The first challenge face off EVER

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  1. Ok so here is the rules. This is open to the first group of two who responds.
    1. To decide who goes first, I have a number between 1-26.Whoever guesses closest has pivilege .They will respond to a challenge
    If they answered they get a point.
    2. Player two will then be asked a different. challenge question. If they answer they get a point. If not player one wins.
    3. If both players have a point they may they ask each other a challenge question until one cannot answer . The asker is then the winner
    4. If by round four its a tie i will ask a final question that will be judged by myself and a staff member. for skill and content.

    The prize: A nice new Avatar and street cred. Words up, G
  2. I thought only staff members could post new threads challenges here. in this category...?

    edit: NVM

    I guess 3 then.
  3. One more challenger and well begin Fj
  4. This seems more like a forum board game than a workshop... How would the 'answers' be judged? Seems to me there's a lot of different opinions on what constitutes good writing. :/
  5. The judging would be consensus. Anyway since you posted Minibit you are the contestant.

    Please make a numerical guess as to the number I am thinking of.
  6. Sorry if I'm intruding, but I would also love to participate =). I guess 'seven'.
  7. Hmm Ill let you be the second player Historian. And since your guess was closer You go first.

    The scenario:

    You are renowned Physicist Hans Copenburg. You just won the Millenium Prize for solving the Riemann Hypothesis. At the moment you are attempting to explain how you solved it to a pannel of other physics students. The pannel had grown to a hush and awaits your words with bated breath. Explain what you tell them in a 5 paragraph speech.
  8. ( lol dude I knew you'd do something like this!)
  9. Apparently the challenge is much more difficult than I imagined. Sorry its not all fluffy plot bunnies.