The Five Gogyô

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  1. The Five Gogyô

    They say that great heroes have a beginning. All started out as beings involved with circumstances that call upon them to do things for the greater good of a nation, over one’s self interest.

    Our tale starts in the 1360s in China. One should know, this is not the same China we know of today. In this China, things like dragons and the understanding of magic was a science.

    In the North, the last great Mongol stronghold of the defeated Yuan Dynasty still stands.


    They seek revenge against the new Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. It is known that he has a deep mistrust for the Scholars of China. However, He fears that the Mongols may still have some tricks up their sleeves

    The Emperor has summoned for five of the best scholar warriors to the Imperial City of Nanjing. Their presence is a mixed blessing for the new Emperor.

    Over the course of months, the scholars slowly make their way towards Nanjing. With a little bit of luck, they make there before winter sets in.

    These scholars are called The Five Gogyo, or the Keepers of the Elements. They are considered to be the best of their regions and thusly they will be able to hold off the Mongol forces or whatever other dangers lie to the North.

    These heroes are:

    Won Quan An, Warrior of Earth

    Soo Young Fu, Warrior of Wind

    Soo Ling Ji, Warrioress of Flame.

    Geng Qiu Jiang, Warrior of Spirit.

    Chang Bai Bo, Warrioress of Water.

    There are rumors that these heroes are not actually humans but rather Shinzui, powerful spirit like beings that are said to only appear during the foundation of a new Dynasty…


    In these dark times, they are the best hope for the future of China….

    But there are some questions left unanswered!

    How will these heroes alter the history of the lands? Will the New Ming Empire fall into the hands of the Mongols once again? Just what are the Shinzui?

    You play the role of these heroes. You will be the one to tell a legend of a China outside of our time and space…..
  2. Notes:
    1. Rory and I are playing the Soos, so there are 3 spots open.
    2. You MUST MUST MUST be active!
    3. No Japanese
    4. No Katanas
    5. Use the character names in the list, and their images.
    6. After the positions have been filled, this closes. If you have a character idea, ask. :)

    This is a historical fantasy RP.
    Setting: 1300s AD. Just after the Mongols were defeated by the Ming Emperor. Since the empire is very young, the state is in danger of invaders. The Gogyo are elemental sages that work for the Ming Emperor, doing his bidding and keeping the kingdom safe.

    Character goals: TO KEEP CHINERS SAFE!

    [b][u]CHARACTER PROFILE[/b][/u]
    [b]Character Name [/b] 
    [b]Gender [/b] 
    [b]Job/Role [/b] 
    [b]Age [/b] 
    [b]General Appearance [/b] 
    [b]Current Goal/Purpose [/b]
    [b]Skills/Powers/Weapons [/b]
    [b]General Personality [/b] 
    [b]General History [/b]
  3. Character Name
    Ling Ji Soo


    A warrior, a leader, element Ka.


    General Appearance
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose
    Bring peace to China

    Ling controls the element of fire. With this, she can apply it to her weapon in combat. With that, she can create a spiral around the blade and launch it at whomever she aims at. She is very reliant on her fire, therefore tries to avoid fights that involve the use of her sword alone.

    General Personality
    This woman is easy to anger, so it's best to hold your tongue, even if it's just a joke. No matter what the circumstance, she can be counted on to take the lead. Ling is courageous, fearless, and will not tolerate negativity. Her husband is the only one who has seen her soft side, though when the situations call for it, she'll be tender to her allies. Ling has learned gentleness from Young.

    General History
    Ling was always a disciplined woman who kept to her studies and placed them above everything else. It wasn't until she got to know Young, her husband, that she learned there was more to life than weapons and books. She felt foolish for falling in love with him, but he didn't make her feel weak for having this emotion, and instead convinced her it made her stronger. Ling accepted his hand in marriage as he promised lifelong happiness. So far, that hasn't been a lie. She travels with him, both well educated and skilled fighters yearning to know more. The Elders saw her to be the finest, most responsible candidate to wield the Power of Ka, fire. It took a while to master and control, especially since it can get out of hand with her anger. With much practice, it has helped teach her to keep a grip on her temper. That doesn't stop Ling from getting irritated with every living creature, though.
  4. Character Name
    Won Quan An




    Warrior, Elemental Spirit



    General Appearance
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose

    To bring Order and stability to China.


    Quan An manipulates the element of Earth with masterful control. He uses it both offensively and defensively by controlling the ground beneath him, creating walls of dirt and sand, forcing damaging spikes up under his enemy's feet. Quan An can also call upon the stones in the earth to create himself a stone armour, or to heave them at an enemy in a flurry of projectiles. Metal and stones, and other items made from the Earth, are easily half-as-light for him as anyone else, giving Quan An the illusion of great strength.

    His favoured weapon is the
    guan dao, a large pole arm with a heavy, broad, wicked-looking curved blade on the end with several outward-curving spikes on the opposite side of the cutting edge. It serves him well in his controlling of the Earth element, as he enjoys slamming the blunted, capped end of the shaft into the ground to do a number of his manipulations.

    General Personality

    Quan An is level-headed man, but very stubborn and difficult to manipulate. Once he sets his mind upon something, he will see it to the end. He dislikes losing, but will cede victory if it's obvious that it is unattainable, though he will be petulant afterward. Quan An is stern in his beliefs, and is loyal to a fault, making him a most stable and reliable ally. Sometimes he is mistakenly believed to be slow when making decisions-- this is untrue. He is merely looking at the puzzle from all angles, attempting to come to the most profitable conclusion.

    General History

    Quan An was raised in the mountains by a Hermit Sage in a cave. From a young age, he was taught a number of things, from philosophical study to strategy and tactics, and martial arts and history, to court mannerisms and etiquette. He learned how to read, to write, and to sing. He had a complete education.

    On the Sage's death bed, Quan An discovered that he was the Elemental Sage of Earth and that he had been stolen away by the Hermit at his mother's request-- his father had been a mad King who had a number of affairs. Told a prophecy of his destruction by the hand of his son, he had all of his illegitimate sons executed. The Hermit Sage was none-other than his own grandfather.

    Following his death, Quan An struck out on his own into the world with a small fortune in a treasure chest that had been hidden for this very eventuality. Additionally, inside there were fine garments, armour and weapons, and a scroll with a detailed history of his heritage. Though he had no interest to claim this past heritage, he had the necessary evidence of it.
  5. Character Name: Chang Bai Bo

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: The only child of a silk embroiderer

    Age: 19

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose: To finally appease the matchmaker into finally allowing her a husband.

    Skills/Powers/Weapons: Daodao; Water.

    Chang Bai Bo relies on the lightness of foot she has naturally, in connection with water which she uses to propel her and increase her speed. She is not powerful but difficult to hit when she fights. The sole exception is her water-based attack, Bīng bào. She manipulates water into a rain of needle-sharp projectiles the pierce holes in wood and dent metal.
    General Personality: Chang is generally compatible with most people, being gentle in temperament and thoughtful in her actions. Her normal mood is peaceful, like a slowly flowing stream but her anger can be an unexpected, overwhelming riptide.

    General History:
    Chang Bai Bo's birth, which caused the death of her father's wife, was seen by many as a poor omen. The man, however, saw his beloved wife in his infant daughter and raised her to the best of his abilities in the most comfortable manner that he could. She had been protected and cosseted by her father her entire life and was always an obedient child, but for some reason the match maker refuses to pair her with anyone and states only that her personality would not fit.

    With her natural affinity agility and peacemaking abilities, Chang Bai Bo was chosen by her area as a representative, despite her gender. No one ever really tells Chang Bai Bo anything, though. Most people visit her just to talk since her father educated her as he would a prized son. She is careful in what she says but enjoys listening above all.
  6. Character Name: Soo Young Fu

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Gogyô Element: Fû, Wind.

    Age: 25

    General Appearance: Click here for the image.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Answering the Emperor's call for help. Other than that, not much.

    Skills/Powers/Weapons: The Chan Zi Dao. Young prefers to avoid direct contact with his opponents. He is what one calls a Technical Pacifist, he avoids the usage of black powder at all costs, but this does not mean he cannot defeat an enemy on cue. His move is called the Hurricane’s Dance, which is a strong style characterized by bold forward momentum. Young maintains a low stance and moves in wide arcs, the inertia of the entire body lending force to attacks. Opponents are hard-pressed to maintain their ground in the face of such an all-encompassing onslaught. When his Chan Zi Dao is added to the Hurricane’s Dance, it gives him the elegance of the wind. However, he has to be in close ran for this style to work to the fullest extent.

    General Personality: Young is book smart and compared to most of the other Scholars, Young is very shy about interacting with other people. It is not that he doesn't understand the processes of social skills, Young just doesn't see the point in doing small talk with people that are outside of his home. Young also doesn't like to show much emotion to people, other than his wife. Too most, he would appear to rather stoic and to some, Young might seem intimidating. Young gets his heads stuck in the clouds thinking about how complex creation is. Young is a gentle man that only harms those who harm his kin. He also likes fishing.

    General History: Young Fu Soo comes from a family of magistrates just like his wife, Ling Ji Soo. They were married at age 20; Meaning they've been together for about five years altogether. He is a well known scholar that trained for awhile with the Shaolin Temple. Always somewhat of a day dreamer, he only stayed for a short period of time, so he is not fully trained like the others might be. Young was chosen to be the Gogyo of the Wind because of the Magistrate of the Town he lived in. Now, he and his wife travel the lands gathering knowledge and the respect of all they meet.
  7. *knock knock*

    Just asking a few things

    1. Would you mind letting a new player take the last spot, if not, its not a problem, I am after all still new :D

    2. what exactly does Spirit power do? I would guess its like "fighting spirit"? Encouraging the people around him? Or is it more like summoning spirits to help him?
  8. Curse you Seiji! You took my character from the last time this roleplay started!

    Can we play a Non gogyo?
  9. Go right ahead, this is a RP designed to help newer members get used to one style of games run on the forum.

    If you are familiar with Taoism, the Gogyo are the Chinese elementals with a bit of Korean mixed into it as well. Kū (lit. "void") represents our ability to think and to communicate, as well as our creativity. It can also be associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness. So I'd focus more on that with limited amounts of summonings. Case in point, you ish like a Jedi.

    And as for you Jackie, only if you can post more than once a month. This RP will probably move fairly quickly.
  10. I'm positive there's room for you, Jacky. <3 What kind of character did you have in mind? I'm sure whatever it is, Rory won't mind either.

    Slayer: Unless you'd like to hand that role to Jack Shade, we can give you a try. I saw your post in my Jump In, which was pretty good. I think you can handle this role, although I'll warn you, I think this guy's power is more complicating than any of the others since it's not a simple element.

    The element of Kû, spirits, can be different things. I think what would be best is he calls upon spirits for empowerment. What I would recommend is creating, or researching, a warrior that is deceased that Qiu Jiang calls on for battle. This can be to ask for advice during a questionable situation, the ability to do something special with this weapon, and/or heal his allies, since spiritual energy can very well be transformed into something else.

    If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  11. hmmm i think I've understood his power a bit now, can it be interpreted that his "void" for example heightens his senses, makes his mind sharper or lets him look into the mind of others to see if they lie, telekinesis? Something like that?

    His weopen should be something unique I would guess, creativity and inventivness seems to play a big role in his element after all.

    That idea with the spirits was just a possibility what spirit could have meant xD As of now I have no clue about Taoism, but I'm always open for new things.

    I would really like to try this role and I'll post my character sheet/ideas tomorrow.
  12. *Shakes Rory by the throat*

    Last time this rp was open I kept up with the posting >: l
  13. How long have you been here? I'm sure we'd remember someone named Jack... Who are you?
  14. I just want to say I heart you.
  15. I'd say go making his mind sharper and Telekinesis would be the best bet. Looking into other's minds is a bit of a taboo for some players, so I try to avoid it as much as possible.

    Another possibility is Mind Overclock. Ex: "It allows Jin to forecast future events, hers only, through mathematical calculation. As with all forms of forecasting, details only come in the form of complex numbers or images, making it impossible to form a completely understandable “prophecy.” She can also "split her brain" allowing her to run it in a parallel manner by separating her thought process, which allows her to maintain photographic memory, so much so she could be considered a living computer."

    * Shag-highs Koori.* Fluffy listed my orders well. >:]
  16. Can I make a second character, a samurai warrior from Japan who recently crossed the sea so he can test his sword abilities against the famed boxing of the Chinese?!
  17. Is Geng Qiu Jiang a female name? Cause the more I think about it the more confused I get.
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    Character Name: Geng Qiu Jiang

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Wanderer, Herbalist, Spirit Kû

    Age: 24

    General Appearance: Geng Qiu Jiang

    Current Goal/Purpose: Answering the Emperors call, learning about Mankind's History

    His main weapon is a Kris ( with which he can channel his Kû to let a ghost of a heroic warrior lead his blade.

    He can channel his Kû into his own body heightening his senses and making his reflexes and thoughts faster, seemingly slowing down his surroundings.

    One of his strongest abilities is to channel his Kû and release it into his comrades in his direct vicinity, he can ease their pains, make them forget the exhaustion of their muscles, or make them feel light as a feather. Although the effects are extremely strong it also carries a great risk, when a person forgets their pains or the limits of their own body they can overextend themselves and feel even greater pain and exhaustion after the effects wear off.

    He is also specialized in creating salves and potions to help his allies recover their wounds or illnesses.

    General Personality:
    Qiu Jiang is a person that likes to talk and listen to people. He has a general interest in everything that involves humans and their history. He feels most comfortable when everything around him is in harmony. When confronted with battles and death he becomes angry and sad, he wants everything to be in harmony and can't understand why anyone would destroy that.

    General History:
    Qiu Jiang was raised by monks in a Temple. His interest for history was piqued early when the monks taught him the History of their Temple. When they couldn't answer all of his questions he resolved to learn all of Mankind's history himself.

    After he turned 16 he left the Temple and began to wander, talking to people, telling them about history, learning about their history. He eventually picked up crafting salves and potions while learning about Nature, he also covered most of his travel expenses with earning money as a healer.
  19. Someone want to help me come up with a Chinese name? I'm thinking a fellow who prides himself on his physical skills and disdains the Gogyo (Either secretly or openly) for their use of elemental manipulation.
  20. It's family name first in Chinese. So Geng is his surname. Jiang can be both Masculine & Feminine, Qui means something like "From" or "of." So his name would lit. mean Of the River. And the character looks good Slayer.

    Jacku, use for your Chinese first names and then google Chinese surnames.