The Floating Isle

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    What would you give up to have a perfect life? How about everything. Unfortunately, you were never given that choice. Stolen from your home, your family, your companions. You’ve lost everything you’ve ever known, and the worst part is this; you’ll never know it. Welcome to the floating isle, where dreams and delusions thrive.

    Welcome to the floating isle, we’re a group rp that aims to mix fantasy settings and intense world building with psychological profiling of our characters to build a fantasy world subtly controlled by their imagination, fears, and memories. As the characters mature, so does the world; collecting lore and characteristics akin to it’s creators.

    As a player, your goal is to create one of the souls plunged into this fantastic world. Although initially they will not remember their mundane lives in the real world, instead replacing those recollections with what they once would have considered “an ideal life,” as memories of their previous existence start to bubble to the surface, they will either grow to love or loathe the constant manipulation at play in the dreamlike paradise they’ve been trapped in.


    Note: This is a group based heavily off of the world of Ivalice and all the shenanigans from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and A2. For the sake of optimal interaction between rpers both IC and OOC, it will be hosted entirely on Skype by two experienced mods.

    Since there is a lot of information to cover when world building, we have a blog set up with all of the details you may need to know! We suggest that you take a gander at the links below if you're interested. Applications and questions can be sent in both on this site and on the blog.