The Flapping Fish

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  1. Stop by and enjoy a taste of our soon to be Iwaku famous bites! Stop and socialize with your favorite characters! Mix and mingle, talk and chat!
    Setting is simple, its a typical upscale restaurant, with a twist! Think Avatar world, Modern technology, but with magic, swords, and the like! Stop by and explore! (Open world, open story let's see where things goes forum)
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    No refunds.

    Chef's Specialties:

    The Myka roll: A hot and spicy salmon roll full of the red hot chile fury of a sea goddess.
    The Cap'n's pride: A roll stuffed with rice, noodles, and more rice, smothered in Yakisoba sauce.
    The Big Momma: A roll stuffed with fresh shark meat sweet peppers, and discipline. Lots and lots of discipline.
    The dynamic C Roll: Stuffed with crab meat and sweet mayonnaise!
    The dynamic E roll: Stuffed with fresh smoked eel and inagi sauce. Goes well with the C roll!
    The Roaring Kitten: Stuffed with deep fried dragon meat, with a pinch of fairy dust and eye of newt.
    The Milk roll: An overworked roll stuffed with shrimp, avocado, and cucumber.
    The Inspector roll: Cucumber, tuna, and sesame oil.
    The Rainbow roll: Salmon, yellowfin, and love.
    The Enforcer: A roll stuffed with expertly cut poisonous pufferfish. Only dangerous if we messed up.