The First Arrival

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This is called the first arrival, I called it this because it is a vampire x human plot. Now I only do mxf or fxf but any way time for the plot.

Plot: early in the years humans were the only of existence. Though witches were real too. That was when the first group of vampires were born they were known as the elders. They don't know much of their reasons at first but over the years the grew to see they are immortal. (Now there transitions to two sections)

Section 1: (10 years after the vampires were created) They realized their skill they had to change but none seemed to lack something. They lacked blood. Now the vampires are trying to find humans and turn them to make them their partner. Though once they set eyes on you they won't ever stop.

Section 2: (modern times) the council has depleted because hunters happened to kill them with realizing their weakness though vampires grew in numbers and each vampire has to be killed in order to kill them although you could kill the body and take another vampires body though vampires made a treaty by sending the best heir known in every land

If anyone likes post here or pm me.