The Flock: Live or Die? (IC)

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    A small group of young adults live in a secluded mountain range in Colorado. These people are far from normal human beings. They’re something more than human. You see, these four people were not born. They were created. In a small lab in California, a few scientists – whitecoats as we will call them—created 4 human embryos by using donated eggs and sperm from the clinics. These embryo's grew in test tubes, making what we call test tube babies. Yes, they technically had a biological mother and father, but they wouldn't know who they would be.

    As the embryo's grew the scientists began to meddle with their DNA. They inserted a small amount of Avian DNA within the bloodstream of the growing child. The children grew, like any normal children would. Only these children were not fully human. They were 2% Avian, 98% Homo Sapien.

    Of course, they were under extreme observation and study. They all had developed bones and muscle that the normal human skeleton never had. These new muscles, these new bones would be what supported them in flight. For these children had massive wings. (By the time Subject 1 and 2 would be 15 years of age, Subject 1's wingspan was measured at 14 feet, Subject 2's wingspan at 18.) Along with these traits, the 4 subjects kept their other powers to themselves, and would soon begin mutating on their own, developing more powers as they grew.

    After several years, a whitecoat by the name of Jeb Batcheldor stole them away from The School (as they had come to call it) and took them to his home in the mountains in Colorado. He taught them practically everything they know. How to fight, how to cook, how to fly. He taught them how to live their lives. After he deemed them ready, he took off. Not to be seen again for a very long time.

    This was all about 5 years ago. 5 years ago Kylara, *insert "TheRealHermoine's Charrie name here* and their ''Flock" were taken. It has not been an easy life, they are hunted creatures. The School will never cease their search for them, for they are the only experiments to thrive like they had. They are the only 'success' they'd had.

    And coming soon they would fight the biggest battle of their lives. Will they survive?

    (Yes, I got some of the terrain wrong, but that was on purpose.)​
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    Written Description
    Kylara is a short young woman, about 5"4. Her brunette hair runs just past her shoulders, and is often in a net of tangles due to the wind when flying. Often, when it gets too long, she just hacks it off with her kitchen scissors because it annoys her so. Her body frame is slim, very very skinny. When you see her you'd probably think she's anorexic, but she's not. Its because of the genetic modifications that was done to her.

    Kylara has wings. 20 foot wings. Her wings are dark brown, with some white speckles in them. Along with these wings she has grown some new muscles, and even some new bones. She has several muscles and bones in her back, where her wings are attached to support her back when she flies so that it doesn't snap in two. Furthermore, she has grown some new muscles in the front, making her a bit bulky looking. She's not the cutest looking woman, but she doesn't really care. Also, her bones are almost completely hollow to account for body rate. Even more, her heart races at twice the normal heart rate than a human to make sure she gets enough blood when she's flying, and therefore eats up 3 or 4 times the amount of calories. This means she needs lots of food, and no matter what amount she eats, she is still super skinny.
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    While the picture above doesn't show it, Kylara does have wings. She is able to fly. She can fly at supersonic speed, but not without bursting her eardrums for a time.

    Also, I'm going to have her grow into a new power. It's going to start really really small, but if she practices, she could become really powerful. This power is to control electricity. Well, electricity is the best word for it. It's not necessarily electricity. It's more of a pure energy. Not only will she be able to generate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. For example, say if she's outside a range of anything electrical, she could still generate it. It lives within her. If/When she gets strong enough, she may even be able to control the lightning. We'll see! :D
    Not only will she be able to manipulate electric energy, she would also be able to manipulate the thermal energy. She will be able to control the temperature at certain times.
    The problem with this power is, that it will seriously dehydrate Kylara. She needs lots of water to be able to use this power, if she doesn't...well let's not think about that.
    Like I said, this power will start out really really small, she won't even realize she has it at first. Slowly, she'll realize she's gained a new power, but she won't be able to control it. It would be spontaneous. Little by little, she would learn to control it, or how to use it would be more accurate.

    She was also taught how to defend herself, so she can and will fight if a situation calls for it.

    More will be added as time goes on
    Kylara really does have a kind heart, but after all she's been through, she doesn't know how to show it. She doesn't cry very often, it is extremely difficult to get this girl in tears. She speaks her mind, and works hard for what she wants. She doesn't trust as easily as she used to, as she's been manipuated more than once. She has a very soft spot for children. She trusts no one but her flock, anyone else who tries to earn her trust will have it cut out for them.
    The rest will be RP'd

    Amelia (Amy for short)



    (Only her wings are a lot bigger than that, and they aren’t completely white. That’s what she looks like (minus brown hair, she's ginger). But her wings look more like this . Dark greys, with some light grey and white mixed in.)

    Physical Description:
    Amelia is a slender woman, about 70 pounds in weight. This is due to the fact that her bones are almost completely hollow, and her body burns through calories about 4 times as fast as a normal human.

    Her long ginger hair flows down her back, and is often up in a ponytail or a messy bun to get it out of the way. Her green eyes contrast very well with her red hair.

    Her wings, about 14 feet in length, are a mixture of greys and white. Her primary and marginal covers are a very dark grey, almost black. Her secondary covers are a lighter grey, and both her primary and her secondary feathers are even lighter gray, fading into white. Kind of like a gray scale.

    Strengths and Weaknesses
    -As stated above, Amy has wings. So she can obviously fly. She is absolutely stunning when she’s flying, her wings radiate off the sunlight.

    -To an extent, she can change her appearance. She can change her face, her hair, her body. But she can’t get rid of the wings, no matter how hard she tries. But this takes a lot of energy, and is very difficult to keep up for more than 10 minutes.

    -She can control water and ice (like Elsa). She can do whatever she wants with it. But there has to be a water source nearby, she can’t just make water out of thin air.

    Amy is what you call a sweetheart. She truly cares for people, no matter how weird, crazy, or even boring they are. She trusts a little too easily, and is very gullible. But this is mainly because she sees the best in people, not the worst. She is practically Kylara’s opposite.


    ("sky" in Indian)




    Physical Description
    Falak stands at about five feet ten inches, decently tall without being inconveniently so. His blackish-brown hair has an almost feathery texture to it, kind of ironically, and he keeps it cut relatively short, just long enough to have bangs. Slim yet muscular, Falak barely weighs in at ninety pounds thanks to the “improvements” the scientists had provided him with. Also, Falak has slick, dark black wings that appear purplish is some light, like a raven’s wings. His wingspan is approximately twenty feet across, although he’d like to assume that they’re done growing, as they can be, in some cases, a great inconvenienced. His bones are thin, quite like a bird’s, to allow for flight.

    Strengths & Weaknesses
    Obviously, based upon the given physical description above, Falak can fly. He’s extremely agile and is known to create new, ah, “stunts” to try as he’s flying, even though they don’t always end up on a painless note.

    Also, Falak has the “power” – and I use that term VERY loosely – to have his eyes shine a dark purplish shade in the dark, creating two little pinpoint lights. While he can control it, it’s not at all useful, unless you count the “weird out” factor of glowing eyes in the sky. Falak tends not to care about not really having a secondary power aside from his flight, as he is quite excellent in hand-to-hand combat, deceptive and sly to the utmost degree.

    Falak is currently developing an… interesting power, to say the least. While it seems rather simplistic at first glance, it can become quite useful if only used to his liking. He is gaining the ability to withstand tremendous heats and to be able to resist fire. For now, however, fire still can injure him, it just takes slightly longer.

    When Falak becomes aware of his ability, it could be greatly used to his advantage; he’s have the option to light himself on fire like a soaring beacon with little to no negative aftereffects.

    However, as stated, this is still in development and he can’t just will himself to be on fire – he has to literally light himself on fire with a lighter, matches, or the like. Using this power at first will cause him discomfort, and even after he has developed full immunity, he must have some way to douse himself (in other words, he can’t will the fire away mentally) and even after he douses himself, his skin is aggravatingly warm-to-the-touch for others. Also, Falak cannot always contain the fire when he lights himself, thus potentially igniting anything he brushes up against.

    Personality Falak tends to keep to himself quite literally ALL the time. While he will share his opinions and ideas willingly if it will help someone he loves, he prefers to keep his own thoughts exactly that – his own. Seemingly stoic and emotionless, Falak never lets a bout of emotion cross his face and can seem relatively robotic as a result on occasion. In reality, however, he can be quote sentimental, even if he doesn’t want anyone else to know such a fact. He cares deeply for the Flock, but there are things he just doesn’t need to say in front of them.((GRRR Can't seem to make it go away. Will have to deal with it for now, it's just the ending part of his bio))
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