The First Dragon Riders of Althërion (revamped)


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The Kingdom of Altherion
"It came from the sky and burned everything in its path! My momma put me on a horse and told me to ride as fast as I could! She didn't have time to tell me why and I rode as fast and far as I could. When I looked back I saw what it was, it was a great flying lizard, a dragon! It ate all of our livestock and burned every home. When I finally came back to salvage what I could, there was nothing left. My momma, daddy, even the village elders were all just gone. I think the great beast ate them all!" The young boy, no older than 10 broke into sobs and left a deadly silence in the court of Queen Alezandra. Dragons had not been sighted in a hundred years, the people of Altherion had wiped them out during the great Dragon Wars, or so they had thought. "That isn't possible!" Cried a woman's voice from the back of the court. "What will we do?" Came another voice, and suddenly the court erupted into chaos. People were screaming the injustice of the situation and bemoaning the start of another war. The humans, elves, and dwarves had once banded together against the dragons and won, but at a heavy loss. The dwarves were thought extinct, and the elves had retreated deep into their forests. The humans now feared the great mountains to the East and most mines had been abandoned in favor of the safety that the mainlands offered. "QUIET!" Bellowed the loud voice of the queen, and suddenly the noise in the meeting hall died down. "My great grandfather did not allow these beasts to best him and neither shall I! We shall put together a scouting party and-" Suddenly the voice of the queen was drowned out as the doors to the meeting hall slammed open and in strode a tall elegant woman. On first glance you may have thought her a mirage, her eyes glowed with authority and the air around seemed to shimmer for only a moment before she began to stride into the room. "I come as an emissary of Queen Elisande. Dragons have been sighted on the Eastern borders of our land, and we must act swiftly if we hope to quell the threat on both of our lands." Her hand twisted across her chest and she bowed low in acknowledgement of the queen. "I have brought a small band of our warriors and trackers, and we ask for the help of the humans. We would go in search of the mighty beasts and locate their stronghold and destroy their young." She intoned as she straightened up tall and proud. It was at this moment that her hair swept to the front and an image of her elongated and pointed ears would become visible. An elf emissary had come just in time. "A stealth mission." Mumbled the queen as her calculating eyes swept across the elven woman. "I agree. Those who would volunteer from my kingdom will accompany you." She acquiesced easily. "But your majesty! Should we not question your advisors first?" Came the interruption quickly from the man to the queens right. He was a squint eyed man, and boasted as one of the few magicians able to harness the magic that permeated Altherion. "Nonsense. There isn't time for weeks worth of deliberation. I will put my trust in the elven queen as she was present during the last war. She knows better than I the threat that we are under." And with those words the elven woman nodded. "I will expect those who would accompany us on our mission to be at the front gates at sun-up on the morrow. We can tarry no longer than that." She swept quickly from the room and almost immediately a proclamation was sent forth seeking those that would volunteer to join the elves on a mission to destroy the dragons once and for all.

This will develop into a riders roleplay as the title would suggest.

Altherion (1).jpg

1. No godmodding. This one speaks for itself. For real, you aren't god, nor are you an all powerful dragon, everyone has weaknesses.
2. Eventually you will be expected to write the part of your bonded dragon, if you cannot handle this then please do not sign up.
3. Dwarves are not available for character sign ups unless you directly message me with a reason why you should be allowed to break this rule. The dwarves are THOUGHT extinct, not that they ARE extinct. We will eventually encounter them.
4. Posting will need to be done at least once a week, exceptions can be made as long as you message me first.
5. Some form of literacy is expected in this roleplay. I don't expect multiple paragraphs with no mistakes, but iF You TaLk LiKe ThIS, I WILL get annoyed. A single paragraph will do.
6. Lets have fun. If you aren't sure about something, just ask, I don't bite unless you ask me too!

Character Sheets:
Description of character or picture:
Backstory: (Include what prompted you to join the expedition please)
Any additional information you think we could use can be placed at the bottom
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Interested. Might be fun. I love Rider RPs and already have several Riders to choose from to play within your world. Will keep my eyes open.


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