The First Meeting

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  1. Why hello there! I just made my account here, and I'm looking for a good one on one roleplay. My character is a daywalking vampire who comes from a royal family in Italy, and due to the rules of old and how her father set up the kingdom, she can't take her throne until she marries. For the time being, her father's side of the family is in control. However, every time a new person takes the throne, they take an oath to return the throne to Anabel: La Principessa dei Dannati, the princess of the damned, should she ever return. I'm not looking for any particular storyline for the moment, so I'd be willing to really just go in whatever direction the roleplay takes us. Let's do this(:
  2. This sounds rather interesting, but I'm wondering where you would want it to go, like human x vampire, vampire x vampire, werewolf x vampire, etc?
  3. Well, Vampire x Vampire seems a little too easy, while they could be from different clans or something like that and are technically rivals, they could easily bond over stories and things they've experienced through the years. Human x Vampire is a little more interesting, having to get the human to except the fact that vampires and things like that do exist. Something like werewolf x vampire could be fun simply because vampires and other "downworlders" have never typically gotten along. That could make for some nice conflict. I'm honestly willing to work with whatever you would like to play.
  4. I'm not all too familiar playing a werewolf, so I'd more likely than not be playing a human or another type of supernatural being.
  5. That's perfectly fine with me. You can play whatever supernatural or natural creature you want(: I just need a good one on one to get back in the loop, and hopefully keep up with for a good long time.
  6. I hope to. After a day of thinking about it, I think that with my current abilities, I'd prefer to play as a human. Now, would you like character sheets, or just describe as we go?
  7. I've never done a character sheet before. I typically just describe as i go.
  8. Okay, that's fine. Other than that, I've no further questions really, and await the thread! Just link it here or message me and I'll reply as soon as possible!