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    Year 2048, everyone knows the Third World War is around the corner. Overpopulation has reached a point where many countries are out of physical resources to sustain the people inside, so, they need to fight to expand their territories. USA saw this coming almost two decades ago and started a project to create their own weapons. They assumed that, if soldiers and weapons became the same thing, there would be nothing that could stop them. And so, they started Project Meta Weapons.

    This is the story of those weapons, the first Six Subjects, and their power to change the world.

    The Project gathered six newborns, during a time lapse of three years, in order to experiment with them the possibilities of genetical improvements, and what they’d be able to achieve. They were all raised separately from each others and exposed to different experiments, so that they could elaborate six weapons with different abilities and weak points. They always had every comfort they needed, but they lived all their lives like prisoners, living their whole lives inside a 10 floor building, and only limited to a few of those and a courtyard. They know they are different, they know there are only other five others like them, and they know that’s not the way they should be living.

    No matter if they have never met, there is one feeling that links them all: the desire to live their lives like if they weren't only a tool for the people that raised them, and that was why they didn't doubt as they had an opportunity to escape. More than a decade being trained and experimented on, an organization that supports human rights, even in time of crisis, looked at them as the teenagers they were for the first time. And, so, they decided to break into the government institution and open the first door for them, even if they'll need to manage to get through many door by themselves. They gave them a chance to start living for real.

    The six subjects are able to manipulate gravity, summon weapons, change the material things are made from, control the weather, bend metal and manipulate people's minds. They are capable of many things, but they still need to work together to survive the ones after them, and be able to fully understand their purpose in this soon to be rotten world.

    Will they be able to work together and surpass their first tests in the outside world? Are only a group of young men and women able to control the enormous power that was given to them? What will they decide to do with it?

  2. Element was sleeping like a log when the ground started rumbling. The only resident of the giant cube system that occupied the entire first floor was used to the ground rumbling, she just wasn't used it to it rumbling without her expecting it to, so she startled into wakefulness. Her eyes widened as her mind processed what was happening. Over a decade of having the floor shift under her feet had taught her to sense which direction she was going, and currently she was going... down. To the bottom, the ground. Could it be? The first floor of the building was also possibly the most complex. Stepping into the building, anyone would have marveled at the ceilings so high that they were almost difficult to see. It looked like it could fit three floors into that one floor. Why? Well, because it could. Although the beginning of the first floor contained some small rooms and access to the upper floors, a single door with a red-light, green-light system set into one wall allowed one into a room of a relatively normal size. Which room said person entered into once that overhead light turned green would depend on the resident of the floor. Sometimes it would be a cozy little bedroom, sometimes it would be a room with bookshelves lining the walls and racks upon racks of scientific journals and articles strapped to the floor, sometimes it would be a room that looked like a jungle, filled with both plants and animals, but a few things always stayed the same: the room was always empty, it was always the same size, it never had any windows, and it always had four doors, each set into the smack center of each wall.

    On the other hand, the Asian girl was always found in the exact same spot, though not always the same room. She was always to be found in the smack center of the complex, those 26 rooms comprising her entire world. Element was far from the most troublesome or frightening of the six subjects housed in the 10 story building. Her powers were something of a disappointment, too costly in terms of time, energy, and required knowledge to really be applicable in a war. So much for lucky number three, but they continued to test her, teach her, and maintain her as originally planned simply because that was what they existed to do. For the most part, the scientists paid little attention to her. Much of the time, they found they didn't even have to force her to do tests at all, changing things and testing her limits was something she just did, sometimes without meaning to or thinking about it. Even her escape attempts were easy to deal with, as she couldn't do much besides magically make the floor or walls insubstantial. For this reason, the room doors weren't even locked. They didn't have to be. Every time Element stepped into another room, the floor rumbled and back she went straight to the center. What had never happened before was the floor rumbling from the center closer to the exit.

    Jumping out of bed, she pulled on some day clothes and was waiting readily as the ground slid to one side as soon as it reached the floor. Almost holding her breath, she reached for the door she knew, from the way the room had moved, could lead her to the outside world. Maybe. Maybe. She opened it to find an equally bland white door waiting for her. Just like every one she had ever seen. She gripped the knob, and tried to turn it, only to find it locked. Locked. It was locked! She pressed both hands against it, excitement shining in her eyes, and walked straight through it. A large, empty hall with a ridiculously tall ceiling and random doors on the walls at each side greeted her. Were all ceilings this tall all the time? Did the air always smell like this? She stared at the room in wonder, before her attention was captured by a pair of glass doors that seemed to open up to an odd sort of darkness. She ran to it, her bare feet slapping against the cold stone floor, and passed straight through. The minute she was out of the building, however, she froze. Dirt beneath her feet, a ceilingless, walless room, a darkness lit up by an eerie white orb far above her, a breath so cold that it stung her throat as mist formed in front of her mouth every time she exhaled. Element stood there and found herself overwhelmed with wonder for the real world, that world she'd read so much about but never seen. She was free.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Leon was in his room on the seventh floor, focusing on a block of c-4 with a detonator and a blast cap, which materialized in his hand. He had no clue what time it was, but he had tried just about everything to try and bust out. The doors were several inches thick and multiple doors were used to keep subject one secure. Each door moved a different way and the seventh door was a solid slab that was closest to the hall. The floor, ceiling and walls were all reinforced with titanium panels and there were no windows. In place of a window there was a plasma screen that displayed what was going on outside that wall in real time. In short, Leon was in a panic room that could only be opened from the outside. The vents were too small to climb through, so that wasn't a viable means of escape.

    He flipped the bed onto its side before placing the explosive charge on the door, calmly walked over to his makeshift safe zone before hitting the button on the detonator. The blast was deafening and left the boy's ears ringing, but didn't do any damage. Much to his disappointment. But to his surprise, the doors began cranking open. Once all seven doors had retreated into the surrounding walls, the first subject cautiously walked out with a Bowie knife in his left hand in a reverse grip. After seeing the cost was clear, he silently moved for the stairs to make his escape.
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  4. Sorbere.JPG
    Sorbere sat in his blank room, his silent room on the sixth floor at that. Leather gloves that locked around his wrist via a wireless locking mechanism. Sitting with his eyes closed, in a meditative state, Sorbere listened to all the sounds around him. There was an itch behind his left eye, as if something was about to happen. That itch sat there for a few minutes, trying to annoy Sorbere for the longest time. Though meditation was something the scientists had told him to do for calming himself, it didn't really calm him. though he seemed calm, he was actually extremely angry, especially that the itch behind his left eye was just sitting there bugging him entirely. Sooner or later Sorbere's eyes opened, wide eyed more than anything, "If this damn itch won't go away within the next 10 seconds, I'm gonna tear down the ceiling!"​

    After that shout silence arose once again. His breathing was heavy and fast paced as he sat there enraged about the itch. Then there was a long beep that sounded for at least 5 seconds. The beep was simultaneously coming from the leather gloves he had on his hands. The locks on the gloves had then clicked and fallen off of the gloves. "Freedom from these woven chains. Is this for real" Sorbere questioned aloud. He shook his head and then started ripping the gloves off. The floor underneath him was made of solid concrete, and he felt it for the first time in forever. Then, his head took an instant look over to his closet, and pulled out his clothing that he liked to wear on special occasions in the building. Putting on his shirt and coat along with a pair of jeans, he grabbed his sunglasses and set them on his shirt.

    Touching the floor once again, Sorbere absorbed the contents of the concrete floor's properties and turned them over to him. His hands turning into a solid grey color, and the properties ran up his arms. The door in front of him was a solid metal door, about a couple inches thick of steel metal alloy. Sorbere then slammed his fist into the door, causing a medium sized dent. A crooked smile came across his face, and he punched the door at least three or four more times. The last punch blew the door off it's hinges. He then released the concrete properties in a puff of dust, arms perfectly fine. After that Sorbere walked towards the stairs, walking down to the first floor in a slow, and relaxed step. He wanted to soak this in.
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  5. Magdalena (open)

    Magdalena St. Clair stared at the ceiling of the room she normally used as a bedroom on what she had learned was the eight floor of the building she lived her life in. The dull boom that she heard made her sit up from lying on the queen size bed. She raised an eyebrow and sedately walked over to her walk-in closet and pulled out her favorite black skinny jeans, black solid tee shirt, black hoodie, and black over the knee riding boots. She slipped on socks and got dressed in her gathered items. She put her hair in a quick fishtail braid that ended mid-back and tucked that in the hood of the hoodie she had thrown on. She quickly grabbed a pair of black leather driving gloves that she had managed to acquire. She then grabbed the small bag that could hold at most a couple spare sets of clothes.

    "Gilded cages only keep for so long." she said as she moved out of the closet and calmly walked over to the door of the 'bedroom' and opened it. She walked into a bright white hallway and turned left moving to the door at the end. She stopped at it and looked up at the green light that was normally red. She slowly looked up at the camera she knew was there and smiled and blew a kiss as she opened the door to the stairs landing that read '8th Floor. Masks and Earplugs required from this point forward.' Her temper flared as she read this she scoffed and spun away heading down the stairs.

    Magdalena started humming Fastball's "The Way" as she moved quickly down the stairs. By the time she was on the sixth floor landing she was singing happily seeing as no one had captured her and sent her back to that awful cage.

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  6. Nami - Number Two

    "Come on.. I can do this..."

    With her arms spread out, making her look like a T, Two slowly put her left foot out on the water. She was in the middle of her room, 3rd floor exactly - which was filled with water and tiny islands dotting the room. She felt at home here, or at least, closest she could get. Those who trapped her here gave her the power of water. Earth's most important resource, and she was the queen of it. That's probably why she felt so comfortable here, as in a way, she was the water itself.

    As Two began to shift her weight onto her left foot, her mind reached out to the water, becoming one. Her face shows signs of stress and concentration, only getting worse as she stepped out with her other foot. Though her legs are wobbly, she stood firm. On top of water. Amazed by her own skill, Two let out a gleeful cheer. Wanting to see how far she could go, she began to take her next step as a loud Clang! rang out behind her, catching her off guard and causing her to lose concentration. As a result, she lost the connection to the water and fell into the warm, embracing water. Swimming to the shore that the bang came from, what she found - unknowing to her at the moment - will completely change her life forever. On the ground laid the old hatch from the ceiling, the only door in the entire room. A white paper was attached to it. One word, scribbled hastily on it -


    Clutching onto the paper with her soaking wet hands, Two looked up the latter that leads to the now-empty hatch. Her jaw was dropped. Someone came to save her! Heart pounding out of her chest, she used her powers to suck up all the water out of her clothes into a kickball sized ball at her side, and began to climb up to freedom. Faster and faster she climbed until she finally reached the very top. Pulling herself to the room above, Two found herself in a hallway leading to a staircase. This seems almost too easy, Two thought to herself. She looked down at the soaked piece of paper.

    "Thank you," She whispered to herself as she let go of it, running towards the staircase with her water-ball right behind.
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  7. Five
    @Second Floor, Five's room. BGM: Mat Kearney - Ships in The Night
    Interactions: Open to those coming down How does escape stairs work

    It took Five a fair amount of time before he realized the great exodus happening in the buildings. This wasn't because he was asleep despite the way he was reclining on the luxurious sofa, fully dressed in casual attire, but more so due to the near-deafening volume of music that was blasting across his heavenly imprisonment and the novel he was indulged in.

    Or perhaps it was more accurate to say he did not show any signs of noticing the mechanical goggles around his eyes deactivating, as well as the doors shifting wide open until he was done with the novel. With a content sigh, he pulled his head back and gave a mighty stretch causing the rows of piercings in his left ear to dangle and the book to carelessly fall to the ground. He was moments into finishing it, and he wasn't about to give it up just because of some weird event which may or may not be a trickery from the experimenters. After all, they were evil and who knew when they would hatch up a sour prank to entertain themselves?

    The goggles were pulled off with ease, which was surprising since it was the only thing preventing him from attempting to drill a hole in the wall - it was designed to shut out his vision whenever he tried to use his powers to the maximum effort, effectively neutralizing his laser beams. There was probably a huge risk even if the googles were not there, as he wasn't completely used to controlling the laser beam for all that long, but there was a difference between choosing not to do something and being forced not to do something. Dropping the googles onto the floor, Five crushed it under his sneakers as his face bloomed with his trademark smile at the sight of the remnants of the last restraint.

    The music player was blasting a song which wasn't exactly fitting for the situation, but to Five it still added to his growing excitement of a chance to escape. He still managed to keep his walking pace steady, telling himself that this may be a trap. His first action afterwards was to pull out a random book from the massive rows of shelves which aligned the walls in the room he was reclining in; his very own library, created to replicate a certain magical library from a fictional world. Checking that it was indeed a book he didn't mind reading again for the umpteenth time, he stepped out into the next room. The second floor which was rightfully his domain had many rooms of various shapes and sizes which recreated scenes from the stories Five has read. Each room had its own feature, from the tatami room of a japanese culture to the dark, moist cells of a medieval dungeon, to a strip bar. Not that there were any people there, just speakers blaring and dancing lights. He wasn't all that doubtful that the building would be lit with music thanks to the soundproofing around his floor becoming useless, assuming there actually was an open exit.

    His feet took him to the edge of his enclosed world where he faced a sight he so longed to see. The door which was always shut with maximum security was wide open. Five casually tossed the book in his hand and caught it, one of the bar tricks he had practiced since birth to impress others when he met them, and proceeded his decent down the building with a single ball of light materializing and trailing from behind him.

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  8. Element's escape from the building had been so terrifyingly easy after so long trying being shut inside, it made her nervous. She'd spent her whole life reading about a world they'd told her she'd never get to see and now that she was seeing it, she couldn't help feel that this was some kind of test or trap. She looked back into the towering white hallway the first floor comprised of warily. It was too... quiet. She took another step into the night, and then stopped to look back at the eerily quiet building. What about her fellow subjects? What was happening to them? Did they manage to get out, too? She took yet another step farther away from the building, but couldn't bring herself to keep going. The mere thought that she was leaving five others just like her to remain trapped in this place was intolerable. With a long sigh at her own stupidity, Element stepped back inside.

    She could tell that this was the first floor and only appeared to hold her "cell," so it stood to reason that the others would be on upper floors... right? Seeing a door labeled "stairs" set into one way, she very carefully creeped inside, looking up the dark stairwell. She hatched a brilliant plan there in that darkness, for if a guard came down those stairs instead of a fellow subject: RUN. Swallowing almost loud enough for it to echo throughout the stairway, she took her first tentative step up the first stair she'd ever seen in person. Another step quickly followed and she was bounding up the stairs, but before she got more than halfway she turned the corner and found herself face to face with a boy who appeared to be her age, with messy brown hair.

    She yelped before clapping a hand over her mouth. The startled girl stumbled backwards a few steps and would've fallen down them if her back hadn't hit the wall and somehow helped her regain her balance. It did not, however, help her regain her wits. Her brilliant plan flew out of her mind, leaving it quite terribly blank. What was she supposed to do?! What to do what to do? Was he another subject? Panic nearly sent her eyes spinning in her sockets as she stood there, one hand still over her mouth, back pressed against the wall of the stairway.

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  9. Leon had barely gotten half way down to the sixth floor when he heard someone singing. Did I just get caught? He was ready to cut whoever it was down until he noticed the voice belonged to a girl that was younger than he was. He quickly hid his knife and said "who are you?" no sense letting his guard down yet even though the alarm hadn't gone off. Everyone on the staff knew he was trying to bust out of there, but hadn't been successful. He tried just about everything. Shooting the door with an armor piercing round, blowing it up. Nothing worked. He was going to try thermite next but he doubted he'd get that farsince he'd more than likely set the fire alarm off.
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  10. Sorbere continued to walk down the stairs, and had made it close towards the first floor finally. It didn't take him that long to be able to get down the stairs thankfully. When getting near the stairs he noticed a ball of light, and behind that ball of light two people were on the stairs, one standing, and one against the wall. Sorbere could not get a good look at the guy who was standing on the stairs, but the girl who was against the wall was somewhat definable. She was younger than Sorbere by the looks of it close to a year. Sorbere tried to make out the guy with the ball of light behind him, but could not tell exactly due to the light or the fact that their back was facing him. "Well this seems interesting" Sorbere said quietly.

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  11. Maggie (open)

    Magdalen looked up at the older boy with dark hair who was taller than her. She stopped dead in her tracks. She felt the tight hold on her power open, like a fist that relaxed from clutching something tightly, automatically before she noticed that he wasn't a guard. "Shit you train yourself to do things automatically and the one time it doesn't have to it does!!! Shit!!!!" She thought as she looked up at him. Sometimes she hated looking up at people. Then again practically everyone was taller then her 5 foot 2 inches not to mention she was petite but curvy. This might not be so bad though, if she had only not let go.

    He was pretty good looking reminded her of the celebrities in those insipid gossip magazines that people kept trying to get her to read. She was much happier with a National Geographic than those. But no doubt this guy looked like he had a personal trainer at his side 24/7. She tilted her head and smiled winsomely and pulled her hood down and stepped closer crowding his personal space. She kept her eyes locked on his as she put both hands on the railing on either side of him and majorly invaded his personal space. Still smiling winsomely she said "You're not a guard since you don't know my name is Magdalena St. Clair. So if you're not a guard then you have to be one of the other five." Magdalena's light green eyes sparkled with mischief. She knew that this close especially she would be more charming than...well she had no idea to compare it to. "Which also means that the others could be free. Humm this is turning out to be a great day!! We should go get them and make like a bananas." She grinned and you could tell she was excited, although she still hadn't moved out of his personal space she liked people off balance it made for more honest people usually. She grinned up at him still not moving out of his personal space. "So tall dark and handsome, what is your name?"
  12. Glancing around the empty halls, Two softly hummed as she walked her way down the stairs. Her footsteps lightly echoed as she proceeded. In the back of her mind she thought that this was possibly a test the scientists set on her, but genuinely hoped that this was a real escape. The more she believed, the more she sped up and the smile on her face grew. As she advanced, a bright light filled the tunnel. She was studying the two shadows that was produced when something caught her eye. A boy, around her age, standing out of sight of the other two. Maybe he's just like me... She snuck up on him and whispered in his hear; "Hey there!"
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  13. @Dimly-lit stairs between the lowest and the second-lowest floors.
    Interactions: Element mainly, but Sorbere and Nami in hearing range.

    The ball of light bounced in rhythm to Five as it followed his unhurried, yet evenly paced descent. He was eager to step out of this building, though he was reluctant to run down the flight of steps. This wasn't because of any safety precaution, but solely because it gave him time to fantasize about what may lie ahead and what he would do. He would most likely 'go with the flow' and take the best option given to him at the time despite his 'planning', but these small instances where he imagine himself as the life's main character was one of his habits which happened from having almost too much time isolated with books.

    Due to his mind being distracted, Five did not notice the presence of another person until they suddenly appeared within his vision. His eyes widened in surprise, taking a second to process the sight of the brunette. He stiffened at the sudden yelp but as she stepped back he was given the chance to catch sight of her outline which jolted him into attention; there was a girl in front of him, a real girl and not an ugly hag-scientist.

    The ball of light which was idly bobbing in mid-air behind its creator jerked up and towards the girl at being given a mental command, slowing down to a walking pace as it went between them to a position which allowed Five to get a clearer view of the girl. The placement was such that he assumed would also allow the girl to see him fully as well even in the dim lighting of the confined area of stairs where they were, though that was not entirely on purpose.

    The immaculate smile which faltered with his stiffening earlier appeared back on his face as he looked at her with joy, the possibility of her being a guard non-existent in his mind. As far as he could remember, this was the first real girl of his age that he has been close enough to touch and feel. Her looks were very likable to him, with her longish and wavy hair to her surprised eyes, to her choice of attire and to that cute yelp at the sight of him. In fact, his attention and joy were pinned straight on the person in front that he did not feel the presence of the two who had reached the same place as them from the floors above, nor heard their muttered words.

    After mentally suppressing his emotions to put up a 'cool' attitude, his mouth opened to initiate a conversation.

    "Are you lost? because heaven is a long way from here."

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  14. Element's heart was racing 100 miles per hour, and not in the good way. When the ball of light behind the guy suddenly seemed to jerk forward towards her, she threw up her arms to protect her face, flinching. But no blow came, so she peeked out from under her arms to see the light hovering above them, clearly illuminating the two of them. For a very brief moment, it seemed as though he was as stunned as she was, but then he grinned in an almost suave manner. For a moment, neither of them spoke, then he broke the silence with, "Are you lost? Because heaven is a long way from here."

    She stared at him. What had he just said? He couldn't possibly be one of her fellow subjects, because that line was cheesier than fondue. Then again, only someone locked up in a tower like Rapunzel for their entire life could possibly think that pick-up line would be a good idea. "I'm not lost." She said, opting for an uncomfortable smile as she averted her eyes. "But..." she stumbled over her words a bit, "I am leaving. If- if you're like me, would you maybe like to come, too?" She pressed her fingertips against the wall she was leaning on, now a little more prepared to run if he said anything that seemed like a threat.

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  15. Leon's eyes had briefly flashed red until she stopped and looked at him. When she stated he wasn't a guard, he rolled his eyes and said" name's Leon, aka subject one. Not sure where the others are, but I agree. We should find them and get out of here before the staff catches on." he let the knife vanish in a brief flash of crimson light only to be replaced by a red rose, which he handed to Maggie. "A beautiful flower for a beautiful girl."
  16. Sorbere had kept watching on the two for the moment, before hearing the voice of Two. He only widened his eyes in surprise for a short moment, then turned craned his head to the right slightly, "Well hello." Someone else who may join the fray of escape? Sorbere smiled, a devilishness in his look. He turned his head back to the other two, apparently they were getting close. Gripping onto the rail he absorbed some of the properties from the rail, turning his arms into metal. Closing his eyes, he held onto the bars a little longer, and absorbed more, sending it down to his legs, that way he would be stronger when crashing through things. In just a couple minutes he let go of the rail and opened his eyes, gasping as took in the metal. Seeing that where he was on the stairway, he could jump over the rail and land just a few feet below. So the boy took the chance and jumped over the rail and landed, cracking the ground slightly. He ran towards the exit and did't look back. The place he was raised was a rotting hell hole for all he cared.
  17. Maggie looked at the flower then smiled and took it saying "Thank you Leon." and stepping back from Leon since they were both in agreement that they needed to find the others. Grabbing his hand she headed down the stairs this time only whistling Fastball's The Way so as not to distract anyone, Leon in particular. A couple of minutes later they came upon a brunette who looked a little damp. Like she had showered with her clothes still on or got caught in the rain. Maggie's hand tightened on Leon's a fraction. "Hello." Maggie said to the girl's back hoping she'd turn around.
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  18. Two smiled at the strange boy, hoping to show him that she was friendly. She watched as the boy turned himself into the metal the rail he was leaning on, turning his legs and arms into the metal. She glanced over to the two with the ball of light between them, then back at the boy - but he was gone. With a loud thud! He jumped off the side of the stairway. Leaning over to glance a glimpse, Two was startled by a voice behind her. Twirling around, she saw a couple, with the girl holding a rose being the one who spoke out. Clearing her throat, she said, "Well, hey there."
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  19. @Dimly-lit stairs between the lowest and the second-lowest floors.
    Interactions: Element mainly but Nami, Maggie and Leon in sight range.

    "Sure, I'd love to. Call me Five by the way."

    The reply from Five was without hesitation, though in a composed and even tone. He got the impression that the girl was uneasy and perhaps scared from his observation, judging by her inability to meet his eyes and the way she stumbled upon her words. He had came across plenty romance novels to know better than to push his luck especially to those who looked shy, while at the same time enjoying the reactions he was getting and screaming 'cute cute cute' over and over in his mind. With his words, he allowed the girl some space to walk back down with his hands stretched beside him with the novel whose title was shadowed from view on his right hand so she could see he wasn't planning anything.

    The loud 'thud' reverberated in the space they were in moments after, making him involuntarily look around. His wobbly ball of light swerved along with his eye's vision to illuminate the surroundings. Though his actions were too late to catch the sight of the one who made the loud noise as they sped out of the stairway, he finally noticed that there were others nearby - though still a fair bit away compared to the uneasy girl he had initiated a conversation. From where he was he could make out that there were more than one person and that at least one of them was a female, albeit not facing his way.

    "Oh, looks like we've more company. I wonder if they're the other subjects?"

    Muttered Five, though in a cheery manner and evidently expressing that he has yet to realize that the girl, too, was in the same position as himself.

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  20. Five. Another subject. "I'm Thre-" she started, but a loud thump caused her to jump practically a foot into the air. She whipped around to see a boy running from the bottom of the staircase. How had he gotten there? Where had he come from?! Everything was all becoming very confusing. The white of the walls inside the staircase, the weird light bobbing around the overly flirtatious Five, the situation felt like it was spinning out of her control. Five seemed cheerful about the prospect of meeting the other subjects, though he spoke as if she wasn't one. Wait, she hadn't exactly told him....

    Trying to ignore the scare she'd gotten when the other subject had hopped down, Element made her way down the stairs, keeping her back against the wall and one eye on Five. The distance to the bottom was not actually very far, but the journey felt long and tense to her. Just because he was another subject didn't mean she trusted him. She wasn't sure what to think about him, about any of them. She made it to the door to the stairs and simply passed straight through, something she did quite without thinking, even more so because she was nervous.
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