The Flaming Wombat

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  1. Travelling through town, you may spot a new bar. From the outside, it seems quite normal... Until you look up to see the giant animatronic sign of a Wombat with neon flames behind it. This is the location where all dimensions, universes, and realities converge into one gigantic mixing pot. Inside, ponies, humans, anthros, and more mingle and chat. It appears to be operated and maintained by gnomes, who are less than a foot tall. There are knights in metal armor, soldiers in Kevlar vests, and marines in futuristic armor wielding ray guns. Upstairs are several empty rooms, implying that the bar is in fact more than that, and is more akin to an inn or a hotel. This is where anything can happen. This is the Flaming Wombat.

    (This is, in essence, a practice roleplay for any setting. Want to write... perhaps a mad scientist named Klarbufflil and can't find an RP to test that idea out in? The Wombat's good for that. Or, if you want a relaxed RP in a calm atmosphere, this is good for that as well. I hope to see you around.)
  2. A few shady-looking people enter this new place, mostly looking for drinks. Unknowingly, a man hidden in the shadows is controlling their every actions from some secret location.
  3. A man and a woman walk in and sit at the bar. They order a shot glass of scotch, sliding a dollar over in exchange for the glass. They both drink, the man standing up and walking around, watching the other patrons as they go about their business.
  4. The gnomes bring them drinks in short order, chattering about profit and steps.
    The Tinellian princess walks up to the hidden man and pokes him.
  5. "Oh God! Who are you?"
  6. A man named Hotrod walks into the Wombat.

    "Wow. What a nice place. What can we do here than at other places?"
  7. She bows. "I am Khalisah Al Issad, princess of Tinell. Thou art?"
    A gnome laughs. "Well... nothing you can't do anywhere else! But we have free drinks and bedrooms!"
  8. The woman looks over. "Dunno."
  9. "I'd rather not say... How'd you get in here?!"
  10. "Well, it is quite simple. I moved one leg up, and moved it forwards. I simply repeated it for the remaining three in order to create motion. Yourself?"
  11. A ripping sound could be heard coming from somewhere close, then a gateway of sorts appeared, out came a scarred, sleeveless, tattooed man. He looks around feeling vaguely odd, shrugs and finds a booth to sit down and read a book that he made appear. All the while he kept an eye out for anyone who'd talk to him, for whatever reason.
  12. "Oh, well that makes sense." He speaks under his breath, "smartass," then goes back to normal, "I did the same, except with two legs, obviously."
  13. One of the four people to enter, a hooded man, walks over to him and sits down at the booth. He doesn't say nothing.
  14. @TNAL: Cool. I can look forward to that.
    "Well like the gnome said whatever. I'm Hotrod." He looks at this mystery woman. "Who might you be?"
  15. She nods. "I see. Art thou a local or a refugee from the land of Efsevehn?"
    A gnome walks up to him and pours him a drink. "Good evening, sir! What are you doing this fine evening?"
  16. Ano, CA, Ichigo and his clone, Tsukune, and Nyu all enter because I am too unoriginal to make new characters.
  17. "My name is Wilhelmina."
  18. "A local man."

    A familiar face enters the TNEL castle.
  19. He nods. "And what brings you here to the Wombat?"
  20. "I see."
    TNEL Castle has been broken down into pieces and is currently being transported to Iwaku. It will take an indeterminate amount of time.
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