The Flame Burns On

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  1. I started roleplaying about 3 years ago, but haven't been very active on any sites in a while. My username, G3n3s1sR3b0rn (GenesisReborn), comes from my previous Roleplay username, Genesis. (Such creativity!) I would call myself a decent Roleplayer. I love to read and write. I'm currently working on a few different short stories. I love anime and manga (SAO, Fairy Tail, and getting into Tegami Bachi). I read fantasy, mostly, and that's my main roleplay type, but I can, and most likely will, do others. Hopefully I'll get to join some great Roleplays!

    Thats all I can think of to say. See ya!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Genesis!

    I hope you enjoy it here!

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  3. Well hello there Genesis! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. Oh god, so many numbers D:
  5. @Red Velvet I hope so, too.

    @Diana Thanks!

    @Cpt Toellner There are more numbers that make up this thread than the amount that my name contains. (Binary Code) If you were to put my name into Binary, I believe it would turn out like this:

    01000111 00110011 01101110 00110011 01110011 00110001 01110011 01010010 00110011 01100010 00110000 01110010 01101110

    Not entirely sure, though.