The First To Fall (Halo RP) [5 Slots Only]

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  1. <Be sure to read description thoroughly>

    <This RP is set in the year 2547, 4 years before the fall of Reach, 5 years before Master Chief steps into the picture, and 16 years after the disclosed events of Halo Wars (Going off a rough-edged source and personal knowledge)>

    *You open a letter in the mail one day, it's a draft form from the new military corporation of planet earth; The UNSC*

    As you may or may not know, Earth's sister planet, Reach, has fallen under attack by an unknown life force from another planet outside of our galaxy. You are being called to serve under the UNSC military force. Upon 72 hours after receiving this note, you will be instructed to take a bus to the nearest UNSC base (Tickets and fair for bus enclosed in envelope) where you will be trained to be part of the UNSC's greatest group of soldiers; the Spartan program. Failure to follow the directions in direct violation of the draft paperwork that is mandatory for all earth and Reach citizens alike to sign at the age of 18.

    See you on the battlefield.

    -General Newton H. McChain

    After a 2 days, you are either taken from your home and forced to join the UNSC or you go willingly. You are taken to a base where you are injected with serums and trained to be a super soldier. After two months, you are sent of a ship and your training is continued for another 3 years. After 3 years, you reach the planet Reach, a relatively old Earth-like planet known to humans. You are quickly told that you are being deployed as one of many Spartan groups on the ground.

    Your group is named Valentine Squadron, after the fact that you were deployed on Valentines day. It's a small group made up of some ODST troops, Marines, and Spartans. Luckily, you are deployed well behind friendly lines and are told by other groups that you probably won't see much action right off the bat; this is, however, no reason to let your guard down.

    Today is the day you drop down to Reach. All of your personal items are packed in an escape pod; your armor, personal belongings, primary and secondary weapons, some ordinates, and some food and water. You've never met your squad before and everything on Reach is like Earth, but still new to you. You've never seen combat before, other than simulations.

    Despite not seeing combat, You are a UNSC Soldier and are expected to act accordingly. As of right now, you are facing the enemy known as the Covenant, a smart-alien race discover just years ago that have proven to be hostile. The letter you got claims to not know who the enemy at hand is, but it is clear once your ship is overtop reach that the Covenant is invading the planet; their reason behind it: Unknown.

    The date is Tuesday, February 14th, 2547 (Valentines day) and Reach's ground is covered in snow. The locals, of course, are not pleased with your arrival and are not too fond of the UNSC manipulating human genetic code to make super soldiers.
    All site rules apply
    No GodModding
    Create unique characters
    Password is Green
    Be respectful
    OC's Only
    Have fun

    **Any questions? PM me or ask me in OoC section!**

    Squad Roles Available:
    Commanding Officer (Leads and represents the squad):
    Weapons Expert (Deals with weapon specs and provides cover fire):

    Explosives Expert (Deals with explosives; ie: grenades, landmines, defusing, rocket launchers, etc.):

    Sniper (Works with weapons expert to provide cover fire and acts as a lookout):

    Tech Officer (Expert on all vehicles, tech, and software. The teams hacker and second in command):

    Medic (Expert in medical Science, the teams medical officer):

    Character Skelly:
    Service Code: (4-Digit Code)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age when drafted:
    Current age:
    Sexual preference:
    Armor appearance:
    Primary armor color:
    Secondary armor color:
    Visor color:
    Role in squad: (See roles available above)
    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon:
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