I'll be rusty about details, though)
    The Passage by Justin Cronin
    The Pellinor series by Alison Groggon

    AND MUCH MORE!! Just ask~

    Things I won't do:
    Romance (the boyfriend doesn't like it... boo.)
    Fighting (unless you have the patience to deal with my lack of experience fighting in rps. I'm willing to try!)

    As for posting expectations, I work full-time and go to school, so I probably won't be shooting off replies at the drop of a hat. It may take a few days. Please be patient. I usually write about two chunky paragraphs (they're ugly-looking actually) but I don't mind how much you give me as long as it's something I can work with. Write more, write less, I don't care... We could even end up learning from each other!

    Send a PM or reply here. ^^
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  2. Good evening, miss. I can see why using the Douche tag would be amusing. *smiles at* I hope you do not mind my typing/message persona; I can assure you my characters will not be sharing it.

    I wished to ask about your Doctor Who listing. I happen to have a character from that universe I've never used and I would love to run him. Perhaps we could find a plot we both like?

    (Also, I do no play canon either. I'm glad we agree upon that.)
  3. Sounds great! ^^ PM me and we can set up a plot~
  4. Still looking! :gonk:
  5. I'd be up for something! I'm a big fantasy nut, I'll hit you up with pm tomorrow. ;3
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