The First of Us (The Last of Us type RP with Aliens instead of Infected)

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  1. This will basically be a post apocalyptic survival RP but will focus on the plot premise of Aliens spontaneously and unexpectedly invading the planet in a time and era where that idea is just as crazy as it is now IRL. I would prefer for this to be a 1x1 but I will accept a 1x1x1, but no more than 4 total players (including me). The tone of the RP will be much like The Last of Us video game, a very surreal, gritty, and intimate universe with the character bonds driving the story and their special talents. I will be playing the "Ellie" type character: unassuming, and a bit brazen, but very capable and skilled. I want her to start out as a loner, then maybe come across the other character(s) by accident, from there, a big secret will be revealed and that will fall into the driving plot.

    I already have the different alien types developed in the world, and I will say death is very possible if your character acts too reckless and dumb. There will be Alien technology to utilize but it will be extremely hard to acquire.

    I'm also open to a sibling // family // lover // past relationship type relation to my character if it makes sense.
  2. I am interested
  3. You had me at 'Aliens' :3
  4. I'll take a spot.
  5. Okay cool, I will say that inactivity / failure to keep up (post a day / post every two days) means death in this Rp
  6. You got it, boss.

    But there though be a contingency plan for times when we may not be able to post for a while (obviously announced ahead of time so the character can either be NPC'd or appear in the background for a bit)
  7. I could probably swing it.

    As for Pibbs' comment, I find that, as a GM, offering to take over a character for a period of time during an excused absence (funeral, death, etc.) generally solves the problem, especially if the GM is good at playing multiple characters.
  8. So, what exactly would we be doing at the beginning, and what brings us together?
  9. I am also interested if a spot happens to open up!
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  10. Sort of like Last of Us: Intro post will be regular world 2016, then literally out of nowhere the invasion begins and masses start to die. Post the character's trauma and how they survived. Then half year later post world 2016 they're scavenging and surviving. MC will be own her own in an abandoned supermarket, you guys can either pre plan to be a small group or represent a larger faction and be on a supply run when a breacher (common alien) follows you (or you all) to the place and jeopardizes MC's setup.

    So she'll be antagonistic towards them at first (unless someone wants the relations I listed earlier post with MC) but she'll save them but be pissed for them exposing her "house".
  11. Okay. How advanced are these aliens, and how do they fight? Are they like human soldiers, except with alien super-gadgetry? Do they have dog packs, and those serve as easier-kill enemies?

    Are there communities, or walled cities, that we live in or near?

    And what sort of ceiling are we looking at in terms of weaponry or supplies? What can we start with? Is it based around a weight limit?
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  12. They're aliens with intergalactic means of travel so pretty advanced. They can use humans as soldiers but their true form is even deadlier, they have tendrils that can pierce surfaces and also provide a electro-neurologicial shock if it hits human skin. They do have dogs and the dogs are incredibly fast (up to 64 mph) and they have another type that will be saved for later. They don't have "gadgets" but their weapons are scientifically unmatched to humans. The easiest to kill would be Vessels (humans influenced by Breachers) bc they're still human.

    Yes there will be communities but they will be underground or very reclusive from the ground/sky level to maintain security. YC can be from a said community if they want.

    Weapons and supplies are capacity based. 2 small arms (handguns, etc..) and 2 carry arms (rifles, shotgun, etc) and a bladed weapon (knife, machete, bladed knuckles, etc) to make 5 total weapon slots. A heavy weapon can take up 2 slots. You can also have 5 total supply slots, which could be anything from first aid kits, to grenades, to lockpicks, to food, to drinks, etc. (3 first aid kits will still only take one slot bc it's the same item, but a can of beans and a can of tuna will take 2 slots bc they are different foods.)

    Start with a bladed weapon and one firearm with up to 4 supplies if you're not with a community, or start with a bladed weapon, a small arm, and a carry arm with only 1 supply if you are with a community.
  13. Alright cool. And since this is a 'Last of Us' style apocalypse, I'm imagining that body armour and whatnot would be hard to come by, so we all look like normal (albeit extremely filthy and disheveled) people?
  14. Correct
  15. Alright.

    So, what do the real aliens look like? Like, what did you have in mind, something like the blob Martians from the OG "War of the Worlds", or something humanoid with weird bits on them?
  16. Will totally be looking this over :3
  17. Might we be expecting an OOC in the near future, or are you waiting for more people, Oh @ch0sen1?
  18. I have all the people I need, I'm just too busy until the weekend. NYC has kept me on my toes.
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  19. Everything will be up by Sunday
  20. Everyone still here for this?
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