The First Big Sister

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  1. "Lets go mister bubbles! Big sister doesn't want to wait!"
    The strong creature in the diving suit moaned loudly as he followed the six year old child in the filthy purple baby doll dress.

    Rapture, an old underwater distopia built in 1940 by the man who envisioned it all...Andrew Ryan, as well as some other hired man who wanted this vision to come true.
    In this city, every man fends for themselves! There is no government, religion or laws!
    Artists wont have to sensor their paintings anymore, scientist wont have to limit their experiments because of petty morality, everyone works for themselves and not for other people or a higher power!
    The city thrived with billions at first...that is until the civil war between Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine, a business man who became rich by selling something that his colleges invented called Plasmids! Which are genetic goo that rewrites everything that God gave you, giving you amazing abilities...but the plasmids had to be reapplied every few hours making the drug addicting.
    Unfortunately plasmids have a nasty side effect, your body wont be able to handle the constant usage of the liquid and you slowly become insane as well as deformed.
    With more demand for plasmids the scientists had to have more ADAM, a liquid that comes from a sea slug at the bottom of the ocean.
    ADAM when put in the right form can be used for anything, especially when it comes to being able to have super powers! However the demands from consumers were becoming too high and there weren't enough slugs in the world to kill for the goo, so in finding out that ADAM was contained within the blood of the users a woman named Tennenbam sergically placed slugs inside the stomaches of little girls in hope that future thieves would think twice before trying to kill a child for ADAM.
    With the things in the girls bellies they can sniff out ADAM and can use a syringe to suck out the liquid from their bodies and bring it back to Frank Fontaine.

    Rapture became a place crawling with addicts and thieves doing anything they can to survive, little girls called "little sisters" around the science labs were getting killed so they made plasmids for the strength of ten men and placed them within criminals who were brainwashed into protecting the little girls. If they dont have their child with them at all times then a pharamone is kicked in making the compulsion to find their child so great that they will go into unreasoning rage or coma...these are called big daddies.

    "Theres the little brat!" Bernadette spat, her crooked smile and bad teeth could make any senseful human being run.
    As the big daddy stomped behind the singing child slowly, the huge group of plasmid addicts, called "splicers" were waiting impatiently for the monster to pass.
    "Okay, here that...that thing comes!"
    One splicer said holding his gun; as the creature ran into the electrical trap wires set by the drug addicts the creature roared violently.
    The group attacked, each shooting their shotguns or tommy guns.

    The little girls scream was heard all across the room and the monster started shooting back, however there were too many splicers that were overpowering him...with the only logical thing left to do the creature grabbed the child and ran to a nearby vent, the place where a child could craw through to anywhere in was perfect! Small enough for a child to crawl through, but too small for a splicer!
    The girl was shoved into the vent and the splicers kept shooting, some laughing crazily.
    With the last of his dying breath he placed his hand on the vent sliding down, his body became limp.

    The splicers tried reaching into the vent but it was too late, the girl was gone and another big daddy dead...
    However, deep in the science labs was an woman in a glass container full of a liquid...she was finally about to wake up after 10 years of being brainwashed into protecting the little sisters.
  2. "How do you know she will actually respond to the children? How?" One scientist asked another while she was checking her stats on the chart.

    "See those wires attached to her head? They have been teaching her how to fight and protect the little girls for many years...those maniacs out there better hope they never have to hear a child crying or else they would be dead within seconds..."

    The woman turned to the man explaining everything, "what if she regains consiouness?"

    Walking over and pressing some buttons the man closed his eyes and sighed, "we test her out on a child first...if she gets along with her and obeys our every demand then we did it, but if she has a choice in the matter she could try and attack us...we could kill her but if shes smart enough to trick us by pretending to be good and we release her? Well then, we are all doomed to perish..."

    A red alarm went off as the liquid started draining, the subjects eyes were still closed...good she needed to be drugged for just a little bit more time...

    The scientist geared her up, putting a skinny metal scuba suit on the woman with armor on her shoulders, stomach, knees and elbows; they then attached a metal basket on her back to hold the child in and placed her gently in an indisteuctable room.

    "Wheres the child?" One scientist asked and the intern brought the struggling girl over, this time she had a light blue dress with her vrown hair tied up in a single white bow.
    The girl struggled and whimpered, trying to get the woman off her but it was no use.

    The woman threw the girl in the room, "subject named Jennifer in position, lets see how the big sister responds to her..."

    The child whimpered and scooted into the far corner, trying not to cry.
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