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    Year 2048, everyone knows the Third World War is around the corner. Overpopulation has reached a point where many countries are out of physical resources to sustain the people inside, so, they need to fight to expand their territories. USA saw this coming almost two decades ago and started a project to create their own weapons. They assumed that, if soldiers and weapons became the same thing, there would be nothing that could stop them. And so, they started Project Meta Weapons.

    This is the story of those weapons, the first Six Subjects, and their power to change the world.

    The Project gathered six newborns, during a time lapse of three years, in order to experiment with them the possibilities of genetical improvements, and what they’d be able to achieve. They were all raised separately from each others and exposed to different experiments, so that they could elaborate six weapons with different abilities and weak points. They always had every comfort they needed, but they lived all their lives like prisoners, living their whole lives inside a 10 floor building, and only limited to a few of those and a courtyard. They know they are different, they know there are only other five others like them, and they know that’s not the way they should be living.

    No matter if they have never met, there is one feeling that links them all: the desire to live their lives like if they weren't only a tool for the people that raised them, and that was why they didn't doubt as they had an opportunity to escape. More than a decade being trained and experimented on, an organization that supports human rights, even in time of crisis, looked at them as the teenagers they were for the first time. And, so, they decided to break into the government institution and open the first door for them, even if they'll need to manage to get through many door by themselves. They gave them a chance to start living for real.

    The six subjects are able to manipulate gravity, summon weapons, change the material things are made from, control the weather, bend metal and manipulate people's minds. They are capable of many things, but they still need to work together to survive the ones after them, and be able to fully understand their purpose in this soon to be rotten world.

    Will they be able to work together and surpass their first tests in the outside world? Are only a group of young men and women able to control the enormous power that was given to them? What will they decide to do with it?

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  2. Shade - Subject#1

    It had been an exceptionally exhausted day for the experiment labeled as number 1. The ones that took care of her seemed to be getting more anxious every day, and they pushed her harder and harder. They said she needed to have a perfect control of her power before it was too late. Of course, for someone that had never seen the outcomes of a war, those were just words without any effect. She couldn't be interested in a world she had only seen through books and movies. Her world didn't extend farther than the walls of that building, and sometimes she wondered what was of the lives of the five others that shared her world.

    Shade had already changed into her sleeping clothes when a click came from her door, snapping her out of her thoughts. Immediately, she turned to look at it, and stared at it for a while. Everyday, without any exceptions, she had different activities and medical studies during the day, and was locked inside her room from 11 pm to 8 am. It was the first time the door opened around 00:30, a lot before than what it was supposed to, so Shade couldn't avoid being suspicious. Carefully, Shade approached towards the door. The first thing that crossed her mind was that she was being tested. Her doctors usually told her about tests before doing them, but it was still a possibility. Anyway, she still walked towards the door and placed her hand on the side of it, pushing the button that shouldn't be working at those hours.

    The girl with the gray, loose clothes was bewildered to see the two ends of the automatic door opening, letting her out. Still being cautious, she stuck her head out, and looked into the dark hallway. There was no one in there, only silence and deserted doors. She was by her own, with a clear path to go through. Even if a part of her told her to go back to her bed, the curious side was a lot stronger, and didn't take long to start walking down the hall. She headed towards the stairs, craving for going to the lower floors she wasn't normally allowed to. Her feet were slightly touching the metallic surface below them, trying to be as silent as possible, so that the little adventure she was being allowed to have didn't end too quickly. Even though she still wasn't thinking about running away, since it was just too crazy to believe no one would stop her first, she was excited about finding at least one of the other five subjects. As her mind focused in it, her feet started to quietly lead her downstairs. She knew there were cameras and heat detectors all around the place, and she couldn't avoid them. After descending only one floor, now in the 5th, she looked into the hallway, wondering if she should keep going or take a look around.
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    Twok. Twok. Twok.
    The sound of a ball bouncing against ceramic tile filled the air of the small room that housed Subject 5. It was an odd room, even given the nature of the facility in which it was housed. In fact, the entire floor it was on could be considered odd. The floors, walls, and ceilings were made of ceramic tile reinforced with hardwood, all of the doors on the floor constructed from bulletproof glass and industrial grade plastics. All of the staff entering or exiting the floor had to pass through metal detectors, and the only only objects containing metal on the floor were kept in the training room, far away from the Subject's room. Because even though Subject 5 was an unassuming nineteen-year-old named Marcus with dimples and a big floppy mess of brown curls, he could manipulate metal and magnetic fields and keeping him in a place near anything he could change was far too risky. What was risky included many bits of tech and whatnot he could occupy his spare time with.
    So he was stuck with a rubber ball.
    Which he was bouncing off of the ceiling in lieu of sleeping, when the doors all opened. Marcus was one of those sorts who had trouble going to bed at reasonable times, and his late schedule often made training more difficult than it should have been. But, this particular night, that late schedule was going to help him get out of the facility he'd been cooped up in for as long as he could remember.
    A hiss from the direction of the door to his room caught Marcus's attention at about a half hour past midnight. The ball, forgotten in his surprise and alarm, dropped to the floor and rolled into a corner. It took a minute, but Marcus got up and hesitantly padded over to the door in his bare feet, letting out a small noise of surprise when he pushed it and found it was unlocked. He was gripped with indecision for a few moments. He could leave. He could leave right then. But what if these people, the only people he'd ever been around, came after him? Was he smart enough to get out of the facility, smart enough to leave and go on the run like that, smart enough to never be made to come back?
    After a few of minutes of thinking, he decided that maybe it didn't matter and he should try anyway. So he pushed the door all the way open and walked down the hall with his eyes wide and his heart pounding, making his way to the stairs. The only times he'd ever walked this hall was with someone escorting him. Doing it alone was terrifying, to be perfectly honest, but he pushed on. Once reaching the stairs, he stopped again. Where were the other subjects? Maybe he could find them. Maybe he could open their doors. Maybe they could all get out together. Nodding to himself and swallowing past a lump in his throat, he chose the staircase going up and began to climb to the fourth floor.​
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    Leon was in his room on the seventh floor, focusing on a block of c-4 with a detonator and a blast cap, which materialized in his hand. He had no clue what time it was, but he had tried just about everything to try and bust out. The doors were several inches thick and multiple doors were used to keep subject two secure. Each door moved a different way and the seventh door was a solid slab that was closest to the hall. The floor, ceiling and walls were all reinforced with titanium panels and there were no windows. In place of a window there was a plasma screen that displayed what was going on outside that wall in real time. In short, Leon was in a panic room that could only be opened from the outside. The vents were too small to climb through, so that wasn't a viable means of escape.

    He flipped the bed onto its side before placing the explosive charge on the door, calmly walked over to his makeshift safe zone before hitting the button on the detonator. The blast was deafening and left the boy's ears ringing, but didn't do any damage. Much to his disappointment. But to his surprise, the doors began cranking open. Once all seven doors had retreated into the surrounding walls, the second subject cautiously walked out with a Bowie knife in his left hand in a reverse grip. After seeing the cost was clear, he silently moved for the stairs to make his escape.
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    The long haired boy sitting on the floor in a well padded room, with the straight jacket sercurly fastend on him was named Titan...or Brother Nature, which some of his personal "Doctors" called him. His hair covered his face, if you can picture The Grudge as an Egpytian Boy in a straight jacket, that's what Titan looked like right about now. His room was Air Tight...literally, the doctors had to have his room secured the most. Everything was closed off...the air came in just enough to keep him alive, but not enough for him to use his Aerokinesis. The room also had Hydrophobic Coating...which meant even if he thought about flooding the room, it wouldn't work either. They had really done an amazing job of negating Titan's powers, he couldn't even make a storm...since his room was on Floor Ten...where the Atmosphere was way too high for anything to be sustained. That's the thing about Atmokinesis...he needed specific levels and temperatures for his powers to work. Titan may seem like one of the most powerful out of the Subjects, but his powers could be temporarily disabled rather quickly, if you knew how to do it.

    "This place is going to drive me mad...if not already." Titan violently shot his head back, trying to keep his hair out of his face. He wanted soo bad to break out of this jacket, but he was only let out of it to eat and to do some damn tests. They were treated like cattle in this place...just horrible. Titan would do anything to get out of this place. While sitting there, he noticed his steel metal door start to crack open...he cocked one eyebrow at the moving door. "What the?" Not questioning the miracle too much, Titan struggled to stand up. He used his back and shoulders to slide up the wall. After getting up, he walked to the opening door. Peeking out of it...he wondered if this was a trick or something. Titan's tests were usually way harder than most...since he was a very knowledgeable guy.

    Seeing as this would be too easy of a test, Titan used his back to push the door farther out. Once it was oepn enough, he walked out the door. Looking around, he didn't see anyone or any of the doctors. Since Floor Ten was so high up, most of the subjects were farther down from he would have a long walk to find anyone. He needed someone to take this jacket off of him...or find something to cut the straps off. Titan, being smart, he used the wall to aid him in walking down the stairs without falling. Once he got this jacket off, it would be an easier time for him to escape this hell. He wondered how long it would take for him to see some of the other subjects, he had never met any of them...only heard of them from The Doctors' gossip.

    The one that Titan knew a little more about was Subject #2...he didn't know their name, he just knew that they seemed to be a handful. The way his doctors talked about them, saying that they were glad they didn't get Subject #2 as a patient, maybe #2 would be the one to get Titan out of this crap...or at least out of this jacket. He flipped his hair once again out of his face, this was difficult, he barely made it to the Ninth Floor without falling.

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  6. Experiment 6

    Another long night. Or more of an average night for Lori. Adapting to what was normal by this point, the girl tended to spend long hours in meditation or honing her abilities as opposed to sleeping, only allowing her body rest for the absolute minimum to sustain herself, about four hours. Sitting on the cool metal floor of her 'apartment' as she was trying to call it this week, Lori took a slow, deep breath in and extended her mind once more, knowing that the ceilings were high and whatever floor was above her must have some thick padding that worked against her even being able to register there being anyone there. Below her, she knew that there was a purposed layer of small critters that have been allowed to make their homes there and allowed access to the outside world during the day when she was in tests. With so many minds to weave through just to go down, Lori found it pointless in even trying to see below her, as that would consume most of her energy in one sitting. No, she would simply hone her skills to penetrate above her, knowing that any progress made in the positive lateral would extend to her negative lateral. There was.... movement? She could sense movement of a being at least now, which was surprising in and of itself.

    Getting up from her seated position as she straightened out her long sleeved shirt and fixing the wide cut neck, Lori attempted to follow the movement herself, just in case her range only extended to just that one person, leaving her only a foot or two of leeway. As she moved, she also pulled up and fixed her slacks, wandering through her room in the dark only to find herself up against the door in confusion. The body continued moving, however, past the door, provoking a fit of frustration, Lori kicking at the door once, only to hear a creek and slight sliding sound, as if the door was unlocked. Staring at the door in confusion, Lori pushed at the sliding door, using her shoulder as a bit of leverage as she wasnt quite the strongest physically. It took quite a bit of maneuvering, but finally, at long last, her wish of escape had been granted! She was tired to say the least, as now would normally be when she was going to bed, but she pushed that aside, knowing that she would need to be fully alert to get out of this place alive. If she ran into a scientist, god forbid, she would have to cloak herself flawlessly, the first time.... Shaking her head and exiting her room into the faint, pale light of the corridor, her messy blonde hair catching the light and her clothes faintly colored now that there was light to see them by, her shirt being brown with gold designs on it and her pants being a subtle tan.

    Brushing some hair from her face, Lori looked up and down the corridor, knowing her way around this floor well enough, but what of the other floors? Would it be so simple on the others as well? There was no telling at this point, and now, there was a strange sort of shuffling sound coming from the stairwell, fabric against fabric and fabric against something else, possibly the wall..? It was then that Lori remembered the moving figure from before and slowly approached, reaching out mentally at the same time, trying to enter into this mind undetected, though she couldnt tell how well defended this person would be. Instead of working on quality, she decided it best to work on speed, getting in quickly and hiding herself from the eyes of the 'enemy', only to snoop about his mind and find him to simply be another subject. One more out of the six.... Slowly revealing herself and withdrawing from the other's mind, Lori looked at the mess the male seemed to be in with a slight frown.
    "Hey, you need some help with that..? I managed to hide my knife from dinner, so I could probably cut you loose.... Gimme a second, alright?" she called out in a hushed tone, silently scolding herself for not having thought of bringing her knife in the first place. She headed back to her room to gather the utensil before heading back out of her room to look for the male she had seen.

  7. Element was sleeping like a log when the ground started rumbling. The only resident of the giant cube system that occupied the entire first floor was used to the ground rumbling, she just wasn't used it to it rumbling without her expecting it to, so she startled into wakefulness. Her eyes widened as her mind processed what was happening. Over a decade of having the floor shift under her feet had taught her to sense which direction she was going, and currently she was going... down. To the bottom, the ground. Could it be? The first floor of the building was also possibly the most complex. Stepping into the building, anyone would have marveled at the ceilings so high that they were almost difficult to see. It looked like it could fit three floors into that one floor. Why? Well, because it could. Although the beginning of the first floor contained some small rooms and access to the upper floors, a single door with a red-light, green-light system set into one wall allowed one into a room of a relatively normal size. Which room said person entered into once that overhead light turned green would depend on the resident of the floor. Sometimes it would be a cozy little bedroom, sometimes it would be a room with bookshelves lining the walls and racks upon racks of scientific journals and articles strapped to the floor, sometimes it would be a room that looked like a jungle, filled with both plants and animals, but a few things always stayed the same: the room was always empty, it was always the same size, it never had any windows, and it always had four doors, each set into the smack center of each wall.

    On the other hand, the Asian girl was always found in the exact same spot, though not always the same room. She was always to be found in the smack center of the complex, those 26 rooms comprising her entire world. Element was far from the most troublesome or frightening of the six subjects housed in the 10 story building. Her powers were something of a disappointment, too costly in terms of time, energy, and required knowledge to really be applicable in a war. So much for lucky number three, but they continued to test her, teach her, and maintain her as originally planned simply because that was what they existed to do. For the most part, the scientists paid little attention to her. Much of the time, they found they didn't even have to force her to do tests at all, changing things and testing her limits was something she just did, sometimes without meaning to or thinking about it. Even her escape attempts were easy to deal with, as she couldn't do much besides magically make the floor or walls insubstantial. For this reason, the room doors weren't even locked. They didn't have to be. Every time Element stepped into another room, the floor rumbled and back she went straight to the center. What had never happened before was the floor rumbling from the center closer to the exit.

    Jumping out of bed, she pulled on some day clothes and was waiting readily as the ground slid to one side as soon as it reached the floor. Almost holding her breath, she reached for the door she knew, from the way the room had moved, could lead her to the outside world. Maybe. Maybe. She opened it to find an equally bland white door waiting for her. Just like every one she had ever seen. She gripped the knob, and tried to turn it, only to find it locked. Locked. It was locked! She pressed both hands against it, excitement shining in her eyes, and walked straight through it. A large, empty hall with a ridiculously tall ceiling and random doors on the walls at each side greeted her. Were all ceilings this tall all the time? Did the air always smell like this? She stared at the room in wonder, before her attention was captured by a pair of glass doors that seemed to open up to an odd sort of darkness. She ran to it, her bare feet slapping against the cold stone floor, and passed straight through. The minute she was out of the building, however, she froze. Dirt beneath her feet, a ceilingless, walless room, a darkness lit up by an eerie white orb far above her, a breath so cold that it stung her throat as mist formed in front of her mouth every time she exhaled. Element stood there and found herself overwhelmed with wonder for the real world, that world she'd read so much about but never seen. She was free.

  8. Shade - Subject#1

    Finally, Shade passed through the stairs' door to explore the hallway of the 5th floor. She was being pushed by her constant curiosity of meeting another experiment, and someone else might perfectly be there. That floor was a lot different than hers, and everything else she knew. Her feet were only covered by a thin pair of socks, and so she realized the ceramic tiles were not as cold as the metal she was used to feel. The walls only had a white plaster around them, filled with wooden doors and some decorations, together with a few small furnitures with drawers. Even though for someone else it might be a normal floor, to her eyes that never saw a construction that looked so weak, it was pretty odd. She could easily rearrange all those objects with a slight change of gravity. The girl known as the first experiment walked through the hall, dragging one hand across the wall, feeling its texture, and trying to open a few doors. Every single one of them was locked, and she believed it was too risky to force them not knowing what was behind them.

    After a few minutes of enjoying the calmness and little freedom she had, she realized there was still no one after her. It was impossible that the cameras and heat detectors didn't spot her yet, since the few times she tried to take a walk on her own, it only took a few seconds for the guards to neutralize her. This was different. For some reason, they weren't working. And she'd be a fool if she didn't take advantage out of it. At that very second, she started thinking about an escaping plan. It was a shame she only had those ugly pijamas to go out there and meet the real world, but it didn't matter. If she could finally escape from that facility, she'd be happy enough to not care about that kind of things.

    Anyway, as her mind worked in a way of getting out being unspotted, as well as trying to get the other prisoners out with her, she heard something from her back. Immediately, she turned around and saw a door opening. A man came out of it, and even if he wore something a lot different than his usual, she recognized him as one of the doctor's helpers. He was too sleepy to know what was going on, and it gave her some time to use her powers on him before he'd say anything. He quickly fell to the floor, feeling a pressure above him too strong to resist, at least if you were surprised by it. Shade hurried to run back to the stairs, leaving behind any plans, and just deciding to get to the bottom of the building as quickly as she could. Before closing the door that separated the stairs from the hallway, she made sure to slightly change the direction of gravity, and drag a few furniture behind it, locking the door. That way she made it a little harder for that man to follow her after he could get up.

    Shade rushed down almost one floor, and froze seeing someone else walking upwards. Even though after paying some attention she'd realize he was one of the few that shared her situation, another subject, she didn't take any time to think. With a clear decrease of gravity, she tried to lift him up, in order to immobilize him and be able to keep going down.

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    Marcus hadn't gone all that far up the stairs when he began to sense it. Metal. Directly above him. The feeling was indistinct, but became clearer as he began to run up the stairs, his curiosity overpowering his fear of discovery for the moment. As he got higher, the sensations became more distinct. Beams, in the ceiling of the fifth floor. A scattering of objects, large and small, across the fifth and sixth floors. This was a revelation. It had never occurred to him that his part of the facility was unique, that he was the only subject able to control metal. He stopped dead on the stairs, sensing more metal than he'd ever had in his entire life, then the door to the staircase was opened.
    The yelp he let out as he suddenly found himself floating was fairly undignified.
    "What the hell?" His first instinct was to struggle against whatever was holding him, but that only served to flip himself around in midair and worsen his predicament. When he finally caught sight of the girl who'd done this to him, he was upside down for the most part and looked...well, ridiculous. It took him a second to realize she was wearing the same gray clothes he was, and his excitement at finding someone who could possibly be another subject very nearly sent him spinning again. "Wait, hey, you're wearing gray, you're not a scientist! I'm not one either, I swear. I'm Marcus! Um, Subject Five. I'm Subject Five," he rambled out, hoping that those words would be enough to convince her to put him down. He had questions about her, and questions about the other subjects, and questions about the experiments, and questions about so many other things he'd rather ask while standing on relatively solid ground. Or he could wait until they'd gotten the other subjects and gotten out of the facility. Yeah, that would probably be best. Regardless. His feet should be touching floor as soon as possible. He could feel the blood draining into his head. "Could you put me down, maybe? Please?"​
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    Leon had just got to the landing between the sixth and seventh floors when he heard the door right below him on the sixth floor open and suddenly close. Then he heard a startled yelp and some rushed words. The second subject crept slowly down the steps so he wouldn't give away his position with the large knife held against his forearm and peaked around the corner to see what was going on. He had a pair of well worn steel toe boots on and they didn't make a sound on the floor.

    Leon was about to make a move when some more hushed words reached his ears, this time from above him. He just prayed that nobody triggered the alarm. His rep among the scientists was that he was trouble. And boy were they right. Summoned a pair of katana and killed one scientists and severely injuring another by cutting the man's hand off. Granted, the scientists were not in the safe zone and the idiot head scientist wanted a complete demonstration of his powers. The katana were on the other side of a blast proof shield within his line of sight and the scientists stepped a little to close when he began swinging the swords like a master, if not better than a master. He had been put in the hot box for that for about three hours because of that little stunt.
  11. [​IMG]

    Titan struggled down the stairs, once he got to the ninth floor, he looked around to make sure no doctors were around. He tried to break out of the straight jacket, but he was no Hulk. "Come On, I need something to get out of this." While he was heading to the stairs going towards the eighth floor, he saw a girl coming his way. Even though his arms were literally behind his back, Titan would fight for his life...if he had to. For some reason, he felt like he knew her...or more like she was in his head, was she a subject too? Why the hell did she go into his mind?! He just stared at her. When she asked if he needed help with the jacket, he sarcastically laughed at her. "No...I think I'm find. But, seriously, can you help please?" Titan waited for her to get her knife. While he waited for the girl come back, he surveyed his surroundings...making sure no one was coming. Titan could hear noise further down from him, he hoped it was the other subjects...and not someone else.

    When the girl finally came back with the knife, she cut the straps off. "Finally...thank you so much." He rubbed his sore wrists, it felt good to be able to move his hands again. Unfortunately, Titan didn't have a shirt under the he would have to wear the loose straight jacket, until he could find a new shirt or something. "I'm Titan...or Subject #4." He was about to ask the girl what was her name, but then he heard shuffling coming towards them. "Wait...come with me." He gently grabbed her wrist...she fought him a bit, he looked back at her. "I'm not the enemy...they are." He went into a corner of the hall, hiding him and the girl. He heard doctors talking about a breach in the security, and subjects were getting loose. He smirked at that, Titan was happy to hear that more of the subjects were getting away.

    He frozed for a second when another doctor came towards the hidden corner. He turned to the girl. "You stay here...I got this." Titan jumped from the corner, the doctor had a syringe...probably full of something to knock them out. "Look, I don't want to hurt you...we are getting out of here, so just let us go." The doctor smirked at Titan, as he started to run towards him. "I did warn you." Closing his eyes, Titan took in a deep was like everything went into slow motion. The wind around him started pick up, then he opened his eyes. "Ahhhh!" He shot his hands towards the doctor, who went flying against the other wall. He wasn't dead, Titan just used his Aerokinesis to knock him out. He went back to the girl. "We need to go we can find the others." He waited for her to follow him to the eigth floor.

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  12. Experiment 6

    'A wise-cracker. Great.... This is going to be a long escape if he keeps up like that'
    Lori worked at sawing through the thickly bound cloth till finally the male's arms snapped free of restraint. At least he took the time to say thanks instead of simply running off.
    "four...? I'm six. That's about all you'll get out of me for now, but thanks for the gesture-" Lori was just as quickly cut off by her wrist being grabbed and her being commanded, in essence, to follow. Pulling back against four, most certainly not giving up her freedom just after having attained it, she was reminded of who the real enemy was, the scientists that seemed to now be searching the building. The speaking of their captors was loud enough to be heard, talk of other subjects getting loose. If they could, surely this pair could as well, and just as they could escape, Lori was certain she could get into their heads. She had done so many times before, and with Titon as a distraction, it would be much easier. It took the entire time he was standing out there just to get into the scientist's mind however, only to have him ripped away from her mental range and knocked unconscious. Lori growled under her breath as she hid a wince, her body aching in tandem with the scientist's as the connection was so forcibly severed, and yet, a part of her remained through the whole ordeal, inflicting the same pain upon her. Normally such phantom pains could be avoided or redirected, but there wasnt time, nor energy to waste on doing so. Especially when she was now expected to follow the cause of this pain down several flights of stairs. Forcing herself off of the wall, she took the stairs two at a time to try and work through the pain faster, not quite sure if there was an experiment on the next level, or it was just another level that contained equipment for the tests that she and four went through. All that equipment had to be kept somewhere, right?
  13. Element took a couple steps into the city, staring in wonder, then looked back at the building she'd come from. There was an odd sort of disconnect there. The city in front of her was dark and silent, who would expect anything else of just past midnight? But it was also dark in that other sense. Tall buildings that must have been magnificent in another time crowded the dirty sidewalks, and besides the many people bundled up on the ground, sleeping in poor, dark cloth, there was nothing in the way of organic material. No trees, no grass. Nothing. This was not what she'd envisioned when she'd stared longingly at the pictures in her books. She had known, of course, that those had been written in earlier days, but whatever she'd been expecting it hadn't been this. A nasty smell wafted in on the breeze and she scrunched her nose up against it. On the other hand, the building she'd come from held a sort of majesty. It was larger in terms of area, but not quite as tall. Still, the glass of the windows were clean and glittering, and not a single one of the sad, dirty-looking people sleeping on the streets was huddled up against the building. It didn't scream opulence, but against the harsh reality that was overtaking the rest of the city, it was horribly out of place.

    That had been her home for 16 years and she'd been trying to get out for as long as she could remember. Now she was. It had been so easy, it was making her feel weird. Was it because of her useless power? She looked at her hands, but then shook her head. No, if her power could have helped her, she wouldn't have been stuck in those 26 windowless rooms her entire life. Something must have happened. Element looked back up at the building again, suddenly remembering that she hadn't been alone. Had the other five gotten out, too? Maybe they'd done something! Maybe- Right then, a face on one of the upper floors peered down at her and alarm crossed it. He shouted something and pointed straight at her and the building burst to life, alarms blaring as the hallways lit up brightly. Her eyes widened. Oh no. This was all her fault. She swiveled her head around to look at the streets that beckoned for her to get closer, to run, to escape, but she wouldn't be able to live with herself if the other subjects had had a chance to get free and she was the one to ruin it. She turned back and ran into the cold facility just as several guards and a couple confused scientists who had stayed the night stumbled out onto the first floor from their respective doors.

    She was instantly recognizable as the only one not in a lab coat or guard suit, and in the time it took her to find the door with the word "stairs" printed on it, everyone present had gotten over their confusion and surprise and were intent on one thing - capturing the subject. She ran towards the stairs, but several people were in the way. One pointed his gun at her, but hesitated, and suddenly the outside of the barrel was turning to paper. The other guards didn't bother with their guns or stun guns. They were all too close together, there was a great risk of friendly fire. Giving a yell of shock, he dropped his weapon. Subject Number Three tried changing their clothes to stone or something cumbersome like that, but there was something about it that prevented her from doing so, some kind of living creatures embedded into it. It had probably been made special just for her. She tried dodging the person closest to her, but the grabbed wildly for her, snagging a bit of her hair. It gave her an idea, a good one at that. Grabbing a fistful of the guy's own hair, she turned it into pure plutonium. She might not be able to do much against living things, but if she was touching it, dead things worked just fine. The man yelped as his head suddenly gained a great deal of weight. It was more startling than actually hurtful, but it stopped him long enough for her to get past. By that time, though, it had delayed her and more people had moved in her way. A great upwelling of frustration made her let out an unhappy grunt and she yelled, "Get out of my way!" Thrusting her hands in front of her, she pushed forward. Several people grabbed her, a rope found its way around clumsily around one of her hands, and her frustration reached a point. She stomped her foot and glared intensely at the people grabbing her, and something very strange began happening.

    The people she looked at began to disappear. Their hands stopped grabbing her and when she looked at them, she could begin to see straight through them. Whatever reason it was happening, it was a good thing. She burst through the disappearing people and straight through the door to the stairs, grabbing the handrail and staring up, pausing for a moment to catch her breath. Loud footsteps clanged through the stairway, and she prayed they were friendly. If there were such people in this place.

  14. Shade - Subject#1

    Shade rushed down the stairs as soon as her enemy was floating in the air. Even if it was a funny scene, it wasn't something she hadn't seen before, so she just hurried down, only caring about getting out. Anyway, his words were harder to ignore. When she was passing through his side, she stopped and looked up at him. Was he really one of the other five? Was he really one of the people she craved so much to find? The subject number one spent a moment only staring at him, seeing how his head turned slightly red due to his blood, and wondering what to do. He was certainly wearing her same clothes, but dressing like that just to gain her trust and bring her down peacefully was a pretty good strategy. Or maybe he was a subject for real, one that collaborated with those who kept them locked in there. One that didn't share her world after all.

    As she heard something upstairs, her time of thinking was over. If he was a scientist, she'd immobilize him later. Same thing if he didn't play for her side. "Uhm, sure." answered him, without any security in her tone, normalizing the gravity of his sector. Accidentally, she did it too quickly, and heard his body slamming against the ground. "Sorry..." muttered with a frown. It looked like it hurt and it would be a bad start if the guy wasn't lying. "Come on, we need to move." told him, continuing her way down. Of course, there were thousands of things she could ask the first other subject she had ever found, but there was no time if they were planning an escape. Speaking of... "Why were you going upwards?" asked, without lowering her pace. Even though she didn't want to start with the questions, that one seemed relevant. The exit was in the first floor... Right? It was then when an alarm was activated. An alarm that was probably heard by each living creature inside the facility. Oh, they were screwed.

    Shade stopped out of a sudden.
    . She was in the middle of the second floor, and even if the alarm was hurting her ears, she could swear there was something going on downstairs. And going back to the third floor wasn't a choice. "What do we do?" let out with great frustation. She wasn't exactly talking to her company, since she didn't even know if he was behind her. Besides, if he was, relying on other's ideas wasn't in her nature. She never had someone to trust before, and she wasn't starting yet. Shade was thinking an answer to her question, but there wasn't a direction to go that seemed as a good choice.
  15. Edit for The First Subjects.jpg
    Natural gravity suddenly reasserting its control over him was...'alarming' would be a word. 'Startling' would also work. 'Disconcerting', too, or simply 'odd'. However, 'painful' would be the one Marcus would go with. The drop was far from gentle and he landed hard on his back. Most of it was going to be pretty badly bruised in a matter of hours, thanks to the edges of the stairs, and he'd also cracked his head pretty well. Wasn't like this was the first time he'd hurt himself, though, so it didn't take him more than a minute to get his breath back and follow after the other subject.
    "That was not nice," he admonished as he trailed after her. "My head hurts like a-"
    He cut himself off mid sentence and stopped dead, missing her question in its entirety as well as the alarm that followed. He was far too distracted by the sensation of metal below. Lots of it. It had the tingly cold feeling of steel. Tingly cold like a combination of putting the end of a battery on his tongue and how he felt after that one test in the frozen training room where he'd had to pull blocks of metal out of ice.
    As for what he could feel...There was...body armor, maybe. Guns, definitely. Neither felt like anything he'd sensed before. There was something in them. Gaps for things. Non-metallic things. Which didn't make sense for the integrity of the armor, but. Gaps or no, the men probably wearing them were bad. They were very bad.
    "Security below us. Lots of them," he informed the other subject after refocusing on what was in front of him instead of what he was feeling. He spoke quietly, so as not to alert the guards to their presence in the stairwell. His head was throbbing painfully and pain had a tendency to kill his thought to speech filter, so he followed that warning up with a barrage of questions and concerns said in a similarly quiet tone. "How are we supposed to get past them? I barely fought a freaking punching bag, let alone an actual person! Especially let alone trained security guys with weapons! Wait, why are there security guys in the first place? Did one of the other subjects get out? Because I only left my room a couple minutes ago. Not enough time for them to set up like a trap. So it has to be for another subject, right?"​
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  16. [​IMG]
    Leon came down behind the two subjects and said "might want to leave that to me. They might have body armor, but it won't help against me. Name's Leon aka subject two. They designed my powers to grant them a covert assassin that can get into a building with nothing and be the one behind a massacre. The scientists didn't think I could hear them talking about me, but they don't know that they created the instrument of their own destruction." as he said that, he threw the Bowie knife at a camouflaged guard that had managed to sneak up on the other two experiments and hit him right between the eyes. "Bullseye. They also made me a weapons master. Swordsmanship, marksmanship, hand to hand. But They failed to find a way to control my will. By the way, you're welcome. That guard was about to give you both a sedative." as the guard fell to the ground completely devoid of life, the knife that had buried itself into his skull vanished only to reappear in the master of weapons' hand "you might want to make sure the other three subjects make it down here safely. I'll clear the path. Just don't judge me on my methods. Ends justify the means. When we all get out of here you can admonish me all you want, but until then I'm going to get the path clear and vent a little. These people should learn they can't just play God and try to manipulate people like puppets." Leo the lion added as a pair of plasma casters appeared in his hands and the knife vanished. "Also, might want to meet me in the garage with the other subjects. I heard some talking and someone sliding against the wall on my way down here from one of the higher floors. I'm sure there's something we can use down in the garage."
  17. Evan | Subject#4

    Evan had been lucky for being released of the straight jacket. Besides the obvious things one of those kept you from doing, he could barely change anything about his body while he wore it. Yes, he still could change his face into someone else's, but it still wouldn't be much efficient when everyone inside that facility knew his power. And, from the moment he decided to go through the opened door and find the other subjects to escape, he was determined on not being stopped. Even if the first one he found was not really friendly... but she had helped him out of his jacket, which was all he needed.

    The fourth subject decided to get rid of the scientist he heard close by himself, knowing he could do it without calling anyone's attention. Before he spotted them, he shifted into his personal doctor, someone he knew well to imitate just using his memory. He told them to go upstairs, where the subjects were lose, and the man had no reason to not believe him. There was, however, another man he hadn't seen, one that soon dropped unconscious. Obviously, the girl he was with, who he only knew her subject number. She had got inside his head before... and now she could make someone lose his conscience just by thinking about it. Her ability was pretty interesting.

    After taking back his real shape, he joined her once again. "Let's keep moving..." stated, starting to go downstairs, although he soon noticed there was something odd with his company. She was going pretty fast, which was understandable knowing how much she probably wanted to get out of that place. But she still looked... in pain? That was no good. Did it have something to do with her ability? "Uhm, wait... Are you alright?" asked, following right behind her. As soon as he finished the question, an alarm sounded all around the stairs. "Shit." he muttered, believing someone else got caught. They still had eight floors to go through and another subject had already been spotted. That wasn't good for them. He turned to look at her, wondering if they should just keep going or do something. "What do we do, number 6? I can shift into people, and I don't think someone will stop me if I look as a scientist delivering you back to your room. What do you think?" suggested, knowing that grabbing her hand out of nothing once again would probably not be the best choice.
  18. Experiment 6

    Lori worked at memorizing the features of the male before her, but as she was shown in his aversion of the scientists or security officers on her floor, there was little point in trying to remember what he looked like. He could change at will, as was reaffirmed as he attempted to plan out what they were to do, the alarm that had been sounded off being an obvious sign that they should get going. Alright.... the woman shook her head with a sigh, lightly rubbing her temples, pain radiating in her head and leaving a soreness everywhere else. Forcing the conscious mind out of control in a person took a lot of energy, and besides that, the phantom pains were a killer in themselves. Trying not to look so weak, however, Lori would lie, knowing that she could pull it off well enough, and redirect their attention to escape.
    "I'm fine, just tired and sore from training today. But we cant play this safe. The security is already suspicious, and likely they will be asking for an id badge if you pretend to be a doctor. No, we have to force our way through. We cant just backtrack every time we get caught.... Come on, lets get as much ground covered before we run into someone as possible. You take point. I'm better used in the background." Lori stepped aside, her analytical mind instantly getting to work on picking apart the situation. She then realized that it would likely be of great advantage for him to at least know the basis of her powers so that he can be adequately prepared to work to her advantage and visa versa.
    "I'm a psychic, by the way. Anything that has to do with the mind is my specialty. I cant just go knocking people out like I did up there, though, it takes too much energy. Best case scenario, I can to it to two more people if needed before passing out," she mentioned as they started moving down the stairs.
  19. Element made it to the second floor and cautiously peeked her head around the door, only to jerk back again as she saw a boy fling a knife straight into the skull of a camouflaged guard. Hiding behind the door, she breathed hard, hand covering her mouth to stay her sudden urge to throw up. Calming her breathing, she took in what she'd just seen, knowing she wouldn't have much time before other soldiers would come bursting in from upper floors, despite having turned all the nitrogen right in front of the downstairs stair door to ice, which was extremely dangerous to come into contact with. Besides the guards, there'd been two others, all three of them dressed in the grey clothing that served as their pajamas at night. She hadn't been able to tell anything about the other two, but that boy... they'd gotten to him, huh? They'd made him a weapon, exactly as they'd wanted. She'd thought that the other subjects would be like her - wanting to get free, not to hurt other people. What if the other were all like that, too, though? Did monsters like that even deserve to get free?

    Wait. She knew who that had to be. It had to be #2. Sometimes, when the scientists thought she wasn't listening or were particularly agitated, they'd talk about the other subjects in front of her, but none more often than they talked about subject #2. Once, they'd walked in shaking their heads, "Poor Mark. He'd just had a baby girl the night before, too. Sliced to bits, just because he got too close. Almost makes me glad they put us on this dud subject. I keep saying they should put that one down. This one may be a disappointment, but at least she doesn't cost much more than the rest and isn't likely to murder us all in our sleep." Element didn't know about the other subjects, but she sure didn't want to get too close to that one. Edging away, she tried to decide what to do. The alarm was still blaring, making her head hurt. The footsteps from upstairs were getting louder. If they were guards, she'd have to make a break for it. There was a loud boom from downstairs, followed by another, telling her that they were trying to break through the nitrogen ice wall.

    Panicking, she picked possibly the stupidest option of them all. She raced back down to the first floor, passed straight through the wall back to the outside world, and began to yell. "HEYYY!!!" She screamed into the night, trying to make her voice heard above the blaring of the alarms and waving her arms frantically above her head. Racing back around to the wall where there were windows, she began attracting as much attention to herself as possible, trying to draw the soldiers to her. Let them think that only one subject had escaped. And if she was caught, it wasn't like much would happen to her. She hadn't killed anyone. She picked up the nearest rock and began flinging it at the windows, aiming as high as she could. "I'M OVER HERE!!!! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN." She taunted.

  20. Shade - Subject#1

    Everything happened... too fast.

    She was thinking about how to get passed security, barely listening to the speech of the subject at her side. Just like him, she had never fought another person before... although she managed to immobilise a guard and that guy in her way over there. And she did played around with a few scientists and trainers before, so maybe they had a chance. She would fight for her freedom, even if that chance was too small to bet on. Shade had already decided to make a quick plan with her company when the other subject appeared.

    Leon, subject 2, apparently a master with weapons, was the second person who shared her world she met. And the first thing she saw him doing was killing a man by thrusting a knife right in the middle of his eyes. Maybe that was how all of them were supposed to be, and that was the objective of the first subjects program. Shade just stood without moving a muscle for a few seconds, letting him to keep talking. She had never seen death so close and it was hard to believe how someone could lose his life from one moment to another. Her breathing intensified as she started to take everything in, and every problem she had until that moment just disappeared. There were no more guards downstairs, or upstairs. No alarm dazing her ears and no freedom waiting for her only a couple of meters away. Her reality was reduced to the body that fell to the floor, that was now rolling downstairs without any resistance, the murderer, and her powers craving to be released.

    Out of instincts, she looked at the knife and made it as heavy as possible. Even if that guy had saved her, she didn't want to see him with a weapon in his hand. It would be impossible for anyone to keep holding it after she increased its weight that much. And, as precision wasn't one of her best abilities, her power covered all the area around Subject 2, enough to make him unable to lift his feet from the ground to move, and even make it difficult to stay standing up. Of course, she'd only be able to hold that much pressure against him for a short period of time, and he should soon be able to start moving slowly out of her control. She knew about this, but still, even if it was stupid, she used that small advantage to talk. "You are welcome?" she repeated, not believing he could speak like that about killing a man. "Of course they can't play God and treat as like lab rats, but that man you just killed without hesitation was just an ordinary guard trying to fulfil his job. If you bring me the men in charge of this prison we've been stuck into for so long, I'll rip their heads off with my own teeth. But we are definitely not killing a room full of probably family workers just for our own benefit. And don't ever try to help me again, or I'll make sure you get something worse than a knife in your brain." added, staring right into the eyes of the murderer. If a glare had the power of killing, that subject would be long gone then. Even if she sounded completely sure about her words, she actually had no idea what to do. How would she stop that guy that seemed to have so much experience in combat for more than a couple of minutes? How were they going to pass through that room without anyone else getting killed? Shade could hear some of the noises downstairs, and even the distant voice of the Subject number 3, although she didn't pay much attention to it. If she did, she might have realised Element was giving them a great opportunity to escape.

    Instead, she turned to look at Marcus. She swallowed all her pride and self-trust with that action, but she didn't know what else to do. He seemed reasonable, far more than the other guy, and she needed help.
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